Squarespace Reviews by Squarespace Customers

Squarespace is a popular website builder that competes with the likes of Wix, Weebly, Webflow and Strikingly. If you’re thinking about using it and wondering if it’s any good, this piece is intended to help you by listing and summarizing credible Squarespace comments and reviews actual Squarespace customers have sent us (if you’ve used Squarespace… Continue reading Squarespace Reviews by Squarespace Customers

Bluehost Reviews: 29 Bluehost Customers Comment

Bluehost is a huge hosting company that you’ll inevitably hear about if you start looking for information on who you should use to host your first website. But being that much (most) of the Bluehost reviews online are heavily biased from people trying to make affiliate commissions for it, it’s hard to get actual, unbiased… Continue reading Bluehost Reviews: 29 Bluehost Customers Comment

DigitalOcean Reviews by Actual Customers

DigitalOcean is one of the biggest cloud hosting services and perhaps the main competitor to the behemoth that is Amazon Web Services (AWS). To help you find if it’s suitable for you, we’re compiling DigitalOcean reviews actual customers of DigitalOcean are sending us, and will update this article as more come in. Here’s the simple… Continue reading DigitalOcean Reviews by Actual Customers

Skillshare Reviews: Customers Comment

Skillshare is an online course platform where you can take educational courses on all kinds of topics. These days, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, services like this have boomed. But how good are Skillshare courses compared to actual colleges? Are they worth paying for? Those are the kinds of questions we wanted to answer,… Continue reading Skillshare Reviews: Customers Comment

Buzzsprout Reviews: Users Comment

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting platform that allows podcast creators with zero technical knowledge to host, distribute and manage their podcast. We’re reaching out to podcasters who use it and posing the following question: For podcast hosts who have used Buzzsprout, what was your experience like with it? Would you recommend it to other podcasters?… Continue reading Buzzsprout Reviews: Users Comment

Podbean Reviews: Users Comment [IN PROGRESS]

Podbean is a podcast hosting platform intended to be an all-in-one service for everything you need to run a successful podcast, handling publishing, distributing, analytics and monetization. To date, it claims to have over 500,000 podcasters on its platform, and is a decade old. That makes it one of the most established and well-known podcast… Continue reading Podbean Reviews: Users Comment [IN PROGRESS]

FlexJobs Reviews: Users Comment

FlexJobs, a premium job board for remote and work-from-home positions, is the main competitor to Virtual Vocations (see our Virtual Vocations review for more information on that). FlexJobs claims to be the “#1 job site to find remote, work from home, and flexible job opportunities since 2007” and, like Virtual Vocations, has a team of… Continue reading FlexJobs Reviews: Users Comment

ConvertKit Reviews: 4 Users Comment [IN PROGRESS]

ConvertKit is an email autoresponder service for content creators, with a focus towards people just starting an email newsletter for the first time. Notable competitors with a similar focus on helping new people create attractive email newsletters are Flodesk and SendFox. So far, we’ve received just 4 user comments and reviews on ConvertKit, and will… Continue reading ConvertKit Reviews: 4 Users Comment [IN PROGRESS]