Good Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

These days there’s all kinds of opposition to getting a tattoo: you’ll regret it when you’re older, it’s trashy, people will look down on you, there may be health risks, it’s a waste of money etc etc. – those are the common things I’d hear in middle/upper-class Australia whenever the subject of tattoos came up, Good Reasons Why People Get Tattoos

Why Geocaching Is Fun

Geocaching is a game played outdoors where players use GPS to find items left by other players, and it can be loads of fun. It’s a great way to enjoy your time outside and add some excitement over just ordinary hiking/walking through an area. But Geocaching can sound a bit odd to people who have Why Geocaching Is Fun

Why Do Photography?

If you’re considering getting into photography, this article is intended to inspire & encourage you to get started by listing all the wonderful things that you can get out of photography, as described by numerous different amateur and professional photographers. 🙂 To put this together I manually reached out to many different photographers, as well Why Do Photography?

The Joy Of Fishing

Fishing can be a wonderful and relaxing hobby, and this piece is intended to encourage people to consider trying it by listing out comments and stories from people who enjoy fishing on why they enjoy it. To put this piece together I reached out to many fishing bloggers, as well as put the following query The Joy Of Fishing

Why Bird Watching?

Bird watching is one of the most wholesome and relaxing activities you can get into, and also one of the easiest if you live near nature. But it’s also not the most popular hobby, which is why I’m publishing this piece comprised of comments from bird-watchers on what they enjoy about it. Have a read Why Bird Watching?

Why Gaming Can Be Good For You

Gaming is often seen as a waste of time at best and a negative influence that can lead to antisocial behavior at worst. Personally, I hate these classifications and disagree with the argument that video games are largely to blame for violent youth, as it’s clearly an extremely tiny minority of gamers who go out Why Gaming Can Be Good For You