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DreamHost, founded in 1996, is a popular web host offering standard hosting services like shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. So is using DreamHost really a dream, and should you use it over hosting behemoths like GoDaddy and Bluehost? That’s the question we asked DreamHost users, putting out this simple query:

For people who have used DreamHost for website hosting, what did you think of it and would you recommend it to others? All comments welcome. Looking to compile some honest user feedback.

Of the responses we’ve received so far from DreamHost customers (if you’ve used DreamHost yourself, please add your review here), all but a couple of them have been highly positive. DreamHost appears to be a highly reliable host with very competitive prices, with many DreamHost customers having tried numerous other hosts and preferring DreamHost over all of them. Many or most of the people we heard from have also been using DreamHost for many years and have never had an issue.

Therefore, we can conclude that DreamHost will probably be a great experience for you. For the only negative or critical feedback we’ve heard on it so far, see this comment (mentioning how DreamHost’s Remixer service isn’t great) and this comment (from a user who had their site taken down by DreamHost).

As a long time customer of Dreamhost, I recommend them to everyone I know looking for an inexpensive web host. For about $10 per month, you can get a VPS to host all of your websites. If there is ever a problem with the server, or if you experience downtime, you can open Dreamhost's easy-to-use webchat support system to get your issue fixed immediately. The Dreamhost support staff is amazing and their prices cannot be beat, which is why I highly recommend Dreamhost to anyone looking to find a place to host their site.

--James Shaffer, Insurance Panda

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This is my third year using DreamHost and I can't hesitate to admit that it's the best web hosting company. DreamHost has a lot in the store worth the positive reviews ranging from their affordable pricing to their domain management tools and many more.

For the period I have been using this hosting company, shared hosting and access to ZenCart shopping cart stand out among the many features offered by DreamHost. DreamHost's security is also something to applaud. Although it doesn't come with an anti-malware feature in its emails, the antispam feature and other security features are worth the bucks. As someone who sells products online, DreamHost's free SSL certificate comes in handy. Succinctly, If you want a hassle-free and convenient tool for your web hosting needs, DreamHost is all that you need.

--Jenna Liam, PutterBall

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DreamHost really suits your needs when it comes to website hosting, whether you're a beginner or an expert, in my opinion.

It offers you a good option for its affordable prices, generous unlimited storage and bandwidth, backups, 24-hour solid support, and free SSL certificates, indeed a worthy choice for many, most especially for professionals.

It's not as famous as other website hosts though, and is usually underrated among users, but it's very accessible, and it offers a lot more than what is expected of it.

--Jason Hughes, Vegan Liftz

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I have been a Dreamhost customer for more than 15 years. I am extremely satisfied with their service. They know how to keep up with market demands, adding cloud capabilities, managed solutions, and website builders. Their pricing is fair, and comes with an all-included attitude. What made me chose DreamHost over others is that they have a good control panel but they also allow you to log into your server directly and use the command line. This feature is not common in shared hosting providers. I am using Dreamhost to manage all my domains and the e-mails associated with them.

The biggest drawback of DreamHost is that it is based in the US. Since I moved to Europe, I had to find other solutions to host my user's data. In any case, I kept using Dreamhost for a couple of Wordpress websites, for registering domains and for my professional e-mails. Shared hosting can be slow and unstable, but up (and better) than the industry standards. Their VPS system is robust, but an in-between that didn't suit my needs. It is a VPS to which you have no root access, and therefore you are not free to do as you please. May be valuable for half-technical people, and for sure eliminates a lot of problems arising from lack of expertise, just not my use case.

--Aquiles Carattino, Aquiles' Corner of the Internet

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I have used DreamHost for almost a year now and I absolutely LOVE it. Periodically I try out other hosts, but I always end up coming back to DreamHost.. My e-commerce site, is hosted on one of their entry level dedicated servers and has been super reliable. Their network is also super fast for their entry level plan. Overall, I’m extremely happy with their hosting.

--Bernie Hubble, The Chess Blog

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Dreamhost is an excellent hosting provider for people with smaller website needs. The value for money is great and they make it very easy to get started if you are just getting started or don't know much about servers and the likes.

--Tyler Winship, Learn EMF

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I own a digital marketing agency that also does web design for clients. We have experimented extensively with various hosting providers including (Bluehost, Sitegator, and Sitegrounds) and now exclusively use Dreamhost for all website hosting. Their support is phenomenal, their site speeds are fantastic, and their user interface is intuitive. I really couldn't recommend another hosting provider more. Their costs are a little bit higher than average but the improved performance more than makes up for it.

--Eric Clay, Vale Creative LLC

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Our preferred host at OG Media is DreamHost. DreamHost is easy to use, has a knowledgeable and responsive support team, is fast and reliable, and to top it all off, it’s the cheapest paid option we’ve come across.

We've also used GoDaddy, Bluehost, WP Engine, and Liquid Web, for reference.

--Owen Gotimer, OwenGotimer.com

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I'm a very happy customer of Dreamhost. I've been a customer with them for nearly 13 years!

I have both hosting and domains with them. I currently have 74 domains registered with them. I find their support to be top-notch and very responsive. They genuinely go out of their way to help me if I have any problems even if its not their fault.. Their hosting service has been very reliable over the years too.

--Tim Hill, Social Status

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I've been a user of Dreamhost for several years. Their interface is clean and easy to use. I actually moved from another provider at the recommendation of a friend. I have several sites hosted under one account. With my previous provider, I would run into issues where my site would be hacked and I would either have to contact support or work through it all to determine what all they had impacted. Since being on Dreamhost, I have not experienced any hackers and downtime has been significantly less. The fact that I don't have to contact their support is a testament to how well it just runs.

--Adam Amrine, Adro Solutions, LLC

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I've been a Dreamhost user for nearly a decade. As a web developer and digital marketer, it's my go-to hosting service for any project that doesn't specifically require an alternative. The positives easily outweigh its negatives, but Dreamhost definitely has its weak points.

Dreamhost gets a lot of points in my book for its clean, accessible dashboard interface. A simple side menu lives just below the lefthand site logo and lists almost every section in plain language, providing quick navigation to most of the account features you'll ever need to access.

Some Dreamhost plans unlock access to Remixer, a native website builder service. For coders and designers who value control over their projects, using Remixer may be a painful experience. The interface is kind of clunky, and it doesn't let you do much to alter section layouts beyond color swapping. That said, it will probably do the trick for non-coders who just want to get some kind of website up as quickly as possible.

--Jonathan Frey, Urban Bikes Direct

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I was a Dreamhost customer for three years back when I started my first site. I also registered my domain with them. At the time, I thought they were a great place to start out as a beginner.

By my third year with Dreamhost, they were constantly taking my site offline even though it wasn't even getting 5,000 monthly visits. They told me that my account had high inode usage, but didn't really explain what that meant or how to fix it -- but the could offer to upgrade my account for a high cost.

That was when I discovered that Dreamhost is not a good hosting company for beginners (or anyone else). I ended up moving to Siteground and having a much better experience.

I used Dreamhost for domain registration initially because it was the most convenient option for me. I foolishly thought it would be difficult to register a domain with Namecheap and host it elsewhere - I also learned that I was wrong about that.

After three years with Dreamhost, I do not recommend their hosting service or and I definitely don't suggest you use them for domain registration.

--Alex Williams, Podcast How To

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I am a coach and author and I have used Dreamhost for nearly 9 years. I really like them because they give me prompt advice through the live chat. This was especially helpful when I tried to add my own code and accidentally crashed my site and locked myself out of it at the same time. They’re very competent and friendly, it’s easy to register, create a wordpress site, back up your site and forward emails which is mainly what I have used them for. I highly recommend them as your hosting provider.

--Suzanne Wylde, Suzanne Wylde Coaching

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