Hostinger Reviews by Hostinger Customers [IN PROGRESS]

Hostinger is a budget host with shared hosting as little as $0.99/month (if you get it at the right time, at least). If it’s your first time hosting a website, this article is intended to help you decide if you should go with them by compiling user comments and reviews for them. Here’s the simple query we put out:

 For people who have used Hostinger for domain registration or hosting, what was the experience like for you and would you recommend it to others? All comments welcome, positive or negative.

The below is what we’ve received so far. If you’ve used Hostinger yourself, please submit a review here.

I am a former customer of Hostinger. The good about Hostinger is how easy it is to use especially for newbies. Customer service is also legitimately good, and the integrated website builder makes setting up a website from scratch relatively simple. Hostinger is also pretty quick.

A downside I found was the relatively high fees after the introductory offer comes to an end, although this is practiced by majority of hosting companies. Also, Hostinger did not provide free site migration tools at the time I was using it, and this might be a problem for people without a clue about site migration.

--Carol Tompkins, AccountsPortal


Hostinger has been pretty great. Like many hosting companies, it's really all about finding the services you need. For our purposes, hostinger offers great service at a great price. It's a little less intuitive than some of the other offerings, but is still set up to be simple enough for a do-it-yourselfer, or someone with less design and hosting expertise. Wordpress integration is simple, and basic email and other features are pretty easy to setup - though if you need more than 1 of anything (email address, subdomain,etc) there will likely be some additional cost.

The only real 'con' we've come across to date is perhaps in server location, as we are operating in Canada. Our audience for The Biz Dojo is worldwide, with listeners across 5 continents - so the experience definitely varies by location, as it would for any provider. We choose to utilize CDN to help overcome some of the page loading challenges, and as a result have established a fairly positive index and improved our SEO. That said, we're really talking about milliseconds here. Hostinger's servers ARE fast, but in the world of websites and loading times, every second counts.

The tools (i.e. ftp, etc) are easy to use, just a little bit of a different setup than the hosts I've used in the past. I'd call this a neutral item, neither pro nor con. It just takes a few uses to get used to them, though that may also be related to my bias for the structure I've used in the past. In the end, it's still very easy to use all the added features.

Hostinger also does not send relentless spam, or push for upgrades in the same way a GoDaddy or iPower type provider does. This is VERY refreshing, and is definitely a distinguishing feature in a world where upselling is king. It's nice to only receive a very occasional mailer.

--JP Gaston, The Biz Dojo


I use Hostinger for my website host, and I like it a lot. I love the low monthly cost, as it is the lowest monthly hosting cost I've ever seen. They also have amazing customer support. However, they used to have a live chat feature even on the cheapest plan, but they took that away a few months ago and now only do email support for the cheapest plan, but the support is still good now even though it is no longer live chat. The other main issue is that they stop sending your email after a certain time period if you don't login often, so I had that issue with receiving emails in their hosting inbox. I've had no issues with the hosting itself, and whenever a problem has come up support has helped.

--Stacy Caprio, Renuw Skincare


I’ve been very happy with Hostinger so far. I’m a long-time customer, and as far as I am concernced, they’ve offered great service throughout the years, and I’ve never had any problems with them. They are cheap, easy to use, and very flexible, so I’d definitely recommend them.

--Simon King, Cultured and Strained


While using Hostinger, I was able to pick any plan they offered that matched what I needed and was able to upgrade it at any time. Hostinger is super easy to use and at an affordable starting price of $0.99 a month. When first starting a business, this was a lifesaver for me because I was not ready to pay the high prices of other sites. With Hostinger's basic plan, it comes with everything a website needs to get started which is amazing considering most companies like this barely have enough of what you need provided on their basic plan. This website is super fast and allows for an easy set up.

--Chris Prasad, Jook SMS