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KWFinder (link opens in a new window) is a popular keyword research and analysis tool that competes with Ahrefs, SEMrush and UberSuggest. As I wanted to hear from KWFinder users about how they liked the service, I put out the following request:

We’re writing a big piece about KWFinder and would like to hear from SEO’s and internet marketers who have used it – what do you think of it? Worth the cost? Any and all comments welcome.

The following are the submissions we received. If you’ve used KWFinder yourself, we’d like to hear from you — submit a review and we’ll add it below. I am also keen to get stuck into KWFinder and will update this page with my own experience with it if and when I get the time to try it myself.

Yes, it’s worth the investment. Long-tail keywords are vital in excellent SEO practices, and I find this tool to be the best among others I’ve tried. Another reason I hold it in high regard is its unmatched accuracy, which helps us pick relevant and timely keywords for our content.

--Elmer Taboada, DaVinci Tech


I have been using KWFinder for almost 2 years. In my experience, it is by far the best SEO tool when you take into account the cost/benefit ratio. I have used it to improve the SERPs rankings for both local and international websites.

What I love about it:

- Simplicity of use. I hope that the folks over at Mangools don't add too many options. 'Less is more' is certainly true here. - Their Keyword SEO Difficulty score has proven to give correct estimates

- I love the search interface where I can instantly switch from Related keywords to Autocomplete and Questions, select the location and language

- The filter option is simple and easy to use

- I am using dozens of lists which help me to organize my keywords quickly and easily

- SERPWatcher is great for keeping track of our client's rankings, importing keywords from KWFinder lists makes it even easier

- SiteProfiler gives great overview of competitors' websites

- Timely and friendly support via chat

What I'd like to see improved:

- Export: it would be great if I could choose specific data from search results that I could export (for example, only keywords, search volume and keyword difficulty)

I would definitely recommend it, especially for those SEO specialists who don't have the means to afford more expensive solutions like SEMrush.

--Luka Maras, Flipkod


Overall, KWFinder is a good option for businesses on a budget that are active in online marketing. It's Basic Plan is $49 per month when paid monthly, which is considerably cheaper than the $99 per month charged by more advanced tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. KWFinder offers the same basic feature set as these tools at a lower cost: keyword research, competitive research, keyword position tracking, and backlink analysis.

However, KWFinder has significant limitations compared to Ahrefs and SEMrush that make KWFinder less desirable for online marketers and small businesses with the budget to spend the additional $50 per month. For example, KWFinder limits its keyword suggestions per search to 200 keywords. In comparison, SEMrush's entry plan provides 10,000 keyword results per search. KWFinder also lacks some key features that are found in these tools – specifically keyword gap analyses and SEO website audits.

At the same time, KWFinder is a significant upgrade from free tools like Google Keyword Planner. In particular, it's hard to find a good free tool for competitive research or keyword position tracking. Overall, KWFinder should be considered by companies on a budget or those that are just getting started on their online search journeys.

--Bruce Hogan, SoftwarePundit


I currently use and some of it's accoutrements (SERPwatcher, SERPchecker) for keyword research and SERP tracking for my clientele.

Regarding your questions, here are my answers:

What do you think of it?

I've used KWFinder since it was ONLY KWFinder (They only evolved their product offering in the past 2 - 3 years), and they've been making great strides to match other industry titans like AHrefs, SEMrush, Advanced Web Rank and Moz. Overall, the interface is simplistic but playful. Keywords are easy to search for, campaigns easy to set-up (on SERPwatcher) and due to this, it allows for onboarding of those who are not as exposed to SEO tools. This makes it a fantastic on-boarding tool for editorial teams and other business managers (non marketing or SEO).

That being said, there are some downsides:

It's not the greatest tool for enterprise keyword tracking. SEMrush, AHRefs do a much better job at scaling the amount of campaigns.

Their database of backlinks pales in comparison to Majestic or Ahrefs I'm fairly certain they're use Moz's API (or another) to calculate authority of links which doesn't really make them unique. I currently still use Majestic to augment my understanding of the authority of sites.

Worth the cost?

Overall, yes - and this is probably the most important thing. KWfinder is far less expensive than all the previously mentioned software above. It's scalability for small teams, ease of use and cost are definitely reasons I still use it.

--William Chin,


We've worked extensively with a number of different Keyword tools over the past few years and KWFinder is one that sits as a firm favorite among our team.

The great thing about KWFinder compared to other tools like Ahrefs or SEMRush is that it was built from the ground up as a Keyword tool and nothing else. It focuses on the things marketers actually want to see during their keyword research and doesn't bloat things with other metrics that aren't relevant.

If your sole job is to find lucrative keywords and find them fast, I would highly recommend KWFinder over other tools due to its ease of use. It's also great for beginners and the price point, while not the cheapest, doesn't break the bank. While it's unfortunate that they merged all of these tools under the Mangools brand some time back and raised the price, I still think the price point is highly competitive and well worth considering.

--Mark Webster, Authority Hacker (EDITORS NOTE: See our compilation of Authority Hacker reviews here)


I've been using KWFinder to find keywords for my arts and crafts blog since 2017. I started with a monthly subscription but within 15 days upped it to a yearly subscription. KWFinder has helped me grow my organic search traffic by leaps and bounds! But after two years, at the end of 2019, I decided it was too expensive and canceled my subscription. I cannot begin to explain how lost I felt without it! Yes, there are other websites you can use to do your keyword research but none of them allow you to do in-depth mass keyword searches in one sitting. KWFinder is easy to use, user-intuitive and a great tool for good SEO.

--Smitha Katti, Smiling Colors


KWFinder is quite good when it comes to keyword research. It not only gives you an extensive list of related keywords for the keyword you are researching, but it also provides you other useful information such as keyword difficulty, search volume and competitors.

On top of that, it also gives you a complete list of Google queries that contain the same keyword, so that you can have even more keyword ideas and also have a good understanding of what your target audience is searching for on Google. Although you can actually get this information from Google for free by doing it yourself manually, it will take a long time.

One feature that I love is that it allows you to track and monitor your Google ranking for a list of selected keywords in real-time. This is important because you can know what is working and what is not working.

Overall, the interface is very user-friendly. Cost-wise, I think it's a bit expensive for beginners. But, if you are a small or medium business, then it's a good investment.

--Gladice Gong, Earn More Live Freely


No, personally I do not think the service is worth the cost, for my situation. I have had my blog for close to a year and a half, and I did use and like KWFinder when it was free. But when they went to a paid model, I searched out other free tools that I now use, instead. In my situation, I feel they charge too much, especially when there are good free options out there. I maintain my blog in addition to working full-time, and I do make a good part-time income from my blog, but to help keep expenses low I primarily use a combination of the free SEO tools Key Surfer, Ubersuggest, and SEMScoop. They are all good tools, and they get me the information that I need.

--Stacie Heaps, Families for Financial Freedom


Is KWFinder a good service?: Yes, KWFinder is excellent for finding long-tail keywords and is a tool built for beginners and affiliate marketers.

It's great for beginners because KWFinder's dashboard is so intuitive and easy to grasp and use. And it's excellent value for niche site builders and affiliate marketers because it can really drill down into a topic and come up with awesome, truly untapped, long-tail keywords with high buyer intent/earning potential.And those keyword are like a dream come true to affiliate marketers.

Finally, what I like about KWFinder is that their keyword difficulty metric is usually more accurate than the ones Ahrefs and SEMrush provide. With Ahrefs, the number is always too low, while with SEMRush it's nearly always too high. And KWFinder is always somewhere in the middle and I found it to be the most accurate. Though of course, no tool is Google themselves, hence- no tool is perfect.

--Nikola Roza,


As with any SEO tools you need to find the compromise between functionality and data quality on one side and the costs on the other side. For KWFinder, the costs are much lower than, for example, Ahrefs. At the same time the interface is more challenging and less user-friendly. The quality of the data seems slightly below Ahrefs but well above any free tools available. Naturally, this might be subjective from particular services though. A great tool if you are just starting out with keyword research.

--Peter Thaleikis, Bring Your Own Ideas Ltd.


I’ve been using KWFinder for about a year now, and the main thing I like about it is its interface. When you do keyword research, you get the whole picture in front of you — which is much more convenient than what you see in Ahrefs. Besides, it’s cheaper than Ahrefs, and it’s probably the main competitive advantage of KWFinder. If you do the keyword research most of the time, have a limited budget, and are a Junior SEO or learning to become one, this tool would be perfect for you. But if you also do a lot of backlink research, Ahrefs is a better option.

--Alex Savy, SleepingOcean


I think KWFinder is well worth the price for the good keyword research tool that you get. The best feature I found in KWFinder was the keyword difficulty indicator. This helped me target keywords that were profitable yet not overly competitive. The KWFinder has very easy to use interface that makes it easy for beginners. And it's relatively inexpensive considering other tools like Ahrefs that burn a hole in the pocket. Having said that, while the database of KWFinder is good, it's not comparable to tools like Ahref and SEMRush.

--Kevin Rodrigues, Gardening Mentor


I have used KWFinder for over 3 years, in fact one of my suggestions made it into the product! My company offers online baby showers and we run on organic search.

I am a business owner and this is why we've stuck with KWFinder over the years. We've found it delivers excellent value for the money, but the killer feature is the UI. I can have my assistant, who is not SEO trained, get into the tool with just a 3-minute overview and be off running on a project.

There are bigger tools, more expensive tools, but nothing professional grade that a novice can get value out of right away. Skipping long training saves me money, and gets me to results quicker.

Next time you are on the tool adding keywords, and it rememberers the last list your used, that's my suggestion! A company that listens to feedback and users it is a rare thing.

--Kurt P.,


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