Cloudways Reviews by Cloudways Customers [IN PROGRESS]

Here are the submissions Cloudways customers have sent us in response to this question:

For people who have used Cloudways for cloud hosting, what was the experience like for you and would you recommend it to others? All comments welcome, positive or negative.

Most comments are highly positive on Cloudways so far, praising its speed, reliability, support and pricing. There are just a couple of potential negatives people have pointed out so far (such as an extra cost for email, and it perhaps not being suitable for complete beginners).

I used Cloudways in the past and I had a fairly good experience with it. For context, I am a digital marketer with limited knowledge of web hosting. That said, here are a few pros and cons:


- REALLY fast. It's one of the fastest hosting providers I subscribed to.

- Affordable. Most small business owners can afford it.


- Only for the tech-savvy folks. It's not your usual cPanel, so it took some time getting used to. But overall, I just didn't get comfortable enough using it. This was the reason I switched hosting providers. However, I'm sure web developers and programmers can handle it just fine.

--Yeshua Quijano, SEO Training Philippines


Last year I moved two sites from WPX hosting to Cloudways and wish that I hadn't waited so long to do so.

Before moving to Cloudways, I was worried that it would be too challenging for me to use since I came from a more traditional web hosting background. However, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Cloudways is very user-friendly.

My main reason for moving to Cloudways was that I was searching for a host that gave me a faster load time for my sites. Cloudways loads my sites faster than any web host that I've ever used in the past.

I also like the pricing at Cloudways because it ends up costing me less than the package that I was paying for at WPX. And since they bill you monthly instead of for a year or more upfront, it means that I can cancel at anytime and not have to worry about losing money.

I think there are two downsides to Cloudways.

One downside is that email for your website is not included. However, they do have a $1/month per email add-on option that you can use to get email for your site. Though I would prefer that cost was already factored in and the email not cost extra each month.

Another downside is that they only offer a limited amount of support for free. Anything that is complex requires that you pay extra for tech support. Even though I don't consider myself to be tech savvy, I have not needed to pay for tech support yet. But I do worry about needing it in the future.

Overall, I think Cloudways offers a great value for the money and it's one of the best kept secrets when it comes to web hosting.

--Alex Williams, The Website Flip


After working a number of years with a shared hosting provider, I moved to Cloudways. Upon the recommendation of the Cloudways support team, I've been running a Laravel app and love it. I've been impressed with the speed, support and interface offered by Cloudways and highly recommend their platform.

--Patrick Belk, Tattoo Influence


As web developers, we like the wide range of content management systems that Cloudways supports, including Drupal, Magento and the ever-popular WordPress. This gives us a lot of flexibility to create websites for a wide variety of applications.

The hosting service is very stable and we seldom experience any website downtime. Customer service is friendly and knowledgeable and we can always speak to a real person via web chat.

The only minor downside is that Cloudways doesn’t offer domain registration, but you can easily secure a domain with NameCheap or Bluehost.

We recommend Cloudways to all our clients, and there is even a three-day free trial for them to try it before committing to a paid subscription.

--Matt Bertram, EWR Digital


I joined Cloudways in early October, left them for a great Black Friday deal at a different host, realized how bad the customer services was, and migrated back to Cloudways. Clouldways is not the cheapest, but when you look at their hosting holistically with support, speed, and price, Cloudways delivers amazing value for the money.

--Marco Sison, Nomadic FIRE


The experience with using Couldways was interesting. Cloudways does a variety of unique things with cloud hosting that successfully carry out in a growing industry. It lets you choose from one of the five systems, including Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. Further, it provides pocket-friendly pay-as-you-go plans and allows you to sign up for a free trial period.

On the other hand, one of its drawbacks such as domain registration. Here are some pros and cons of Cloudways:


- Provision of an easy setup

- Exceptional Uptime

- Supports several apps

- Numerous flexible account tiers

- Pay-as-you-proceed plans

- Free trial option

- Site Cloning option


- Unavailability of domain registration

- The extra cost for email

--Caroline Lee, CocoSign


I have so far encountered the good performance of cloudways hosting. Cloudways is an integrate each platform comes with its firewall and CDN service. Cloudways is again reflective of its usefulness for developers. Easy scalability its plans are extremely scalable every platform has its own quirks for scaling, ease of collaboration this feature lets to add members to a collaborative group, it also takes good care of its accounts by overseeing security management.

--Brack Nelson, Incrementors Web Solutions


Using Cloudways was definitely the best decision I've made. Working with a fast speed website that allowed me to find everything easily made working a lot easier and stress-free. The most impressive thing about this site is how easy it was to migrate through word-press websites. With other software, it was nearly impossible. With all the features that Cloudways has, it's amazing that the pricing is insanely cheap. With this, you only pay based on usage which is very helpful for companies who may not have a good month in sales/business.

--Chris Prasad, Jook SMS