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Been bombarded with ads and want to know if it’s the right project management tool for you or your company? Hopefully, this page can help you out. We have been reaching out to users and compiling user reviews and comments on it, and have got some great responses on how people like (or dislike), which we’ve published below. We also put out this query on some of the journalism sites we belong to:

For people who have used’s project management software, how do you like it and how does it compare with other project management software you’ve tried (if any)? Great if you’ve used it at a large company and with many users, and can share some comments on whether it actually made things easier for you.

Here’s a summary of what people have submitted so far: Most people like and praise its beautiful grid-like, color-coded layout. It’s straightforward, user-friendly and easy to use (just one comment says it has a steeper learning curve than another tool, Trello). So if you want a clean and good-looking project management tool that people can learn to use very quickly, then may be your best option. Its disadvantages, primarily, are a lack of features compared to other project management tools like Airtable, Asana and Microsoft Project (e.g. see the comments here, here and here). There were a couple of other gripes with it such as its frustrating billing model (see here), but mainly people who dislike it feel that way because it lacks some specific feature they need that’s offered in another tool.

Therefore, it’s probably fine to use if you have fairly simple requirements, but if you’re in a very large company or need advanced functionality then you should consider alternatives first. I strongly recommend reading through all the comments below, as they go into more detail and there are good comparisons with and other tools.

Finally, if you’ve used and especially if you disagree with anything on this page, you are very welcome to add your own comment.

Last year, I setup an account on and while I was impressed to see the organization and color-coding features, I felt it was rather limiting and offered less features than Airtable, which can be used for multiple types of project management (content, dev sprints, forms, data collection, etc.). It’s a great tool, but something very difficult to implement in a Fortune 500 company where getting vendor approvals can be a two-year deal.

--Nicole Caba, Avvinue


Having used in the early days of its development, we found that it was a brilliant software for visual workers, however, it did lack some of the features that most other project management software has as a standard. However, after some time we've seen that has grown and become a much better version of itself.

When comparing to Teamwork, which we use at the moment, we found that we could collaborate on projects a little easier on Teamwork. It has a much more managerial focus so that you can keep on top of everyone's projects and watch as tasks are completed or if employees need support on specific tasks.

--Charlie Worrall, Imaginaire


As a business owner, I have required my tech team to try different tools in order to find the tool that would best work for us and for our company’s needs. is one of the app that my team have tested out. When you are searching for something like a project management technology that provides it straightforward, is the easiest way to go. is project management software designed to accommodate you to manage your projects in a versatile, dynamic, and structured way. adjusts to the peculiar way your members conceptualize their projects with a highly visual scheduling interface and a fully customizable business process. There is really no doubt that along with alternative project management systems like Microsoft Project, appears to lack several of the additional advanced features that are fully accessible with others. Despite these fall outs, the framework structure is more user-friendly, allowing it a smarter option if you wouldn't want to use it for hours to train your staff. is the best possible project management software for those who are seeking an efficient system that will actually be used by their team. Regrettably some notable aspects are really only fully accessible with the much more pricey subscriptions, including calendar views. Then again, stands out by its clean design as well as the versatile functionalities of third party service software providers.

--Matt Scott, Termite Survey

PERMALINK: has huge potential and does many things better than the competition, but it does have some obvious flaws in its billing model and in the overall application that are worth addressing.

I will start with automations. They are constantly promoting their automations. The problem is it is very easy to use up all the automations included in even the largest of plans, and there is no option to purchase additional automations. Also, in our experience, the automations can be pretty unreliable, so it is difficult to have the confidence you would normally expect to have in an application like this. If an employee who created an automation leaves the company and you disable that user, all of the automations they created stop working. I don't see any reason why the automations should be tied to a specific user.

Regarding billing, you are only allowed to purchase in user increments versus pay per user, so if you're a medium-sized business who needs 51 users you are forced to pay for 100 users. This billing model is not exclusive to, but it's extremely predatory and super frustrating as a business owner when you run into this.

So if you can get over the fact that the payment model is broken and the automations flaky, it is indeed an amazing product. I wish they would change their focus from being an operating system to creating a product with the features, functionality, and reliability their customers demand.

--Bret Bonnet, Quality Logo Products


Ricemedia has been using since the beginning of the year and we've found it to be an excellent tool. All client work is placed on individual boards, which all staff have access to from anywhere, allowing everyone to see what work is scheduled each month. Our own work can be found in My Week which plans out our week, so we don't have to take the time to plan it ourselves. Before we had used Trello which while an excellent platform, it could be cumbersome switching between boards and planning our own week.

--Lee Savery, Ricemedia


As someone in the marketing business, is ideal for numerous teams in a number of industries worldwide, big, small and cross-functional. Its user - friendly, interactive interface and adaptability makes it appropriate for any and all projects, ventures, and enterprises. It helps marketers stay on time with their every project.

The central aspect of operation with is to maximize the efforts and improve the overall efficiency of teams and divisions. Another function of is the practical and easily understandable way it designs and builds and exhibits progress data so that all the members of the team can monitor projects and initiatives together. For the meantime, guarantees that they will have the incentives to participate in projects and objectives, even if these are not directly linked to their opportunities within the business. will enable you to manage from preparation to success all your marketing assets and campaigns easily. Don't miss a time schedule, stay consistent with your assignments and maintain your employees and customers in contact.

--Carolyn Cairns, Creation Business Consultants


I implemented while working at a well funded startup a few years ago. I was responsible for finance, e-commerce, and marketing, but the entire company got onboard - we had about 25-30 users on it.

I believe at the time it was one of the first project management tools to focus on the grid-like layout which made it incredibly versatile for many different uses. Plus it had an extremely user-friendly UI. Things like Asana were too focused on the kanban approach which was too simplistic for our needs, and Wrike had too steep a learning curve for everyone to adopt it. Wrike was an excellent tool for the tech team who focused more on true project management, but allowed the rest of us to use a watered down project management approach, as well as track other data like monthly checklists, influencer outreach lists, and content pipelines, etc.

It was undoubtedly a very useful tool and improved our workflows considerably.

Right now it seems like other tools are rolling out similar grid-like layouts, and while I've tested a few of them like Asana's and Click-Up, Monday still provides the best execution of it in my opinion.

--Abir Syed, UpCounting


I have lots of experience using various project management softwares including trello, asana, basecamp and

I used at a previous company where all of us worked remotely. It worked well for us because we collaborated on many different client and internal projects. It was helpful as a visual tool of project statuses and updates. I would highly recommend it as a tool for teams that work predominantly remotely and/or have many different people working on a project.

If your team tends to work more in silos or collaboration happens in-person as opposed to digitally then I would say that is probably more than you need and you'd be better off with using something like Trello or Asana.

--Alicia Ward, See Sight Tours

PERMALINK: is a project management and collaboration tool. I have used it with my team and love a lot of the features. It compares closely with Asana in that you can create projects and assign tasks to employees as well as be constantly updated on the progress of certain tasks. I think Monday is more robust that Asana and offers features like being able to tag a team for a task which Asana does not. It is a little pricier but I think its worth it.

--Jon Torres,


I’ve tried a year or so ago because I was looking for an alternative to Trello. seemed like a good upgrade, so we decided to give it a spin for a few months. The feature we loved about Monday is how easy it is to get an overview of all of your tasks and employees. You can see what everyone is doing at all times and it’s super easy from the management side. The only problem was that the learning curve is much steeper than it is with Trello. It took us more time to get adapted and it’s not as intuitive as Trello is. Although there is plenty of help online, the user experience is not on the same level. Overall, it’s a superb app that takes a little bit of time to learn, but once you’re past that, it’s amazing.

--Dennis Vu, Ringblaze


We currently use Monday for project management and have found it to be extremely user friendly by comparison to other project management software we have used like Teamwork. Monday has a strong graphic user interface that lets us manage projects visually across a variety of tasks. It’s a fantastic, secure, affordable option that we recommend unconditionally.

--Zane Pinnock, PaperboxSEO


We have used Asana, and Monday, and we believe Monday to be the stronger, easier to use project management tool. Monday gives us greater control over individual task setting, and has a more attractive price point. While the extra money means Asana edges out Monday on functionality, Monday gives us what we need to run our business, so why would we pay more? We’re happy right where we are.

--Ryan Roller, Bead the Change


I selected and implemented at a large organization where I previously ran a team of over 100 people. It seemed better than some other options that we evaluated, including Asana and Wrike, which were the two primary alternatives that we considered.

Unfortunately, we struggled to make as good use of it as any of us would have liked and it fell into disuse. I think it just felt too onerous as an overlay/complement to other tools already in use, and the culture change was too great for the organization.

When we launched Dwellsy, we decided to use Asana, which has served us well thus far.

--Jonas Bordo, Dwellsy


I really like's project management software. The biggest benefit is how much it has helped us systematize all of our repetitive but important tasks.

We have multiple people working on each project and constantly have new people helping us in our business. We need everyone to follow the same series of steps and allows up to upload those steps in a document and we are notified when each one is completed. This sets clear expectations for what needs to be done and helps us make sure that we do not miss anything.

--Nick Disney, Sell My San Antonio House

PERMALINK: is an excellent tool for assigning tasks with their boards and pulses features. The best part is that each task has a horizontal view, which helps project managers keep track of the work progress of different assignments. With this feature, it is easy for leaders to pinpoint members who are behind schedule.

Although has great notification features, it has too much of it. Users can customize or turn off notifications under settings if they become too annoying to handle.

--Sherry Mae, Tankarium


As a frequent user of project management software, I do find it genuinely helpful for a few key reasons.

Firstly, the hardest thing within most companies is accountability. Usually, the responsibility falls on a small number of project leads or account managers. The Monday tool allows you to assign a project lead or PM to each task, which means that smaller tasks can be given to more junior team members as part of their development, while giving them the visual responsibility. The breakdown of 'lead person' for each aspect of the job helps this even further by outlining key responsibilities. This helps shift autonomy onto team members who wouldn't always be expected to lead, such as Designers for instance.

My other favourite aspect is the highly visual colour-coded layout. Visual information is so much easier to process (and I write that from a copywriting background!), so I feel the Monday tool is really well organised and designed from a UI point of view.

The other tool I regularly use is Slack, but to be honest it's for a very different function. Slack is great for collaboration and teamwork, while monday is excellent for accountability, project planning and having all the projects visually laid out in front of you.

--David Michael,

PERMALINK: is one of the most popular business process management systems out there for many reasons. Its task visualization features make it quite easy to visualize work-flows through intuitive Gantt charts in a clean and effective way. Its time tracking, collaboration, process tracking and reporting features make it possible to accomplish any team task with no hassle. It's also a customizable tool that allows you to work in any project management methodologies, for example Scrum (it offers some simple tools like reports and charts for getting an overview of sprint progress, capacity, effort, etc). The tool has a couple of well. It's not offering an option for creating recurring tasks, and it has a quite complex pricing rubric. One might even say that's lack of a complete set of invoicing and accounting solutions could be a bummer. But overall it's a good tool for project teams who work to frequently evolving or hybrid methodologies and who are looking for a customizable tool that can fulfil their various needs.

--Ben Aston, The Digital Project Manager