InMotion Hosting Reviews by InMotion Hosting Customers [IN PROGRESS]

InMotion Hosting is a host with all the standard hosting plans (from shared, WordPress, VPS and dedicated) that competes directly with many bigger hosts such as GoDaddy and Bluehost. Here’s the question we asked InMotion Hosting customers:

For people who have tried InMotion Hosting for website hosting, what was your experience like and can you recommend it to others? All comments welcome, positive or negative.

Of the comments that have come in so far (submit a review of InMotion Hosting here if you’ve used it yourself), all are positive, with just one comment mentioning that InMotion Hosting’s customer service lacks (though all others praise it). We will continue to collect user comments and reviews for InMotion Hosting and will update this post as more come in.

I used to run a successful blog on Wordpress, and I used InMotion Hosting. I had a very positive experience with them because of the technical support they were able to provide. I bought my blog off Flippa, and they were great in helping me transfer the blog from GoDaddy to their hosting. Not only did they handle the transfer, but they sent me monthly updates ensuring the security of the site, as well as complimentary routine maintenance with my hosting subscription.

The reason I initially when with InMotion is because they were ranked as one of the best hosting providers for WordPress. Ultimately, if I were to start a new blog, I would use them again.

--Jeff Neal, The Critter Depot


InMotion Hosting has been hosting my website for over 5 years and I have been very pleased. In the few times that the website has occasionally been down, they Email a heads up to let me know that they will be doing some work on the server. In the handful of times that I have had technical difficulties, I just call them, usually get through right away and they are super friendly and walk me through what is usually an error on my end to get things up and running again.

--Julie Whitney, Phillippi-Whitney Communications LLC


I'd say InHouse Hosting has been very reliable, responsive, and one of the best options for Webhosting. Their services plans fit all budget regardless if you are a low traffic blog or maybe a business. I also found that they have excellent customer support based on my experience. Their team answered every question I have and helped me moved my website seamlessly. Other things that I like about InHouse Hosting are their FREE SSL Certificate and FREE Website Transfer. They also have a 90-day money-back guarantee! To top that, they load faster because their servers are using SSD drive Storage, which they do not charge. There isn't anything else that I do not like about using InHouse Hosting but their rigorous phone verification after purchase and having no monthly billing option for their basic plan. Their plans are competitively priced -- not the cheapest option, but the smartest way to go when choosing a website hosting provider.

--Tim Clarke, SEOBlog


I am using InMotion Hosting for my website. I’ve been with them since 2014. They don’t get that much coverage online as other brands, but fact is, they are better than most of prevalent out there in two criteria: server speed and customer support.

For their speed, after testing out several popular and premium brands, they don’t fall that much behind. From my tests, if the premium brands have a speed of 10, they get an 8; while other popular brands have 5-6 speeds. But with InMotion, you get that benefit at lower prices.

Most people complain they have terrible speed and blame it on the hosting because it can’t accommodate their fancy animations and graphics.. But you don’t need all those. They just contribute to the fluff that slows down their websites.

As for customer service, I love them. Over the time I’ve been with them, whether it was a technical issue or a question I can’t find in their help doc, they were able to help me and resolve it quickly. I primarily use their live chat function. I’d say my average wait times was under 5 minutes.

--Ariel Lim, Ariel Lim Consulting


What I like about Inmotion hosting (WordPress hosting):

1. Blazing fast

2. Good Price

3. Free SSL, Hack, and DDoS protection

4. Free Domain Name

5. Free Email account

6. You can host 2 websites

7. You get a few useful marketing tools

What I don't like about Inmotion hosting (WordPress hosting):

Although the great features and price they provide, customer support is where they lack.

Most of them don't really know what are they doing and they take A LOT of time to answer a simple question.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Inmotion is a great hosting provider that offers you plenty of amazing and helpful services.

However, if you are new to web hosting and still figuring things out, then it would be better to opt for a more beginner-friendly hosting provider like NameCheap.

--Kami Turky, Solar Energy Hackers


InMotion Hosting - a fantastic web hosting platform that helped me when I started my business. I have had an incredible experience working with a team of experts that come from diverse technical backgrounds. InMotion Hosting is a business-oriented company that lets you explore fast data speeds and gives you free automated backups. The best thing I liked about using inMotion Hosting for my startup was its excellent uptime. Being a startup, what my business most importantly wanted was a 99% online presence to increase my brand awareness and this platform excelled in that. Apart from this, it offers multiple hosting types, and you can easily choose the one that suits your business model. Lastly, I believe this platform is tailored to provide customers ease as designing the website and building it up is very easy on this software, and you can go with any design you like!

--Peter Rossi, Byrossi