Anymail Finder ( Review

Anymail Finder is a smaller competitor to (see my review) and (see my review) for finding email addresses for B2B email outreach. Here, I’ll test it and compare it to these services and give my honest opinion of it. Keep reading for a walkthrough and review of Anymail Finder, or click… Continue reading Anymail Finder ( Review

Skrapp Review – A Decent Tool For Targeted B2B Outreach

Skrapp ( is another email-finding tool designed to find emails for B2B email outreach which competes with tools like (see my review), (see my review) and LeadGibbon (see my LeadGibbon review). Here, I’ll try using it to find leads and emails for a few different companies (both big and small) and… Continue reading Skrapp Review – A Decent Tool For Targeted B2B Outreach

LetsExtract Email Studio Review

On, it is claimed that LetsExtract Email Studio is “the best email crawler you can find on the market.” Lately, I’ve been testing a lot of desktop-based email-finding software (see my Atomic Email Hunter Review, my Email Extractor Pro review, my Cute Web Email Extractor review and my Email Grabber review), and feel like… Continue reading LetsExtract Email Studio Review

A Short Email Grabber 2 ( Review

Email Grabber 2 (found at is a relatively simple and minimal email-finding software, available for only $16.95 (significantly cheaper than all other email-finders I’ve tested). Here I’ll test and review it to see if it’s worth picking over more expensive tools. Installing Email Grabber Go to and click the DOWNLOAD A FREE TRIAL… Continue reading A Short Email Grabber 2 ( Review

Cute Web Email Extractor Review

Cute Web Email Extractor is a tool by Ahmad Software Technologies (a small software company based in Pakistan) for finding email addresses from search engines, websites or files on your computer. In this review I’ll try using it for its first 2 features (finding emails from search engines or websites) and compare it to the… Continue reading Cute Web Email Extractor Review

Email Extractor Pro ( Review

Email Extractor Pro (found at is a desktop-based email finding tool, not to be confused with “Cute Web Email Extractor” or “Advanced Email Extractor Pro” from Ahmad Software (found at This review is specifically for the tool found at Here I’ll be testing the tool on several different sites, comparing it with… Continue reading Email Extractor Pro ( Review Review & FAQ (2021) – How Does It Compare To is primarily an email finding tool that competes with (see my review), claiming to have 680,000+ users and over 1 billion emails found (source). In this review I’ll test it and give my honest feedback, as well as answer the main questions people have had about it. How does find emails?… Continue reading Review & FAQ (2021) – How Does It Compare To Review & FAQ (2021) is a tool for finding and verifying emails, specifically business email addresses for use in B2B email campaigns. If you’re looking to reach out to business owners, webmasters or even employees at a certain company, may be helpful for you. It is not at all designed for scraping as many emails as possible… Continue reading Review & FAQ (2021)