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Originally founded in 2011, OutwitTrade is a popular online publication where we test out and review all kinds of different products in a range of industries. We go to great lengths to cover each product with 100% objectivity and only recommend products and services that we really trust. To help with our workload, we have taken on several volunteer contributors with a passion for objective reporting that helps customers find products that are best for them. To date, we have tested and reviewed all kinds of great and terrible products, spending hours upon hours of our time to dig into all the facts and do the hard research so that you don’t have to.

If you enjoy our content or our reporting has helped you made a more educated buying decision, thank you! we rely on readers like you to keep this publication going. You can help us out by sharing our content on social media platforms like Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, as well as bookmarking the website and coming back frequently.

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In addition to product reviews, our contributors will also sometimes write on various topics that interest them – see our miscellaneous category.


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Reviewing products is hard work, and as such, OutwitTrade is run by a team of contributors. You can read about us on our staff page.


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