Tai Lopez Scam? We asked around – Here are our findings [IN PROGRESS]

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Tai Lopez is an internet marketer best known for his infamous “here in my garage” YouTube ad and somewhat questionable marketing techniques. We wanted to get some detailed feedback about Tai from people who have brought any of his courses (Social Media Marketing Agency, 67 Steps or Social Media Growth) or have had a personal interaction with him, and sent out this request:

Tai Lopez has been a very controversial figure over the past few years. We’re doing research on him and would like to hear from people who have interacted with Tai Lopez, and especially those who have brought any of his courses (Social Media Marketing Agency, 67 Steps, Social Media Growth). Any and all comments welcome, positive or negative.

What follows is what we got back. We are still in the process of collecting reviews and comments for Tai, and would very much like to hear from you if you have a comment or review to add (facts only – no hearsay or rumors).

I’ve taken the 67 Steps, his accelerator program, the Credit Mentor program, and his Social Media Marketing Agency course. Here’s my brief review of each:

67 Steps - I bought this within the first week of him releasing it. Obviously now, this course seems like the least popular and probably the one I benefited from the least, but it still had an impact on me back then.

Ultimately, the course had lots of great steps in it. As you can imagine, some impacted me more than others. It wasn’t what I was expecting at the time. I kind of expected him to have a good set-up and a script of what to say. But it seemed like he was mostly getting a concept for a lesson and then just ranting about it for 25+ minutes.

Accelerator Program - I don’t even think he sells this program anymore but I wouldn’t recommend it anyway. The program was structured in three different levels, money, business, and psychology. I bought the money and business levels.

He had content that covered a lot of different aspects like structuring your spending as an entrepreneur and the psychology around his ads. One of the best parts about this program was he would bring in people like Mark Cuban and Neil Patel and interview them about these levels and we’d get insight on them instead of just Tai’s opinion.

This is the most I spent on any of Tai’s programs and by far the only one I really regret.

Credit Mentor Program - Credit Mentor on the outside seems like a course on how to fix your credit but once it’s fixed, Liao teaches you how to use credit cards to your advantage. Travel hacking is basically gaining credit card points to get free flights, hotels, and more.

If someone asked me which Tai course affected my life the most, it would be this one. Only because lots of things I do now are affected by travel hacking and credit cards. I’ve saved a lot of money and went on much better vacations because of this program.

Social Media Marketing Agency - If I had to guess, this is the most popular program and one that I kind of bought to see what the hype was about compared to really wanting to learn it. The course takes you through the four processes that involve an agency. Setting up the business, learning the tactics of social media, selling, and then growing overall.

I do have colleagues that took this course and quit their job to do this full-time. They’re not making 130k like some of the testimonials say but they are doing well and growing. I think this would be the course with the most results from Tai’s portfolio.

--Joseph Sleek, All Day Progress

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A little over a year ago I completed Tai's 67 Steps course. Contrary to some people's attitude towards Tai as a scam artist or someone who over promises results, I felt that his 67 Steps were very helpful and did exactly what he said they would, provide the mindset needed for success. Through watching these videos, it's very clear that Tai is a deep person who's very well read knowledgeable on a wide array of topics. Needless to say, it kills me to see people bash Tai because he utilizes his exotic cars to get viewers attention on YouTube.

--David Jenkins, WEBTEK

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Tai Lopez gets a bad rap but it's mostly his own fault. While Tai has certainly been successful, by playing into the get rich quick guru stereotype he has been able to attract swaths of detractors.

The rented houses, the Lamborghinis and the flaunting of other luxuries are all reminiscent of the tacky internet marketing con-men of the past but I don't think that tells the full story.

I have been aware of Tai Lopez and his work for nearly a decade but hadn't paid much attention until seeing him giving a talk at a convention during 2019.

I was there to see Gary Vaynerchuk and Russel Brand and had no idea of who the other speakers were.

The other speakers also included Grand Cardone, another controversial entrepreneur who has been accused of being a snake-oil salesman but has been hugely successful financially.

Tai Lopez actually gave a good talk, he was humble and self-deprecating and the fundamentals he shared that day were valid and on the mark.

The issue for me stems from the fact that all of the information was just reaffirming things I already considered to be true rather than enlightening me with a magic formula or any guru secrets. For beginners, this information might seem groundbreaking but at the price tag it's being touted at, you are likely much better off by consuming free content on YouTube.

I'm confident that students of Tai are a mixture of successes and failures but believe the difference is usually a combination of being able to do the actual hard work involved and not limiting yourself to one source of education.

The internet has evolved, and for every person out there selling their systems for thousands of dollars, there's another person sharing publicly at no cost.

--David Alexander, Mazepress

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