Thinkific Reviews From Real Users [IN PROGRESS]

Thinkific is an online course creation platform that we had a look into a few weeks ago (see our comparison of Teachable vs Thinkific here), and we are now collecting Thinkific reviews from all kinds of Thinkific users to help you decide whether Thinkific is the right platform for you. I am doing some outreach to people who’ve blogged about Thinkific, and also sent out this query:

For people who have used Thinkific to sell an online course, what did you think of it? Would you recommend Thinkific to other course creators? Personal stories welcome, the more detailed the better.

So far we’ve got some great feedback on Thinkific, as listed below, and we’d very much welcome more input (you can submit a review of Thinkific here).

I signed up for Thinkific to launch my premiere course, [The Overwhelmed Business Owner's Guide to Google]. I extensively researched various learning platforms, from Kajabi to Kartra and everything in between. The reason I chose Thinkific to launch was the total value for the price offered. Some other platforms include additional features such as a more powerful community element, but based on my desire to create a Facebook group to enhance my student learning, for example, many of these features were irrelevant.

In addition, Thinkific offers the most reasonable cost ($99/month for the plan I chose) as compared to other platforms, which either offer far fewer features at the same price or start at a much higher monthly rate. Thinkific includes an incredibly user-friendly setup, several templates to easily create a beautiful landing page, and a step-by-step guide to creating a digital course. Their support has been quick to respond, which is a key feature for any online company. In short, I am thrilled with the value that Thinkific offers, and I would hands-down choose their platform again for my next course launch.

--Maria Grace,


I've been experimenting with course creation on all the major platforms from Thinkific to Podia to Teachable and even free options like GumRoad. I had a really hard time narrowing down which platform to go with. Each platform has it's own strengths, but Thinkific is ultimately what I decided to use. While it is more expensive than some of the other options it had a number of features I was looking for that the other platforms lacked, it had better options for custom domains and while it was a bit pricier they don't have transaction fees which if you're doing any decent volume will more than make-up for paying $10 more than Teachable.

--John Frigo, My Supplement Store


My choice for online course platform was between Teachable and Thinkific pro plan when I first started creating courses online. After extensive research I opted for thinkific since they provide complete while labeling (no mention of Thinkific anywhere in the site) which is very important for me. Also the design of website layout is a lot more aesthetically appealing in their platform.

However, after a year of being with Thinkific I wanted to move to Teachable since they do not process VAT for students which is compulsory if you are selling courses to EU students. You’d have to pay for third party application (like Zapier) in order to process VAT. So Thinkific ends up being more expensive, since Teachable offers this service free within their pro package. Also, Thinkific checkout page is a lot more complicated with multiple step process which hurts the conversion rate, however I noticed that they are currently in the process of changing that. Overall, it was a balancing act for me. I realized that no matter whichever platform I choose, I will always have some problems. No platform is going to be 100% satisfactory, so I decided to stick with Thinkific.

On the whole, I would recommend Thinkific to other course creators because of their customer service. In my 1 year with them, I have always had prompt response to my queries. However if you were just starting out, I would highly recommend to shortlist more than 1 provider and try them all out to see which suits you better. I have read countless articles on several of these online course platforms and ended up more confused than before. Most are either affiliated to a platform so their reviews are skewed or their own online course business model is vastly different than yours in which case what they want from their provider is very different to yours. So the best way would be to try them out for yourselves in the beginning because once you have a fully-fledged business, it would be difficult to move at that time.

--Gustavo Pezzi, Pikuma