A Short AeroLeads Review (2021)

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AeroLeads is an email finding tool designed to pull contact information of people you see on LinkedIn, though it also works with other sites like CrunchBase and AngelList (it is not for returning emails for a list of domains only). Here I’ll try using it and its Chrome extension to pull some leads, and give my honest opinion of how good I think it actually is (click here to skip to my verdict). For the purpose of this review, I was able to get a “CLIMB” plan valued at $149/month, allowing for 4,000 credits.

Using AeroLeads to find prospects – a walkthrough

Installing AeroLeads’ Chrome plugin is a very simple affair. Then, when you’re on LinkedIn and looking at a search of people, you can click on the Chrome plugin and add them:

Once you’ve added someone, you’ll be able to view them in your AeroLeads prospect list (aeroleads.com/prospects), hopefully with an email listed:

Only once you add a prospect to your list does AeroLeads go looking for their email, so it may take some time for an email to be displayed for a prospect after you add them.

Here’s what your prospect list may look like after adding a bunch of prospects:

The emails AeroLeads returns are good — you’ll only see work email addresses (which is what you’ll want for B2B email outreach, of course), no personal email addresses.

How many prospects can you expect AeroLeads to return an email for?

After adding 222 prospects on LinkedIn, only 25 of these came back with a definite email that AeroLeads was confident of (marked by a green email in the prospect table), while 93 came back with an orange email indicating maybe it’s right (50% accuracy, according to AeroLeads).

For prospects I had where AeroLeads failed to find an email, most were for companies where AeroLeads couldn’t find a website for, and for most of them, Hunter couldn’t find an email for them either (when using Hunter’s Finder feature where you enter a name and website, if one exists for the company the person works for). However, there were still several emails that Hunter found for a person that AeroLeads couldn’t.

Note that when you use AeroLeads’ “Export All” feature, like this…

AeroLeads will return an email for every single prospect — if it couldn’t find an email for a prospect, it will just guess one (such as [email protected]), even if it’s very unlikely to work. Don’t use this. If you email all the emails from the Export All export, you’ll have a huge bounce rate (i.e. many emails you send will be to non-existent emails), and this could destroy your sender reputation and make future emails land in the spam folder.

To be safe with AeroLeads, you have to use the “Export All Verified” feature, which will just export all green emails that are highly likely to be real emails (though as mentioned above, in my experience, AeroLeads only returns green emails for a small minority of prospects).

What about phone numbers and addresses?

Beyond finding emails, AeroLeads also tries to return phone numbers and addresses, but these seem quite hit and miss to me. In checking a lot of phone numbers AeroLeads returned (just by Googling them), they’re often wrong, or at best just the general phone number for the whole huge company the person works at (so you won’t be able to reach the actual person).

Here’s an example of some phone numbers returned for 1 prospect:

The first five of these numbers all seem to be different phone numbers for Oracle (the company listed for this person, MICROS eCommerce, was acquired by Oracle), while the sixth one definitely looks wrong, and the seventh one looks like an old phone number for the company.

As far as addresses, AeroLeads returned a full address for only a minority of prospects (the address of the company they work at, of course, not personal address). Often it would only list the city and state.

Does AeroLeads’ email finder work?

At the time of writing in 2021, AeroLeads’ email finder (at aeroleads.com/email-finder) doesn’t work very well. Here’s a simple test:

Any decent email finder where you enter a full name and domain should be able to find an email with this information. For example, here’s Hunter.io finding an email (see our Hunter.io review):

Or Anymail Finder (see our Anymail Finder review):

Or Snov.io (see our Snov.io review):

I also tested several other name and domain combinations (such as “Elon Musk” for “tesla.com”) which these other tools were able to find an email for, but where AeroLeads failed.

Does AeroLeads’ email verifier work?

No, as of the time of writing. AeroLeads’ email verifier at aeroleads.com/email-verifier doesn’t work at all (the Verify button is disabled).

Other things of note

  • There are grammar errors all over the place in AeroLeads (such as “we don’t find any info” or “the plugin don’t work on this site”) — this may be immaterial, but is surprisingly unprofessional for a serious company
  • If you’re using AeroLeads to pull leads from LinkedIn, you’re still limited by LinkedIn itself, which only allows a maximum result of 1,000 for people searches and shows only 10 results per page
  • The information AeroLeads returns for leads, while not always accurate or complete as mentioned above, is as comprehensive as any other lead finding tool I’ve found (AeroLeads tries to find job title, company, website, email, industry, company size, address and more for each prospect)

The bottom line

AeroLeads does a reasonable job of finding prospect emails, though it’s very far from perfect. To get better results, you may want to consider using it in conjunction with Hunter, where you try using Hunter’s Email Finder to return an email for prospects where AeroLeads couldn’t find one.

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