KuCoin Reviews by KuCoin Users [IN PROGRESS]

KuCoin, headquartered in Singapore, is a relatively new crypto exchange (launched in 2017) that has grown into one of the major crypto exchanges (though it’s still significantly behind the big dogs like Coinbase and Binance). On this page we’ll be compiling user comments and reviews for KuCoin (if you’ve used KuCoin, submit a review here and we’ll add it).

What do people say about KuCoin?

We only have 3 comments so far, but they are positive overall. One user has reported their trading interface is too complicated.

I’ve been a KuCoin user for 3 years now and I find it the most decent one to trade with the lowest fees among other platforms I’ve tried. I’ve traded using Binance and Bittrex but only with Kucoin, I lasted for years simply because I got more profit from it. And the best part about it is it offers a free deposit and withdrawal anytime. And for someone that hates verification, KuCoin is perfect as they will let you trade without undergoing any verification process. For beginners, you can trade with KuCoin even if you don’t have lots of ideas yet about cryptocurrency trading as their platform is very user-friendly and is built for beginners.

Generally, any skilled trader would say that gaining lots of profit is possible regardless of the platform, if you just know how to trade wisely. But for me, I would say that KuCoin will give you a good advantage because they have new programs that you can choose that other platforms don’t have. What really stands out to me is KuCoin’s daily bonus and dividends you’ll get as a KCS holder.

--Robert Gate, Archery Topic

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Although I no longer use the platform, I have traded through them in the past. KuCoin has no deposit fees, their trading fees are 0.1%, and deposits take less than 2 minutes. They are pretty reputable and have had glowing remarks about how secure the platform is for trading cryptocurrency. They also have 24/7 customer support and they respond quickly. Despite all the positives, I particularly didn't enjoy trading through the platform. One of the challenges was navigating through the option and I found the interface to be too complicated for a beginner trader of cryptos. Another thing is, they don't allow bank deposits. At present, I have stuck with Kraken and haven't had any issues so far. It also allows smooth navigation and is fairly easy to use as well.

--Lewis Amin, NetInfluencer

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KuCoin is very easy to use and the interface can be understood rather quickly without any special instructions if you have previously used any other type of mobile broker to buy and sell crypto or stocks. The beauty of KuCoin currently is not only how decentralized it is unlike something like coinbase but the vast variety of strong main coins and more importantly to high risk traders the huge amount of alt coins at ones finger tips like shiba, doge and many more.

--Jesse W Acosta, The Day Trader Chatroom

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