Liquid Web Reviews by Liquid Web Customers [IN PROGRESS]

Here are the customer comments and reviews people have sent us for Liquid Web. Liquid Web is a web host that costs a little more than some of the bigger hosts like GoDaddy and Bluehost, but aims to provide better and more comprehensive support through their “managed hosting” plans (where Liquid Web can handle all your administrative and support tasks regardless of complexity). A peculiarity of Liquid Web is that they don’t offer shared hosting (almost always the cheapest hosting plan, and the one to get if you have a website with very low traffic), and so they can be considered a host for relatively more serious businesses and websites.

So far feedback on Liquid Web has been highly positive, but we are waiting for more comments to come in (if you’re a Liquid Web customer, submit your review here and we’ll add it). Users have especially praised Liquid Web’s support.

I've used LiquidWeb to host my websites in the past (about 2 years ago). I had a managed, dedicated server plan. Mostly, I have good things to say about the service. They've always been helpful and prompt to address any issues. The only caveat is that they're a bit expensive. That's the only reason I moved away as I had some financial issues and needed to cut costs.

My verdict is this. If you have a website (or several websites) with significant traffic, and your operation is profitable, by all means, go for LiquidWeb. They are worth it. However, if you're on a tight budget and technically savvy, it's probably a bit of a luxury to pay for the service that you can do yourself with an unmanaged host (the likes of DigitalOcean or AWS).

--Saul Cerni,


There are many factors that go into choosing a good web hosting company, and each individual case has different requirements. I have used Liquid Web hosting for several years now, and I can highly recommend it. However, understanding your own needs and requirements is important.

I host many websites on Liquid Web, but most of them are for local businesses, so the sites are typically small and low traffic. Some people might complain that they don't have the latest and greatest server hardware, which may or may not be true. Similar complaints are that it is expensive for the performance you get.

However, one of the most important factors in the cost of web hosting is the level of support you need and actually receive. There are definitely cheaper options, and some with faster hardware, if you are able to handle a lot of technical issues yourself. But if something goes wrong and you need tech support, you'll quickly find out how much of a bargain your web host is.

For me, Liquid Web has been quite good in terms of tech support and their ability to help deal with problems. I have used many other web hosts, including most of the major ones. It is typically very difficult to get good support from most companies. It either takes forever or they avoid responsibility and say it's the website's problem.

Bottom line: You get what you pay for. If cost is your main concern, there are tons of options. If you want reliable hosting with good tech support and peace of mind, Liquid Web is a great choice.

--Tony Wang, LocalWord


Is Liquid Web worth the cost?

It definitely is! From having advanced features to having a professional support team, I had a fantastic experience using it. The best thing about this is its 100% online presence which gives your online business visibility and lets customers enjoy the excellent speed at all times. Liquid Web considers its unique selling point ‘the excellent hosting products’ and their target market is business & professional customers. But Liquid Hosting excels in providing this niche, outstanding performance, highly configurable cloud hosting and dedicated server products. For my e-commerce business, Liquid Web was the best choice; it helped me in day to day activities and boosted my sales by increased customer engagement.

--Cale Loken,


I utilized Liquid Web for 6 years and it was an excellent hosting company. The customer service was amazing! Whether I needed to connect with them at 3am or 8pm, someone was available to assist me. Even if the issue was not in their realm of things (one issue needing to be resolved was GSuite problem), they still provided steps to help me get the answers I needed. If you request a task that is outside of their scope of work - i.e. building a staging site, once given the disclaimer - they completed it for me. In those six years I can not recall the site ever being down or unavailable (we used their VPS service). They always communicated upcoming changes or maintenance with their customers. They have been, hands down, one of the best hosting companies I have had the pleasure of working with.

--LaKenya Kopf, Kopf Consulting


Liquid Web has been and continues to be a great choice for me. They have always provided exceptional service and continue to exceed my expectations across the board. When I had a VPS hosting account I was able to have many different websites and cPanel and everything always just worked without me having to do anything. It's ridiculously smooth!

--Dan Gold, Sir Golfs Alot


For us, the tools we use for business should reflect how we operate as a business. This is what Liquidweb does for us. Though it’s not as famous or as recommended as other web hosts, it is truly an expert in what it’s supposed to do for us. What we liked about them are the following:

- Their no-frills, easy to navigate dashboard

- The fact that they take care of the little things such as doing regular backups of our websites, even though we did not tell them to

- The fact that they make true on their reliability promise and we’ve never seen our site go down or lag (except when hacked)

- Their outstanding customer support - there is no issue you cannot solve with their support. It is available 24/7, and support tickets get sorted within 24 hours, even complex issues

While we think they can still improve on the following:

- Our websites got hacked recently and even though they did the restoration for us, we feel like there could be more they can do from a preventive standpoint

- Their managed Wordpress feature which provides this cool dashboard where you can directly manage stuff from instead of the complex CPANEL comes at an additional cost

Is Liquidweb worth the cost for us?

It’s not cheap, but we think it has already paid it’s worth in the sense that it has kept our websites and domains afloat without major issues and without the need for a web developer. However, we also know that there is still so much room for us to make use of it’s full dedicated hosting capacity, since we are not currently receiving tons of traffic at the moment for the websites.

--Bobby Stocks, Business CODE