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UpdraftPlus claims to be “the world’s most trusted WordPress backup, restore and clone plugin” — but is it actually the best WordPress backup plugin? To find out, I am researching Updraft and reaching out to UpdraftPlus users, and have listed all the best comments on it people have submitted so far below.

I am still waiting for more reviews to come in, but here’s a summary of what’s been submitted so far: The feedback on UpdraftPlus is highly positive, with no major complaints (yet). People have praised UpdraftPlus’ ease-of-use and extensive features, and those who have tried it unanimously say it’s their favorite WordPress backup plugin. The one downside that’s been reported so far is its pricing is higher than other backup tools (see this comment). UpdraftPlus has a subscription revenue model, so you can’t just pay for it once and use it forever. And it can cost up to $399/year for the “Gold” plan (most people would use the “Personal” plan which costs $70 for the first year and $42 for every year after that).

Read through the comments below in full for more information. And if you’ve used Updraft or UpdraftPlus, plus let us know what you think of it — make a contribution here. We especially welcome submissions that go against the grain (as long as you’re being truthful, of course).

Updraft WordPress backup plugin is a great idea for anyone that needs to backup their website. It is a quick and easy tool with many features compared to other backup plugins. We have not needed to use it to migrate an entire site, but that function does work. Make sure it completes without errors for best results. It works well along with WP Optimize, for speeding up, caching and otherwise optimizing a WordPress site. Updraft may not be able to migrate files across PHP versions in our experience. We used cPanel hosting tools to upgrade our version of PHP to 7.4, and some previously saved files were not transferred in an update of the plugin.

--Adam Wilson, The Tech Tin

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There are a lot of plugins that will actually do a lot of the same things, but I've settled on Updrafts Plus for my site, as well as dozens of my clients (I run a digital marketing shop). I do use the pro version, but here's why this is my plugin of choice:

1. It's a cinch to use - both to set up scheduled backups of the site, and the best thing I've come across to migrate a site - especially if you're changing the URL. For example, we build a lot of development sites to either change the design or add functionality, and usually put it on a separate URL than the main site. Updrafts' migration feature recognizes the different URL and changes it for you.

2. I've had the least amount of errors with Updraft than with any other backup plugin I've used.

3. It coordinates beautifully with WP Optimize so keep your site humming along.

4. Pricing is reasonable - and includes a wealth of different storage options, so for example I can let one client store files on Dropbox and another on Google Drive. Other plugins like All in one are going to nickel and dime you, making you pay for each storage option separately.

--Nicole Krug, Social Light

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Whilst Updraft is most certainly the most popular free Wordpress plugin for backups, it’s also pricier than most other similar tools. The main reason for Updraft’s enduring popularity is that it has tons of added features such as website migration and cloning as well as great multi-site support. Having compared Updraft to several other backup plugins, it comes out on top for a number of reasons: Updraft offers unlimited backup storage without extra cost unlike VaultPress and BoldGrip. Updraft offers a huge number of different storage options, including Cloud options, unlike BackWPup and BoldGrip. You also have the option to backup your files to your email. Updraft allows you to restore your backups directly from your Wordpress panel which can save a massive amount of time and hassle. Updraft offers scheduled backups as standard as well as performing these manually. Although most tools offer this, another advantage of Udraft is that you are able to choose which files to backup. For me, Updraft really comes into its own in terms of speed. Basically, Updraft is super-optimised for server performance - this is important because it eats up less server resources than other tools which means that it’s speedier. Although Updraft is a bit more expensive, it’s worth the spondoolies if you want a really fast and efficient backup plugin. Like most tools, Updraft offers a free version but I would highly recommend upgrading to the Premium version to get the absolute most of this plugin.

--Milosz Krasinski, miloszkrasinski.com

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I’m a recent convert to Updraft after years of fiddling with different solutions that just never quite hit the mark. I love the offsite storage option because I know no matter what (accidental tweaks that bring the virtual house down) I have a full backup I can fall back to. Evaluated Backup Buddy for a while, but can’t see myself moving away from Updraft now, in my opinion, it's currently the best option. And it's been working great on all hosting companies I've tried it on so far. If your web host provides easy backups then you don’t necessarily need a plugin. But what you do need to do is:

-Download copies of your backups from your host so that you have them on your own computer for safekeeping (don’t leave storing your backups up to your host)

-Make sure you actually know how to restore your site from the backup.

--Emelie Marty, linguzu

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We work with hundreds of clients who use WordPress as their content management system. One thing we do before any onsite work takes place is ensure we make a full backup of the site. We want to preserve the original data and ensure we have a clean copy of the website before any of our developers/specialists touch the content.

In most cases, we only have access to the WordPress dashboard, and will thus need to utilise a plugin in order to make the backup. Why? Sometimes clients are slow or unable to provide a higher level of access (FTP, cPanel, etc). Secondly, a WordPress plugin allows us to make a local backup (accessible to us and can be used in the event of needing to restore/revert changes)..

What do we use? If the client has a limited budget, we could opt to use a free plugin, like Updraft. The interface is straight forward and it generates a backup with a single click. Thereafter, we can download it.

What we like about Updraft? We can buy the agency version of the plugin, which allows us to manage multiple sites. We then get access to making backups on our Google Drive. We can also schedule regular backups to ensure we saving copies of any changes we make.

--Aron Frost, First Page Digital

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We have been using UpdraftPlus for backup for more than a year. And till now we are completely satisfied with its service. The most important feature to us is that we need a backup just before uploading files or updating themes (that we do a lot). So we don't have to go back to our week ago backup to fix the website whenever the website is broken in between.

We had used the free version earlier and it worked well for us until now. Because now we have a team that's constantly working on the WP dashboard and if anything goes wrong with the website, the previous backup puts us just before the time when we changed something. But with the free version, we had to first wait 5 minutes for the whole site to be backed up, and then we could make any changes.

Also, even if we want to upload a full backup now, it takes less time comparing to the free version.

--Annabelle, Giftideasclub

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