Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator Course Reviews [IN PROGRESS]

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We are in the process of conducting research on Sam Ovens and are reaching out to anyone who has tried Consulting Accelerator, or had some kind of business relationship with Sam Ovens. Here is the request we put out in March 2020:

We’re doing research on Sam Ovens and putting together a big piece on him, and would like to hear from anyone who has brought his course Consulting Accelerator or has had any business relationship with him – any comments about Sam Ovens appreciated, positive or negative. Must have brought Consulting Accelerator or have had some interaction or business dealing with Sam Ovens. Please be objective, no hearsay, rumors or slander.

Below are the comments and reviews we have received so far on Sam Ovens. If you have anything to add, please submit it.

I purchased Consulting Accelerator for some guidance on building our consulting arm of our business, Groovewallet. The course is expensive, and there are mixed opinions on the legitimacy of Sam Ovens, but I purchased the course for one specific module: The Facebook Ads section. This was delivered in week 5. The rest of the content, I assumed would be information that I could just find for free online. Like I expected, the first 4 weeks were pretty generic. The information wasn't anything new to me. While there were a few nuggets of information here and there, nothing was really groundbreaking or actionable. Week 5 is when we finally dove into Facebook ads. Regardless of what people think of Sam Ovens, he is one of the most successful Facebook advertisers in the world. And I wanted access to his strategy. Thankfully, he did not hold much back. The information was very actionable. This part of the course alone was worth the full price to me.

--Paul Kim, Groovewallet