Fiverr Reviews: Should You Use It As A Buyer or Seller? 38 Users Comment

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Fiverr has done nothing but grow since its inception in 2010. I remember using it back in 2011 and since then it’s exploded, having gone public in 2019 and earning over $100 million in that fiscal year. But is it actually worth using? Can you get quality work done on there for low prices, and can it also be used as a good source of income? To dig into that, I spent many hours outreaching to different Fiverr users and put this query out on journalism sites I belong to:

For people who have used Fiverr (either to buy services or sell services), was your experience a positive one and would you recommend using Fiverr to others? All comments appreciated.

After a couple of weeks I’d received dozens of great comments from Fiverr users (both buyers and sellers), and have listed the best ones below.

Here’s how Fiverr stacks up. The majority of people speak positively of Fiverr, and it is indeed a great platform for getting simple jobs done (making a logo, simple website fixes and the like). You can indeed get great work done for you there. Most of the time if you hire someone with lots of good reviews, it’ll probably be a good experience, though there are definitely subpar sellers and sometimes it can take some time to find the right freelancer as loads of people have reported (see here, here, here, here and here, for example). Also, many people say that you should not use Fiverr for complicated projects (Upwork may be more suitable for that). It’s also important not to expect too much if you’re only paying someone $5 to $10, as mentioned in this great comment. The final (potential) issue with Fiverr is that many sellers don’t speak English natively, so there can be communication problems and you’ll want to be crystal clear when explaining what you want done. With all that said, most people still highly recommend using Fiverr to get cheap and simple projects done, and it may well be the best platform on the internet for that.

And how about being a seller on Fiverr and trying to make money on it? While there are people who are unsuccessful with it (e.g. here), a surprising number of commenters talk about how it was a good source of income for them and well worth signing up for. People have made money on Fiverr within 2 days of signing up and got frequent orders from it since (here), while others have used it to launch their businesses (here) and some have enjoyed major success (e.g. over $150,000 in 2 years here). You may be surprised that people can make a real living from a platform full of sellers from 3rd world countries and which markets itself as a place to get things done for only $5, but there’s clearly a significant number of people doing so. Over the years there’s been a few stories from successful Fiverr sellers, such as from Forbes (in 2016) and CNBC (in 2018).

The bottom line? Fiverr is an excellent website for most buyers and sellers, and it’s worth trying. Read through the comments below for more detail on Fiverr from the perspective of both buyers and sellers. And if you’re looking to use Fiverr to get work done for you, I strongly recommend signing up to Fiverr Business.

I have been using Fiverr for seven years. I have placed 182 orders and only cancelled 11 of them. I have spend a total of $4754.56 and when it come to the question of, is Fiverr worth using? My answer is heck yeah! Let me explain.

Fiverr is full of all kinds of talented individuals and companies offering all kinds of services. Does that mean that you are going to find a web designer that is going to make a 100 page website of your dreams with custom images and text for $5? Probably not, but if that is what you were expecting, then you were looking at things the wrong way to begin with.

See, Fiverr is not a place that you go to for super high end expertise, although you can find some highly talented experts on there, it's more of a place that you go to find general work. Time consuming task, repetitive task, small creative work, writing, video templates, video intros, these are all things that Fiverr is great for. Say you need to remove a background from an image, maybe you need to convert a logo to a vector file, or want a voice-over for a video? These are all great task to use Fiverr for.

Fiverr has saved me hundreds of hours in those seven years, on task that would have otherwise taken much longer to complete. I still find amazingly talented individuals on there today and I have some sellers that I have been working with for years. But before you go off spending your hard earned money, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1) Don't expect perfection. Many of the sellers on Fiverr are from other countries, so if you get frustrated by language barriers, then maybe its not the best place for you. Be patient, a lack of perfect English skills does not mean a lack of talent. Give the seller a shot at delivering the work that you originally requested.

2) Be realistic: like I mentioned before, don't expect to get an insane amount of work for $5. While you might actually be able to get someone to design a simple website for you, or even a more customized one but expect to pay more for those types of services, they are not going to be $5. My highest placed order amount was $341.25 and I have several orders for over $100. While I do have several orders for $5, the majority are higher with an average total of $27.80 per order.

3) Ask for samples: this is probably the biggest tip that I have and one that I wish I knew before. Samples are your best friend when it comes to Fiverr work. Instead of just going with the first seller that has good reviews, find the top three to five vendors and ask them all for reviews. If they don't want to provide reviews, skip them, there are plenty of reputable sellers that will provide them. Once you find someone that you are comfortable with, then place your order.

I also use Upwork and I like all the services but I have placed more orders and found more sellers overall on Fiverr. I also prefer their app, website, interface and overall service. Upwork has great talent but the website and UI is clunky, buggy and outdated. PeoplePerHour can have higher quality sellers for certain things but they are usually higher priced, not a bad thing in general but Fiverr is still my preferred site and user experience overall.

--Ramon, National Air Warehouse


We have used Fiverr a few times now, and have been very pleased with the results we have gotten. We have mainly used it for logo and artwork design thus far.

We would absolutely recommend using Fiverr for anyone that needs to outsource a component of their business, or even personal lives.

--Brittany Hovsepian, The Expert Home Buyers


I've used Fiverr 3 times, 2 of them were for logos. The other one was for some promotions in a Pinterest account.

In my opinion Fiverr is worth using it only if you need simple things, for example, a quick and simple task for example designing something simple. The pros are that sometimes it can be very cheap, you can find good professionals if you are not happy with what they delivered you can always ask for changes.

I wouldn't use Fiverr for serious projects, instead, I'd go for a more ''professional'' platform like Upwork, working or just hire someone locally.

--Cesar Diaz,


Yes, Fiverr is an amazing resource to buy services for both personal and business use.

It comes with a strong caveat that you get what you pay for and there are a lot of sub par vendors on the site.

However if you shop around and if you are willing to pay a fair price (most of the good stuff costs more than $5) you can get some great deals.

I have bought proof reading, image editing, and website design services from the site and was happy with all of them.

--Scott Jones, Pupster Passion


I've used Fiverr to buy services and it's been a mostly positive experience for me. Sometimes I have small tasks I need someone to complete, but most other businesses would consider the task too low value for them and are not as keen to assist. But I've always managed to find someone on Fiverr.

I recommend Fiverr for certain tasks and not others. I wouldn't use Fiverr for a complex project, but recommend it for simple, straight forward tasks that you just need someone else to do for you.

--Natalie Alleblas,


Yes, Fiverr is worth using. There is a wide range of services available. I used Fiverr as I was looking for someone to do illustrations for my poetry book and I was very satisfied with the service. Of course, you need to find the right person and right service, depending on what you are looking for. But there are many very talented professionals that can help you with whatever help you need, in a timely manner. It's definetly worth having a look.

--Francoise Chouinard,


Fiverr is a great place for hiring skilled people when you have a lot of projects and have to completed within the deadline. The services provided are mostly satisfactory. If you are hiring people on fiverr you should provide them proper instruction to eliminate confusion. Hiring the most suitable freelancer on Fiverr is still tricky. Because their rating is not enough to make a clear decision. You might be interested in looking at their project record and one-way experience.

--Dev Raj Singh, Theyuvas


I decided to become a Fiverr seller during lockdown as I was furloughed from my job. I spent one day creating 3 gigs this included copy writing, proofreading and my most successful gig; website/app UX testing and reviews. After putting a lot of effort into the creation of these gigs, I was disappointed to find many user’s discussing how difficult it is to get started. However, within two days I got my first order for my website/app testing. I was absolutely thrilled and have since continued to receive frequent orders. This has led me to increase my pricing and I have had to put a limit on the amount of orders I can receive at one time.

Despite this, I’ve had 0 sales on my other 2 gigs. I’ve realised this is because those are in highly competitive areas and I didn’t niche down enough. For example I’m offering copy writing in general, rather more specific gigs such as creating product descriptions. I also realised that I did not do my keyword research. My copywriting gig is titled ‘I will deliver high converting bespoke sales copy’. Despite this title sounding great, users are less likely to be searching for this phrase. I plan to change this in the future, but for now I have enough work coming in from my website/app testing gig. I feel this is a big mistake many other Fiverr users make when starting.

Overall, I would highly recommend Fiverr to someone who is interested in starting a side hustle or wanting to become a freelancer, but I would advise doing a lot of research before beginning and if possible find a less competitive niche.

--Sarah Vause, The Lifestyle Journals


I'm a top rated seller on Fiverr, my main gig is making animated lyric videos. I created my gig in 2013, and quickly started getting orders. It worked out great until the last couple of years, when I decided to slowly shift my focus to developing my own brand. The reason for this was because income from Fiverr was highly inconsistent and wildly fluctuating. Some months I would get a third of the revenue from the month before, with little or nothing I could do to make a difference. During the years, I got the impression that Fiverr decides to market various categories in short bursts, which explains why some days my inbox would be flooded, followed by two weeks of silence. Also, every so often they choose to rotate and promote newcomer gigs on the front page, so even though I had Fiverr's recommendation, my gig would still be buried several pages behind.

Even though I'm still a top rated seller, my revenue now comes mostly from my own website and clientele. Ultimately, I am a lot more satisfied now, being the captain of the ship that is my business, as opposed to waiting at the mercy of the Fiverr marketing team and/or algorithm. That said, Fiverr gave me the platform to create and make a living out of creating, at a time when I had very little going for me in life. It allowed me to build a portfolio which opened up doors. Being a seller on Fiverr doesn't cost anything since they make their profit from sales commissions, so I'd still recommend signing up and creating a gig, especially if you're new to the freelancing scene.

--Calvin West, Calvin West Productions


I've been an active seller since 2012 and have earned over $150,000 on Fiverr in just the last couple of years. I am a top-rated seller and a vetted Fiverr PRO offering web design services.

In my experience, Fiverr has been great. It accounts for about 40% of our business leads. We like Fiverr because it has helped us reach businesses across the globe. We've worked with over 2,500 businesses, entrepreneurs, bloggers, etc since starting on the platform. By having a global network of small businesses at our fingertips, we've been fortunate enough to see no dip in revenue on the platform due to the global pandemic.

--Dan Bochichio, Bocain Designs


With Fiverr, you are getting what you're paying for. Exactly that - no more, no less. For example, for someone to make a logo for your brand for $5, $10, or $20, they are going to be using a template they've used 100 times before, with no room for personalization. There is no room or margin for the seller to spend more than a few minutes working on your project.

If you go into Fiverr expecting that you are going to be getting a $5 product for the $5 you spend, you won't be disappointed.

--Andy Cabasso, Postaga


My experience with Fiverr has been pretty decent so far. It is easy to search for the service you require and there are plenty of options to choose from with different price ranges to suit your needs. I actually got the lowest tier pricing for and I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism and quality of work that I received. I would definitely recommend it to others!

--Albert Lee, Home Living Lab


I have several businesses and I have used Fiverr to develop a logo for each one. The businesses are all so varied, and Fiverr artists did a great job developing the logo for each one! I asked one artist to draw a horse head, ladies body, drinking champagne. Now that’s a big order. Bubbly Horse was official!

From a professional logo for energy consulting, a fashion logo, and lifestyle blog logo they have designed multiple logos. I’m a big fan!

The biggest challenge is the language barrier. You have to be very clear with your vision. I also think it’s important to pay a little extra to get unlimited revisions. Be sure to email artists to make sure they understand you and there’s not a problem with languages.

--Stephanie Bell,


I run a couple of small businesses as a sole-trader and I'm often finding myself in need of outsourcing jobs that I either don't have the expertise or time to do. I've used Fiverr on a few of occasions, but unfortunately, many of my experiences haven't been particularly positive, and have left me reluctant to use it again. One of the worst experiences I had was with someone who I hired to make a couple of coding changes to my website. After they had completed the job, they messaged me to tell me that my website was a complete disaster and that he was surprised it hadn't been hacked, and for a fee, he could sort it all out for me. When I declined the offer, I got a few rather aggressive and patronising messages back. Whilst I knew that I wasn't an expert, I wasn't a complete novice either, and I felt like this person was trying to take advantage of me and scare me into paying him for additional work. Since then I've used Fiverr with caution, and often find the delivered work to be of low-quality.

--Cat Ekkelboom-White, Adventure Wedding Academy


I use Fiverr extensively for my business. My logo was created by a Fiverr designer in Asia for, quite literally $5. I'm currently working with a videographer in the U.K. who will be taking video footage of my products in use. I've used other designers to create infographics for an Amazon listing, and an animated logo for use with my how-to videos.

Fiverr is useful to a small business like mine because it gives me access to freelancers around the world that I would otherwise have no way to connect with. Those freelancers are often able to produce work more cost effectively than designers in the U.S. and that allows me to get more work completed on my limited budget.

The downside of Fiverr is that the platform is not really curated. I like to say that I got my logo designed for $5, but I hired a long list of other designers, also for $5, who produced logos that were not really useable, until I hit pay dirt. Still, the amount of money that I spent fumbling around for great design work was much less than I would have spent using a good U..S.-based designer for the same project.

--Dawn LaFontaine, Cat in the Box


I've used Fiverr as both a seller and a buyer of gigs. In terms of using Fiverr as a buyer of gigs the quality of work is really hit or miss. There's some amazing people providing amazing services on that site, but there's also a lot of garbage sellers who don't follow through, provide poor quality work, and even people who will steal content to resell ie you hire someone for a graphic design gig and they send you an image from Google images.

I'll often use Fiverr for cheap services like business cards or small graphic design projects. I'll often buy gigs from 3-4 people and figure out of those I'll get at least one or two good ones. This also allows me to get a couple different designers vision. I could hire an expensive $300 per design designer and maybe his style or vision doesn't mash with mine so by hiring several cheap designers I kind of get the same effect as using a service like 99 designs where I can see different designers ideas and if need be I can take those to another designer to finalize it.

--John Frigo, BestPriceNutrition.Com


To be honest, my experience with Fiverr is controversial. The quality of work you get on Fiverr hugely depends on if you were lucky to find a decent freelancer. Don't think that I pick freelancers blindly! I always do my due diligence checking the portfolio, feedbacks from other customers, and chatting with a freelancer to briefly discuss the task before ordering a gig. Yet, in 60% of the cases, the output didn't meet my requirements!

However, Fiverr has a proper refund policy, and if the freelancer delivered the work of the extremely poor quality, you can request a refund.

Also, don't let the low prices on Fiverr mislead you. Most likely, you won't get a great delivery for $5 - you get what you pay for.

--Irina Rauchenwald, Supercalifunnelistic


There are only a couple of services we use Fiverr for. One of them is for promotional items for our website and brick and mortar store. We have had great results when needing banners, pamphlets, business cards and postcards made. We recommend businesses thinking of using Fiverr to make sure to give them examples of exactly what you are looking for. Just be detailed in your request. If you are, you can actually get some great results for jobs you need completed.

--Jeff Moriarty,


When starting my brand I had the name and needed a logo created. I knew that I wanted a truck with a distressed look. The first person I hired on Fiverr translated distressed as damaged and dented. Thus sending me back an outline of a truck with dents and damage along the drawing of the truck. I canceled that order after 2 attempts to convey what I wanted and 2 failures for them to produce.

The second person ( took the drawing I made and turned it into the current logo that is being used for Country Boy Motivation. She was a pleasure to work with. Additionally she gave me files that I still have not used. However they are there if ever needed.

Fiverr does not cost $5. If you want a basic and bare item/gig them it may be $5, but for what I got with all the files that came with it, I spent $35.. The person I used has since went up to $100 for the package I purchased.

--Shawn Ousley,


Was your experience a positive one? 100% Positive. Would you recommend using Fiverr to others? Yes, I do all the time. To use Fiverr correctly, you need to be very clear (remember that for many sellers Engish is their second language) and quickly filter out poor sellers. My secret for this is never to purchase standard 'gigs' or services until I have worked with that provider. Instead, I craft a clear scope of work for the project and ask 2-3 simple questions. And I tell them that failure to answer the questions will disqualify them from consideration. For example: What will be the cost? How many revisions will I receive? If the seller fails to answer the questions, I delete them. Easy. This simple technique immediately weeds out people who can not follow basic instructions and makes finding talented sellers painless.

--Adam McBride, Raw Botanicals


I've used Fiverr since it's inception. It's a great resource for specific pieces of work that I do for clients. I've used it as a buyer. I set up once as a provider, but the greatest number of users were seeking a lower price than I was willing to accept for the work that they were looking for, so I didn't prosper as a seller of services. As a buyer of services, I've never been disappointed.

Now, there are some caveats I think should be attached to that comment.

First, it's important that you understand specifically what is being offered for sale. The prices are low, so don't assume anything not stated in your Agreement with the provider is being furnished. Best guess is, it's not. And to Fiverr's credit, they stress that to the buyer. Be sure to state exactly what you want done, because that is probably exactly what you are going to receive. Most vendors offer proofs of work completed, so changes can be accommodated; that is generally not an issue.

I've also noted that some cultural differences can occur in expectations vs reality. What I deliver in a body of work to a client may not be what, for example, a graphics designer on Fiverr offers. Great anecdotal story--I ordered a 30 second video spot and after viewing what was furnished, realized it wasn't going to work at all, so I redefined the work product expectation, and got what I needed. My fault. I learned a very valuable lesson in that you must identify exactly what you want done.

I have noticed that as more and more providers come on, some of the more tenured providers drop off Fiverr. I've gone back a year later, ready to put a job out to a provider that I used and was satisfied with, and they are no longer there. It seems there is a turnover of providers, but my best guess is that is a challenge with any site of this type.

--Alan Guinn, The Guinn Consultancy Group


As someone who manages websites that operate in multiple languages, when I first started translating one of my smaller websites with 300 - 400 words of content, I used Fiverr. I can safely say that most of the translations were human translations, and they were great. However, there were also rotten apples in the basket. Although having great reviews, some freelancers used translation tools like Google Translate or Deepl and delivered automated translations. As I only checked the latest 20 - 30 reviews of freelancers I've hired, I realized that I should've read the whole as there were reviews that criticized freelancers for using translation tools.

TLDR: Fiverr is excellent for translating your small websites into multiple languages, but read all the reviews about freelancers before hiring them.



I have used Fiverr in the past and overall was a good experience. I needed to outsource content to my blog because my full-time job didn't give me time to do everything I needed it. You have a lot to choose from there, so you must filter. I found a writer that still works with me. I find Fiveer easy to use and to search for what you need. I recommend that everyone give it a try. The biggest advice I can give it's to ask for samples of the freelancer work. You can tell straight away if it will be a match or not.

--Hugo Guerreiro, Who Is Blogging


I’ve been a Fiverr buyer for over 6 years now. Fiverr is just like any other service-selling platform. You have to carefully choose your sellers and read over their past client reviews to make sure you are getting a good quality, honest deal. I’ve had a very positive experience on Fiverr. A lot of sellers are overseas, so they are able to charge a lower price in dollars for a service but at a fair rate for them. I’ve never had a bad experience with credible sellers.

--Addys Guerra,


Fiverr is worth using, especially if you're a small business owner looking for freelancers to do tasks or projects for your business.

I have used Fiverr for podcast voiceovers, proofreading, graphics, logo designs, and other services over the years.

Fiverr allows you to choose the freelancer you want to work with based on their skills, ratings, and reviews.

You can filter freelancers by country, language, skill, or other specific criteria. However, you should look for seller ratings.

Select a seller with a close to a 5-star rating and look for a seller with many great reviews. Go for those with more than 100 reviews to make sure a lot of buyers can vouch for excellent service and project delivery.

As someone who has used Fiverr many times in the past, I would 100% recommend Fiverr to small business owners!

--Randy VanderVaate, Funeral Funds


Of all the freelance platforms I have used, Fiverr was by far the most useless. In all the years I had my account, I only had one legitimate customer correspond with me. I got messages from five spambots trying to get me to click a link that was probably porn. And that was it. I get that it is hard to break through as a newbie on any platform, but it is absurd on Fiverr. I would not suggest anyone try to use it.

--Ami, AMB Consulting


As a CEO of our firm, I've used Fiverr to look into talent pool and hire for our organization. I am satisfied with the quality of freelancers available and are ready to accept work. The turnaround around time is quite fast too. Of course, for the hiring to work, you need to also be more transparent and very clear in your search so that the best freelancers can be matched.

--Michael Hammelburger, The Bottom Line Group


I've recently started using Fiverr as a seller. After getting used to their interface, which wasn't hard, I started to really enjoy handling my business through Fiverr. Making your gig is a very straightforward process. I make personalized comic strips and people from all over the world can order it, so Fiverr shows me which countries I got an order from on a world map and also gives other analytics information. I found it very motivating and user friendly.

--Ozzy, Outline Turkey


I've used Fiverr quite a bit over the years as a customer. I probably used it more in the early days when things were actually $5. Now that's the starting point. I've used to for probably a dozen book covers. I had a graduate student compose some techno background music for a sports video that was really good. I've also had a lot of social media graphics created as well.

There have been a few duds along the way, but you need to expect that going in. Some things just don't translate well and I've paid a couple of people just so they would stop sending me revisions. They tried, but it just wasn't getting through. And for the $5-10 it initially cost me, going over it multiple times just wasn't worth the effort. I wasn't going to penalize them just because they didn't deliver exactly what I intended. I have only had one real problem and that was a developer that I didn't read the fine print in his profile. I apparently was supposed to get a custom quote from him before submitting my request. He basically accused me of sabotaging his business, because he couldn't deliver and if I cancelled it would affect his rating. I went back and forth with him trying to reassure him that was not the case and to work it out, but rather than doing the work he continued to attack me online. I eventually reported him. Not exactly the response you expect when you send business to someone.

Other than that I have enjoyed using Fiverr and have used several people more than once. I will continue to use them in the future and definitely recommend them. Like anything else, do some research and have reasonable expectations of what you are going to get for the amount you pay.

--Robert Longley, IntuAction


I've used Fiverr for six years and I'm actually in the middle of getting a Fiverr job performed by someone who specialized in email marketing.

If I'm being honest, my current outsourced job is not going too smooth. I contacted him pre-hiring, and he claimed to understand the job and could start immediately. I've spent several days re-explaining the job over and over again. He's about half way there, but that doesn't cut it.

But, I've had mostly terrific experiences using Fiverr; that's why I still use them. I've used Fiverr for photo edits, domain site migration, infographic creation, Adsense setup, sitemap problems, and many other WordPress related jobs.

Unfortunately, I was too quick to hire and broke some of my own rules including:

- Don't always hire the first person - I contacted several people ahead of time to confirm they could complete the job and get a price quote. I was in a hurry and hired the first person without spending much time vetting more service sellers.

- Experience pays - I hired a new person on the platform. Sometimes it works, but I've found it's better to find someone who's completed jobs on the platform. It tends to go smoother.

- You get what you pay for - I reviewed and received a few quotes, but went with the cheap one. A week later I still have nothing complete.

- Time zone - Consider the time zone of the hire. A lot of times, when I'm going to bed, they are logging onto the platform which makes it difficult to efficiently troubleshoot and communicate about the project.

- Language barrier - Occasionally, it's difficult to effectively communicate your expectations due to the language barrier. Choose the language(s) you feel most comfortable communicating with the other party and hope they are honest about their ability too.

--Chris Michaels, Frugal Reality


My husband and I both have used Fiverr a lot to purchase various services. We run a digital marketing company, and in the beginning we turned to Fiverr a lot. We had a few negative experiences, but at least Fiverr almost always has the customers back and/or sellers are so scared of having bad reviews that they cancel the order and give you your money back if you're unsatisfied with their services. So in that sense, there's no big risk. It can just be very annoying when you go back and forth with a seller and it doesn't work.

Fiverr is really great if you have a specific, simple task and you find a seller that does just that (with high reviews) It's not the best for big projects.A few services I would NOT recommend getting on Fiverr:

1. Web design - had some really bad experiences with these sellers. If you want a really well designed site, they usually just don't have the eye for it.

2. Google Ads Management - Also had someone implement some bad changes on an account after purchasing a 1-month service (which Fiverr also doesn't have a good platform for controlling. Their payment goes through right away -- so if you pay for something that's a month long, you don't have Fiverr's customer service guiding the process and only paying for it in milestones, etc.

Fiverr is great for small jobs you need done quickly, like photo manipulation/editing, infographics creation, and slideshow video creation (that's what I primarily use it for these days). I have a few go-to sellers I trust.

--Linda Miriam, Crunchy Buzz


I have used Fiverr several times over the years for different projects. In 2020, I have used the platform to buy SEO services. I had a positive experience at a great price. The seller delivered on time and helped me make progress toward my business goals.

2) Type of Service Bought

I have purchased various services including graphic design and SEO services.

3) My Tip For Fiverr Success As A Buyer

For the best experience, look for Fiverr sellers that offer add-ons and upgraded services. It is unlikely that you will achieve anything if you insist on paying just $5. However, there are some interesting opportunities to outsource small projects for $50, $100, and more. Finally, I recommend only asking for revisions is there is something significant missing. After all, your service provider is generally only receiving a small fee so the buyer needs to be reasonable in their demands for revisions and adjustments.

--Bruce Harpham, SaaS Marketing Consultant


I’ve used Fiverr to get graphics and logos made for the website I manage. I like that I’m able to go through designers’ images and see examples of their work. Design aesthetics are a very personal thing, so it is really handy to be able to scroll through a bunch of artists with different styles and get a feel for what might suit me.

I first tried fiverr not long after it launched and I was really excited by the concept of being able to get things done for five dollars. Over the years, it seems to have moved away from the original concept and become more of a generic gig, freelancing platform. So for me, it’s not quite as much fun as it used to be. My last purchase was of a logo that cost me 62 dollars. I had a good experience, with the artist giving me a personalised service where I sent through a roughly designed, hand drawn sketch which they used to develop a concept. They sent me through a page of options, I chose one and we went through two rounds of changes. I was happy with the product, so it’s still tremendously good value at significantly less than $100. I haven’t used the platform for a few months, as I find it so easy to get most of the graphic work I done now using Canva. I won’t have any reservations about using Fiverr again when the time comes.

--Peter Head, Japanoscope


I first used Fiverr almost a year ago in order to build my new website. I had no experience with website building/designing and I was hooked when I saw all those extra perks and “services” that were included in a 100 – 500 USD gig. After ordering, it took about 3 weeks for the seller to build me a very basic site for 300 USD (basically just choosing an outdated theme, adding 5 products and changing the background). It goes without saying that the work put into the job was minimal at best. The seller was from Pakistan and had quite limited understanding of the English language.

After this experience and some more digging around I came to the conclusion that Fiverr is more about simple but time consuming freelance jobs, like adding products to an already working website, create a feed for you Google Shopping Ads, creating an unpretentious logo with clear instructions. You will also want to pick straightforward gigs that require very little directions, because most sellers don’t speak English well. I did order those type of gigs more than once and all the sellers did a decent job for a good price and saving me enough time.

Overall I only recommend Fiverr for tedious but undemanding tasks. You will not be satisfied if you order anything that requires an eye for detail, advanced coding skills or an artistic touch.

--Dan Serbanescu, Leather Depot


As a web consultant, I usually need to augment my consulting services to satisfy the needs of my clients. This is why I turn to platforms like Fiverr or Toptal.

Occasionally, I have looked on Fiverr for content creation and proofreading services. At first glance, the users on Fiverr seem extremely qualified, skilled and have glowing reviews. However, next is what I call the Fiverr gauntlet - where you must painstakingly work with random freelancers until you actually get one that doesn't provide you with content that is keyword stuffed, overwritten and dreadful to actually read outloud.

This page ( ended up going through 4 different freelancers on Fiverr, before we could get something that was appropriate for our users and our site. Truth be told, this is a common experience I've had with Fiverr, especially with content services.

Overall though, the service has its merits. Easy access and login, as well as a plentiful pool of hired help that you can outsource.

--William Chin,


Fiverr has been a solid source of income for me while I try to get my business off the ground. It has also helped me live up to my responsibilities and take care of my family. I have been able to execute solid projects off my Fiverr revenue.

My experiences on the platform are positive, and there are a lot of great buyers. Many people end up building a great relationship with you once they like your service. Fiverr has been my only source of income since 2020 began and it's quite comfortable.

--Pruddie, pruddie on Fiverr


I used Fiverr to get my website logo done. I'd never heard of it before, I found out about it from a blog so thought I would have a look since I had no idea how to make a logo myself.

I'm a start-up so I needed something quick, good quality, and affordable.

After searching on the Fiverr website and reading reviews from other users I submitted a job, and within 24 hours I had my logo.

I couldn't believe how easy it was and inexpensive.

The designer sent me 3 choices after I filled in a form and gave examples of logos I liked, so the 3 sent were after they had a pretty good idea what I was after.

I gave feedback using the inbuilt chat on the website and within a few hours, I was sent back what is my website logo.

Included in the price were correct sizes for my website and logo sizes to use on all social media handles. This made my life so much easier when starting up

If you want a low-cost way to get your graphics done it's great.

--Mary Elizabeth,


I’ve been using Fiverr for just under a decade at this point, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I started up my own business in 2012 while still working 10 hours shifts six days per week, trying to keep a roof over the heads of my partner and me. It was certainly tough, to begin with, but I can say with confidence that it wouldn’t have succeeded if it weren’t for Fiverr.

When I had my hands full with the back-end of the business, being the legal paperwork, accounts, marketing strategy, and sales, I didn’t have much time for content creation. Sure, I could have spent days throwing together banner ads with my limited photo-shop experience, or writing blog posts, but I just didn’t have the time to do that.

I was venting these frustrations to a friend of mine that suggested using Fiverr, as they had gone there for some graphics work.

With nothing to lose, I checked it out, and never looked back. When you’re running your own business, it’s important to outsource the things that you don’t have the time or skill to do. That is what Fiverr enables you to do so easily.

Over the last eight years, I’ve mainly hired writers and graphic artists to help with my marketing. While I’ve never had any terrible experience with sellers, there have been a few instructional issues.

It is vital that you provide clear and detailed instructions to any seller you purchase from; otherwise, you’re not going to get the results that you’re looking for.

It is worth saying that Fiverr has improved dramatically since 2012, both the site and the sellers.

If anyone finds themselves struggling to cover every single aspect of a business or a project, trust me when I say that Fiverr is going to be a lifesaver.

--Derek Marshall, BloggersHQ