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I’ve been a fan of and especially their podcast for a while, and have read a lot of their freely-available content (they put out a lot of good stuff). But are their premium products, such as The Authority Site System (TASS), worth the cost? As I’ve only ever looked at their free material, that’s a question I wanted to ask from people who have brought from Authority Hacker, and put out this query:

Authority Hacker is a popular website and course that we’re researching, and we’d like to hear from people who have brought the Authority Hacker system or have anything they can say about the guys behind Authority Hacker – all comments welcome.

Below are the responses I got back. If you’ve used Authority Hacker yourself, please go ahead and submit your own review and I’ll add it to this page. Your review does not have to agree with what’s been submitted so far! If you have a negative review, you’re welcome to share it (as long as of course you’re being truthful and objective).

A member of Authority Hacker Pro and Authority Site System here. I've been using their system to build my affiliate sites business. I've spent at least $20,000 on courses created by different people to improve my team's skills and I've purchased crappy courses from gurus that promise you insane results but has a ton of fluff. Trust me when I say that Mark and Gael are the real deal, they don't peddle fluff.

Even though Authority Hacker Pro is one of the most expensive courses I've bought, I don't see them as gurus, I see them as scientists and great teachers who have a repeatable process for EVERYTHING related to building authority sites. Also, the Authority Hacker community is a fantastic resource with members from all around the world, and most of the people in the Facebook Group actually runs a successful authority site. I've met so many amazing people in the community that makes me think that the Facebook group alone is worth the money.

--Jeremy Ong, HUSTLR


My name is Sa El and I run Simply Insurance. We are an online insurance agency and I have purchased 2 courses.

1. Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

2. Authority Hacker Pro wich also includes The Authority Site System.

The insurance space is one of the hardest niches to build both backlinks and rankings.

However, I have found the tactics offered by Mark and Gael to be some of the best around.

Mark & Gael give over the shoulder training and also are very active in the Facebook group. Any questions you ask them they will respond with an honest answer.

Which isn't always what you want to hear, but it's based on their experience. I have used a majority of their tactics to grow my Domain Rank and Link Profile over the last 3 years.

I am currently taking the AH Pro course and my next Blueprint will be the Affiliate Marketing one.

--Sa El, Simply Insurance


I am where I am today because of Authority Hacker: I got into the SEO world and started making money online thanks to Authority Hacker. I took their course to understand how to create top-of-the-line content and draw high-quality links that would boost my site’s authority and drive traffic. They walked through all the details about how to identify keywords to target to succeed, and their skyscraper program has been a game changer for me since Day One. Now, years later, my business is about more than just SEO, but what I learned from the Authority Hacker system remains relevant and critical to my success. They continue to be a reliable and valuable resource for navigating the murky waters of SEO and digital marketing, particularly when it comes to things such as on-page optimization, an often overlooked aspect of growing a website.

--Sean Nguyen, Internet Advisor


I’m a paying customer of the Authority Site System and it’s really helped get my web business off the ground and growing strongly. I’ll be 50 this year so I’m probably older than the typical user. I have basic office job computer skills but no background in SEO or building websites.

I think the biggest benefit of this course is how comprehensive it is. It starts with just basic expectation setting, time requirements, and budgeting so you know what you’re getting into and the work it will take. There’s no sugarcoating the effort required or get-rich-quick promises.

It then moves into the basics of monetizing websites, niche and keyword research, setting up the actual website, content creation, and link building, all with step-by-step tutorials.

The course is laid out in a very stepwise approach with clear goals set at different points. For example, “Write your first 10 articles with a mix of 80% product and 20% information articles.”

It’s also focused to keep you from getting “shiny object syndrome.” For example, they advise you to focus on three main link-building strategies and getting really good at them before trying anything else.

One final thing that really sold me on the course was that Mark and Gael are completely white hat in their approach to link building. They don’t advocate or teach anything unethical that will get you penalized with Google. I don’t know either of them personally but they and the course do seem to have an excellent reputation with other respected industry leaders that I follow.

Overall, it is quite an expensive course but I’d strongly recommend it to anyone who is really serious about putting in consistent time and effort to build an authority site.

--Donovan Gow,


I bought the Authority Hacker course back in 2017 and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made! I had been previously burned by a different online course that I purchased and was disappointed with, so initially, I was a little apprehensive about dishing out dough for the Authority Hacker course.

However, I was really impressed with their blog - they deliver a ton of really in-depth, valuable content for free. It was clear these guys were the real deal and knew their stuff, so I decided to go ahead and buy the course.

When I bought the course, I already had a website up and running and generating a decent amount of money. Despite this, I still found all the material in the course *immensely* helpful.

They really take you step-by-step through the entire process of choosing a niche or industry to get into, creating an initial site, finding and hiring writers, learning SEO, link building, etc. They even cover additional areas like email marketing, social media marketing, etc. It's an insane all-in-one course that, even at a high price point, is an incredible deal.

The course is fantastic, but truthfully what I like most about the Authority Hacker system is the community. The private Facebook group is packed with incredibly smart, accomplished online marketers. Everyone is so supportive and always happy to lend a hand. I've even received help and advice from direct competitors, which I just think is amazing. I think the quality of the course and the members really speaks to what a great resource and community Mark and Gael have built.

--Meg Marrs, K9 of Mine


There are a lot of online courses out there in the world of affiliate marketing that promise big results and yet leave you feeling a little scammed after purchasing. That is not the case with courses produced by Gael and Mark at Authority Hacker.

Gael and Mark are very blunt from the beginning. One of the first things they do is ensure you understand that this is not a “get rich quick” scheme and that you should be ready to put in the hard work it requires to create, monetize, and grow an affiliate site.

Authority Hacker offers a few courses you can buy and enroll in but not year-round. The Authority Site System (TASS) is the first one most people start with. It’s a comprehensive course that takes you through the process of building an affiliate/authority site step-by-step.

Authority Hacker periodically opens up enrollment for their Shotgun Skyscraper course (an in-depth linkbuilding course for affiliate sites) and Authority Hacker Pro as well.

Authority Hacker Pro is a comprehensive suite of courses that includes both TASS and Shotgun Skyscraper, as well as courses that cover everything from building and managing an editorial team to managing email marketing campaigns and content promotion.

Gael and Mark’s courses are some of the most polished out there. Their attention to detail in these courses is the best I’ve seen. They actually take the time to plan out their material and it really shows:

* In the year I’ve owned the course, Gael and Mark have completely refreshed it; Updating out-of-date material, covering some topics more in depth, and overall just adding more polish to the material.

* They start each section with clearly defined goals and outcomes.

* The training videos are well produced and walk you through the technical things step-by-step.

* Each video is accompanied by an in-depth set of written notes that are worthy of being their own blog posts (people who like having written notes will really appreciate this).

* The videos have closed captions. This was something I personally appreciated because not every course creator out there takes the time to cater to people with accessibility issues (I lost a significant percentage of my hearing while serving in the military).

--Skyler Reeves, Ardent Growth


I actually purchased their Authority Hacker Shotgun Skyscraper course which was very good and very comprehensive. A lot of guides out there that skip over things, but I found this was really good at giving actionable tips and a structured system you can implement in terms of being able to build links at scale. And I had been listening to their podcasts, so I knew I was going to get something good.

I've not met either of them, although Mark is a fellow Scotsman from Edinburgh, which is just near my home city of Glasgow!

--Amit Raj,


I have bought the Authority Hacker Site System, the Pro Couse, and have personally met Gael in person in Budapest. So I feel I have some good insight to share with everyone if they are on the fence about the course and its founders.

The Authority Site System and Pro courses are a solid investment if you put in consistent work week by week. When I first enrolled in The Authority Site System my site was getting some traffic but I was unsure as to how to grow it. I would keep following the advice of “put out quality content” but I had no system in place to scale my website. After I went through the course I got to work right away fixing my site to make it look more user-friendly, streamlined and professional.

Once I got my website looking professional I got to work with content and going through the process of using finding keywords and using writers to scale my content. This made a huge impact on my website as my traffic skyrocketed after following their process. Last year I managed to almost triple my revenue on one website and used the process to grow another website I was working on. I managed to do all of this without even building any links to my existing website (it had some domain authority from previous years).

Last year I traveled to Europe with my friend and part of my adventure was to see the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Budapest Hungary. On my way to Budapest, I shot Gael a message thanking him for his Authority System course and asking if he wanted to meet up. He obliged a few days later and we met up for some burgers in Budapest’s entertainment district.

It was mind-blowing at first to be meeting someone that we had been listening to on podcasts. When we first met up, Gael was all business trying to give us as many helpful tips as possible. It got to the point where my friend and I were trying to re-direct the conversation to something of a more casual manner. Sure enough, after a few rounds of wine spritzers, we managed to talk about just about anything and everything under the sun. This meeting was actually one of the reasons why I bought the Pro course. Even in person Gael still wanted to give value and at no point tried to push us into enrolling in the course. I appreciated that fact greatly.

Fast forward to November last year where I enrolled in Authority Hacker Pro. I am currently working my way through the Pro course but already see tremendous value in the principles that Gael and Mark teach in my quest to become a fully-fledged authority site. Gael and Mark force you to think differently and not just become another “Affiliate site” but rather build a long-lasting sustainable business that has multiple streams of traffic and revenue coming in.

After enrolling in both Authority Hacker courses and meeting one of the founders in person I cannot recommend the course enough as it is the most impressive online course I have ever been a part of. Another extremely underrated thing is the Facebook group where you can connect with industry leaders and get the answers to questions that more experienced members may have faced in the past. This has helped me out more than a few times.

--Derek L, Floating Authority


I’ve been following authority hacker for many years now, and I recently purchased their course and started my own website.

I originally heard about authority hacker when I started searching for affiliate marketing. Their entire site is dedicated to SEO and building affiliate sites, so they rank for many affiliate related keywords.

From reading their website, it’s clear they know what they are on about and if you want to learn how to make your own affiliate website, then these are the guys to learn from. If you spend a bit of time on their blog, you’ll quickly discover that they’ve made plenty of successful affiliate sites over the years.

Their course is split into many sections that are super easy to follow and implement. Every module is full of videos, checklists, resources and more. The entire course is pretty long, but as a noobie that’s just what you need!

I started my own site six months ago, and from following their strategy, I’m currently getting over 15k organic visitors a month from Google. Affiliate profits have recently reached the mid-hundreds as of March 2020 (even with the pandemic), and I’ve made enough to cover the cost of the system.

It’s still early days, but by the end of 2020, I should be hitting my target of four-figure monthly affiliate profits. Without the authority site system, there are a lot of places where I could have easily failed so thanks to Mark and Gael for putting together an excellent course!

--Beth Noll, Gift Observer


My name is Jenny Abouobaia and I started working for Mark and Gael as a content writer many years ago and worked on their portfolio of websites before the started their Authority Hacker TASS course.

I worked as the lead writer for them while they were developing the content elements of the course. Once the course launched I actually started my own content agency, Clever Touch Marketing, which they recommend as a content provider within the course.

Needless to say, I have had a vast amount of dealings with Mark and Gael over the years, as well as many of their staff and had the opportunity to be on the inside and see how things are run and put together.

Both Mark and Gael are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and building profitable authority sites. They are extremely professional and fantastic to work with. As clients, they are the best I've ever had the pleasure of working with and I learned an incredible amount as part of their team that I now implement in my day to day working life.

The majority of our clients are people who have completed the TASS course also.

I myself got a copy of the course in order to ensure that we were offering content to our clients that were in line with their teaching methods and it is fantastic. We use their methods daily and have had many clients who have been extremely successful due to completing the Authority Hacker system.

--Jenny Abouobaia, Clever Touch Marketing


I bought the Authority Hackers course several years ago and the return on investment has been tremendous. Revenues for my business grew substantially, in part due to implementing the lessons learned.

The biggest drawback is being able to implement 10% of what they recommend. Most of the blueprints push me well past my comfort zone. So I pick and chose what to put into place.

The Facebook group is very active and helpful. One recommendation from a fellow member about ad formats doubled my revenue overnight and took only 10 minutes to implement.

--Kevin Haney, Growing Family Benefits


I've been a part of the Authority Hacker community for a few years, so I'm happy to share my honest feedback.

In fact, there's no better place to start than my success story, which I posted in the private AH Facebook group in January.

Basically, I think the course is bloody brilliant!

From someone who has wasted £1000s in the past from online gurus, to find two guys in Gael and Mark who are both genuine and helpful is a breath of fresh air. And I don't just say this because my site is a success. They answer questions from total newbies in the Facebook group, they deliver course content that can genuinely get results, and they've built a community that thrives on knowledge sharing.

I feel Authority Hacker has done a lot to improve the 'sleazy' perception of the affiliate marketing industry, and should be praised and utilised in such a challenging time.

Just my two pennies worth, I hope you find it insightful!

--Clive Harris,


I bought the Authority Hacker course a while back, and it's been nothing short of epic. I've used the tactics they have outlined in the course for linkbuilding regularly, and it's working well for me so far.

I especially found the way Gael slowly went through keyword research, and his thought process behind it incredibly helpful. I have watched hours of youtube videos in parallel, and I haven't seen someone cover KW research in such an understandable format.

Outside of the course, the Facebook group is a great way to meet like-minded people who are on the same journey! I'd recommend authority hacker to someone looking to start an affiliate site or to learn white hat link building 100%!

--Ahmed Mir, Nature and Bloom


I've also met Gael Breton and Mark Webster from Authority Hacker multiple times in person, and was interviewed by Mark on the Authority Hacker podcast a few months ago (here's the link: )

I've been through their TASS course as well. so I'm qualified to answer this question.

- Gael and Mark are among the most innovative thought leaders in the affiliate marketing space, and have been walking the talk for a long time. They are very transparent about everything they do, and have influenced a lot of affiliate marketing strategies.

- Their TASS course is a great course for beginners, giving them a holistic understanding of everything required to start an affiliate site from scratch and make it successful.

- They are very realistic in their expectation setting and don't rely on hype or get rich quick style marketing to suggest it will be easy.

- The course does not recommend any quick wins or shortcuts to success.

- They update the course as often as is practically possible, which is important, given how quickly the affiliate marketing industry evolves.

- Most importantly, Gael and Mark are very active in the Facebook Group that comes with a TASS purchase. I'm surprisedat how much time they spend helping people out there.

- Their other course, Authority Hacker Pro, is for more advanced members who already know the basics but want to dig deeper. I've not been through this one in as much detail, but I know it is highly regarded.

--Dom Wells, Onfolio


I bought the Authority Hacker course back in 2015, I was one of their early paid customers as Gael and Mark sometimes joke about us saying we are the great grandfathers of the group. At that time The Authority Site System (TASS) wasn’t created yet because we only had one course which is today’s Authority Hacker Pro. As a Pro member, I have access to all course materials including TASS, and I’ve completed learning of all the modules in this awesome course.

Needless to say, TASS is the best if you want to learn how to build a profitable authority site from scratch. Before I got to know Authority Hacker, I invested in a few other online courses, some of which were more expensive than AH. But the quality of those courses is not even close to that of Authority Hacker. The reason is very simple: Gael and Mark truly love what they do and they always stay in the game by building awesome sites and then showing us the ins and outs of this new industry. Another thing I like about the course is that it’s so easy to follow with lots of practical details you can implement right away.

It’s been five years since I became part of the Authority Hacker community, and I’ve personally met Gael and Mark multiple times in some industry conferences. They are really nice guys that you can ask them any questions about SEO and building authority sites that generate passive income so you can pursue your desired lifestyle.

I definitely think TASS (and other courses Gael and Mark put together) is worth the cost. To me, it’s more than just an online course, it’s a premium community with like-minded people who you can learn from and network with. I highly recommend it.

--JP Zhang,


I have two blogs. My first one was started solely by me and me alone. It's doing OK, making a few dollars here and there. My second blog is totally based on Authority Hacker's TASS system. I used their videos to build it from the ground up. I'm now about 6 months in and the blog is going really well. I loved their step by step approach, no stone is left unturned. I'm an editor by trade so one the things that annoyed me were the spelling mistakes, but hey, we can live with those.

The Shotgun Skyscraper method of link building would work extremely well if you don't mind hassling people with "cold" emails. A lot of time goes into this type of link building and it was my least favorite part of the course. AH is really focussed on link building, and it’s incredibly important for any website, but I’m going to focus more on top quality content than link building.

I find that, even now, 6 months down the track, I regularly refer back to one of the blueprints. Right now, I'm focusing on their info products, evergreen funnels, and lead magnet blueprints. If you're serious about affiliate blogging, or even taking it a step further, I recommend this course.

--Elle Meager,


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