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Originally founded in 2010 as an eCommerce store, has since rebranded into a popular online publication where we test out and review different products, host community discussions, publish useful informational articles and also publish user reviews people submit to us. To date, we have vetted and published over 1,000 content submissions from experts and various individuals in different fields, as well as conducted extensive research ourselves on many different products and niches.

If you enjoy our content or our reporting has helped you made a more educated buying decision, thank you! We rely on readers like you to keep this publication going. You can help us out by sharing our content on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, as well as bookmarking the website and coming back frequently. Currently we’re publishing at least 2-3 new pieces of content a day.


High quality user-submitted content is our bread and butter. We’ve published and will continue to publish many pieces of user-submitted content on all kinds of interesting, fun, important or compelling topics. Some examples:

For pieces like these we do a significant amount of outreach to people in different fields requesting contributions to articles like the above, and have heard from a plethora of people worth hearing from. Beyond that, many user-submitted content comes from direct submissions on the website here. We are also part of some journalism sites where reputable sources submit content to us.


Our editors have published some fantastic pieces on products they have a deep and intimate knowledge of, and which they’ve used extensively:


Beyond reviewing products ourselves, we also have published many pieces comprised entirely of user reviews (see the user review category here). In many of these cases, we provide some commentary of the product but have not had enough experience with it to write a comprehensive review.


If you’ve used a product that we’ve covered, you are more than welcome to submit your own review of that product, which we’ll post at the end of our article. Click here to go to the submit a review page. You are also very welcome to make a submission to one of our community discussions on that page. You’re welcome to share a review or opinion that goes against the grain, and in fact, we very much welcome all different views and perspectives.

Our only requirement when making submissions is that you’re truthful and objective. As long as you have those 2 things down, we’ll publish what you submit.  We of course reserve the right to reject any submission if we suspect its legitimacy.


Our contributors will occasionally write on various topics that interest them and do not involve any product review – see our informational articles.


We prefer to keep content on the website, but recently just created an OutwitTrade Twitter profile where we’ll post all new updates.


OutwitTrade is run by a team of contributors. We currently have 1 full-time editor (Katie) and a number of part-time writers at any given time. As noted in our disclaimer, please be aware that a certain number of our contributors publish content under a pen name.

If you are interested in joining our small team and publishing content on our website, you are welcome to contact us with some information about yourself.


As listed on the homepage, has been mentioned and/or linked to from many high profile publications and authority websites including databox, GO Banking Rates and LegalZoom. We have also had significant social media coverage on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, mainly from contributors who have shared articles they’ve contributed to.


We do not accept payment of any kind in exchange for favorable product reviews, nor do we offer paid links or ever pay for links. Every product or service we cover is judged on its own merits. With that in mind, you are welcome to ask us to write a review your product.


We do not run any kind of display advertising on Currently, any and all revenue this website generates is from affiliate commissions (see our disclaimer).


Before interacting with this website, we would like you to be familiar with our disclaimer (outlining how this website earns revenue and our liabilities), our privacy policy (outlining what kind of information we collect) and our terms and conditions.

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