The Health Benefits Of Saunas

We’re collecting comments from health professionals on the benefits of saunas, and have listed all credible submissions we’ve received so far (if you are qualified to comment on how saunas can be beneficial, please make a submission and we’ll add it to this article). I strongly recommend having a read through these! Already we’ve received The Health Benefits Of Saunas

The Benefits Of Fasting

For whatever reason, Fasting (the willful refrainment from eating for a period of time) has been spiking in popularity over the past 2-3 years: If you’re wondering why so many people are fasting nowadays, this article is a list of all the different benefits fasting can bring, from a number of health professionals. We’ve received The Benefits Of Fasting

Here Are The Benefits of Cold Showers

This article is a compilation of the benefits of cold showers, as reported by different people who swear by them and various health professionals. First, I would like to highlight a comment sent to me by Gaurav Dubey (M.S. Biotechnology) of Biolitics where he cites several papers that have studied the effects of cold showers: Here Are The Benefits of Cold Showers