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We reached out to people who have tried Income School (found at or who have had a business interaction with them of any kind. Here’s the request we put out:

Income School is a popular website and YouTube channel that we’re researching, and we’d like to hear from people who have brought Project 24 or have anything they can say about Income School – all comments welcome, positive or negative. Must have brought Project 24 or have had some interaction, business or otherwise, with the two people behind it (Jim and Ricky). No hearsay, rumors or slander – please be factual.

Here is what we’ve received so far. If you have anything to add, please do so. 🙂

Income School's Project 24 is one of the reviews I did previously for Hustle Life. I also have a YouTube video of the study. For me, it's the best online business training program you can get if you are looking to build a successful online business. If you follow every step, implement the tricks and strategies, and ask the right questions, you would be able to earn money online. It's perfect for beginners, simple to understand, doesn't need any other software, and is continuously updated to sync with the times. The entire program consists of 60-steps laid out in 123 lessons separated by modules.

--Jeremy Harrison, Hustle Life Media


After buying Project 24 some of the courses we focused on was the hire and train writers course, E-A-T for SEO course, and the search analysis course. These few courses alone provided great information that helped us produce some of our best content and we still follow their tips till this day. The courses were easy to follow and presented the information in a way that was very easy to understand. I would recommend these courses to anyone who wants a great all around set of courses and if you want to see real results.

--Will Cartwright,


Hi, this is Deborah Pretty from I’m a business owner with 40 years of business experience. I’ve had success in traditional and online businesses. I first started an online information marketing business back in 2006. (you can check the Warrior Forum for proof.)

I’ve had some success online, but more success running an SEO agency helping local businesses rank on Google.

Late last year I decided to return to my passion; infopreneur. So, I started looking online for up-to-date instructions, and came across Jim and Ricky on YouTube.

When I first started listening to them, I thought I had stroke Gold…. I resonated with their messages. As time marched on I heard teachings that I knew weren’t effective.

Such as:

· … just write content, don’t worry about keyword research, the number of searches or your competition, just write.

· You only need about 35 pages of content to grow your website..

What’s funny, I was told that 15 years ago! After writing about 150 pages of original content, my first website NEVER did rank~

I’m not the only one that had issues with what they were preaching initially. Neil Patel seemed to have been rubbed the wrong way as well. I noticed a little strife between the two of them a few months ago. (Income School posted a video about it)

Truthfully, I have nothing negative to say about income school Project 24, I’m just stating some facts.

I’m not a project 24 student but I followed their lead when building my latest website. I purchased their Acabado theme, which I like, and it was easy to set-up.

The last time I’ve listened to them they’ve changed their messaging. They’re now touting that you need 100 pages of content, they’re stressing the importance of keyword research, and other pointers that Neil Patel teaches.

I’m not pointing fingers, but I think as time marched on and as they started to received feedback from students who weren’t having the level of success that was envisioned, they decided to investigate and make changes.

Jim and Ricky's strong point is that they’re fluid, honest, sincere, and sincerely want to help their students succeed. In the beginning, they taught what worked for them. There wasn’t enough data from clinical trials to formulate a clear, concise, and consistent roadmap that would work for the Masses. In my opinion, I think they’re in the right ballpark now!

--Deborah Pretty, PYTalkBiz


I'm the founder of and have been following Jim and Ricky and Income School from the very beginning.

My new finance blog, CreditInformative, is based on their teachings and principals. Their methodologies for building a niche site are 100% white hat and are in line with Google's best practices for webmasters. What separates IncomeSchool from many other online marketers is that Jim and Ricky are completely transparent and they actually share their websites with Project 24 members - whether they're successful or not. This is rare in the internet marketing world as most 'gurus' are very careful not to reveal their niche to encourage further competition and copycat marketers.

Jim & Ricky provide evergreen digital marketing advice and as they say, the proof is in the pudding and by sharing their successful websites members and aspiring bloggers can see exactly what's worked well and they have a living case study which they can refer to and follow along with. The fact that Jim & Ricky have been able to repeatably build successful niche websites from scratch demonstrates that their methodology is sound and when followed you too can achieve the same success. They don't advocate taking any shortcuts and are very open about the strategies which have made their niche websites a success.

Jim & Ricky are a breath of fresh air when it comes to digital marketing courses. They keep it simple and easy enough that anyone can jump in with no experience with online marketing and with enough dedication and persistence can see success.

--Matt Woodley,


I haven't bought Project24, but I have a lot of thoughts about Income School as a Youtube channel.

As someone who runs an SEO agency, multiple affiliate websites and does this for a full-time living since 2009 (which you can find me on SEO forums), I think Income School provides a mixture of great information and harmful information. But the bad outweigh the good.

Stuff that is great advice from them:

- How to establish EAT by linking to academic journals

- How to create content that gets natural backlinks

- How to create good content

- How to do keyword research (probably their most useful advice)

Bad advice:

- Not actively building links - this is the WORST advice you could possibly give. Affiliate sites need a tonne of link building done. You'd be *severely* handicapping yourself if you only aimed for natural links and 99% of people will fail using their methods.

- Google being smart enough to recognize good content.

- Overplaying the importance of EAT

- How you should avoid reviews, affiliate articles when creating a new site. They say just create informational posts at the start and after a few months, start writing those affiliate articles. It takes a long time to rank content so there's zero reason to not do both at the start.

- Only target low competition keywords - big mistake. Moderate to high competition keywords are great targets, because if you don't rank for them, you'll probably rank for some long-tailed variants of them which bigger sites miss.

And the list goes on...

The majority of Project24 members have failed to create a full-time income affiliate website (there's many people documenting their journey on Youtube and forums). The results have been pretty appalling, with some people working on their sites for 2 years and not getting results.

--Winston Nguyen, Bitcoin SEO Services


I purchased Income School in March of 2019 because I was new to blogging and unlike most marketing guru's, Jim and Ricky really seemed straight up in their approach. Furthermore, unlike most blogging course teasers, they gave a tremendous amount of value upfront.

So, the first thing about P24 that I think really stands out is their community. Jim, Ricky and now Freddie, are super responsive in giving honest, practical advice to people within their private forum. They're on the site at least 2-3 times a day.

Secondly, they don't just rely on the core P24 course. Members get consistently updated content, such as growing a YouTube Channel, and understanding Google's E-A-T algorithm. Furthermore, they also developed a lightning-fast theme, Acabado, for people that have a basic website/blog need with a lot of powerful tools already built-in.

I have a highly competitive market, and I learned about drilling down on topics and how they find keyword phrases that help you understand searcher intent and how to compete to get traffic.

Hands down, the money I spent with them was worth every penny and I'm the first person to call someone out if they're bad.

--Travis Price,


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