Stories on the Benefits of Minimalism

On this page, I’ll be compiling stories people have sent us on how minimalism has benefited them personally. Minimalism brings all kinds of benefits from giving you extra time, eliminating anxiety and stress, freedom, mental clarity, decreasing family tension and much more, and it’s my hope that this page can inspire more people to try Stories on the Benefits of Minimalism

How To Control Anger

Anger is a completely normal human emotion, but it can very easily turn problematic if you let it all out in a torrent of rage towards others. Controlling anger at appropriate times is therefore an important skill. On this page you’ll find all kinds of tips and advice on controlling anger, courtesy of some great How To Control Anger

How To Forgive: Tips, Stories & Advice

Forgiveness is an essential step for recovering from a traumatic event, and unfortunately, most people seem to struggle with it. One of the biggest problems, it seems to me, is a misunderstanding of what forgiveness actually is. Forgiveness doesn’t necessarily mean forgetting the event, pretending it didn’t hurt you, or even telling the person who How To Forgive: Tips, Stories & Advice

How To Find Your Passion

According to a Pew Research study, only 49% of American workers were “very satisfied” with their job, with 30% viewing their work as “just a job to get them by.” Speaking anecdotally, it would seem to me that the numbers are even worse than that, because I can think of very few (if any) people How To Find Your Passion

How To Be Assertive: 18 Tips & Stories

Assertiveness falls between total passivity (letting others walk all over you) and outright aggressiveness (unpleasant hostility), and it’s difficult for many people — how can you be assertive in the right way, and do it without making yourself awkward or uncomfortable? To seek advice on this topic, we put out this query: For timid people How To Be Assertive: 18 Tips & Stories