Qmee Reviews From Actual Qmee Users [IN PROGRESS]

We are collecting user reviews for Qmee, a popular survey site. The below are comments that have been submitted to us so far, and I’ll update this article when more comments come in. If you’ve used Qmee, please make a contribution.

During the course of the pandemic, I decided to try out Qmee. Qmee may not be a very well-known survey platform, but it delivers some of the finest functionality I've seen from some other online survey sites. I decided to try to do at least one survey every day for five days straight to really have a feel for the site. Sometimes I completed more than one survey, otherwise I couldn't do it because either there wasn't any open or I was disqualified by the ones which were accessible.

  • Day 1: $0.52 survey completed;
  • Day 2: $0.54 survey completed;
  • Day 3: after about 5 minutes, ended up getting disqualified and got zero.
  • Day 4: Was disqualified for a couple minutes and for my contributions, received 9 cents.
  • Day 5: Quick 5 min poll, receiving 26 cents.

All and all in 5 days I've won $1.41.

The types of surveys that I had really differed, but interestingly there were a number of political ones. I got the fun computer games one as well. I recall taking one about beer. I've continued to use Qmee since the 5-day test, only a bit more strategically. Rather than taking out some questionnaire that comes my way, I wait until a highly paying question pops up.

I can gladly address the query Is Qmee Legit? after checking Qmee myself and studying its functionality. For this Qmee analysis, with an easy Yes.

Qmee pays smoothly and they pay cold hard cash right to PayPal, as well as the fact there's really no minimum payout qualification really puts Qmee above every other survey sites. The paid searches are also awesome.

Overall, if in your spare moments you would like to make some extra money, Qmee is the site to go.

--Carolyn Cairns, Creation Business Consultants

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/qmee-reviews#carolyn

I have been a Qmee user for nearly two years on and off. While it is certainly possible to make some pocket money, by and large I have found the service to be less lucrative than their advertising would lead you to believe. The service is great for long bus/car/train rides, sleepless nights, or other periods where you have nothing else to do. In that sense the platform is quite literally monetizing your spare time which is great.

If you are setting aside time to do surveys, it is likely that your time could be better spent elsewhere. Surveys vary in length and in compensation rate, and in many cases surveys attempt to get the most out of the money they are paying you by keeping you in the survey longer. This is understandable and Qmee allows you to report surveys that abuse the system, however if you are setting aside time to make money with Qmee these losses can't be recovered.

Regarding the search offers that pay out for simply taking a look, this is a great feature. I would not and am not suggesting that anyone game the system or break Qmee's terms of service but creative and disciplined use of the search function can augment your Qmee earnings. Overall, the platform isn't bad but it certainly shouldn't be relied on for steady money.

--Benjamin Sweeney, ClydeBank Media

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/qmee-reviews#benjamin

I’ve seen threads on a number of forums asking if Qmee is safe to use. This rewards and loyalty platform has been around since 2012 and has a mobile app and browser extensions for most of the major web browsers.

So people who want to try it should feel secure to go ahead and sign up for the site, download the browser extension, and link their PayPal account so they can get paid and go do some of those activities.

From personal experience, I say that it’s a legit service and probably one of the best survey type sites online right now. I don’t use it often though because it can get very time-intensive just to earn a little bit of money but if you’re searching and shopping and want to do surveys then it definitely wouldn’t hurt to try it.

--Allan Borch, Dotcom Dollar

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/qmee-reviews#allan

EDITORS NOTE: See also our piece on the best survey sites for alternatives to Qmee (Qmee is also mentioned in that article). I also recommend checking out Respondent which has much higher-paying surveys than Qmee.