Huobi Reviews by Huobi Users [IN PROGRESS]

Huobi was initially founded in China before moving abroad, and is now based on the small island country of Seychelles (along with a number of other crypto exchanges). It’s grown into one of the biggest crypto exchanges.

What do people say about Huobi?

Comments on Huobi have been positive so far, with no major complaints.

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Huobi is great for serious crypto traders as the fast and safe currency exchange is far more superior than its competitors. However, Huobi allows wash trading in its platform to inflate volume numbers. However, they do attract many traders to their services and offer high trading activities compared to their exchanges.

I have brought up an exchange of $10k with 40% raise using Huobi and it's quite impressive.

Huobi has gained trust as it is operated from Singapore where crypto regulations are far more advanced and feature blockchain. Also, a 2-factor authentication is available using both SMS and application services.

--Rasti Nikolic, LoanAdvisor


Huobi is a great exchange, especially if you're not looking for any bells and whistles.

I’ve never had any issues with Huobi. I love the exchange because of how friendly everyone is and they have a great customer service team who are always there to help you out in case anything goes wrong!

Huobi is also the best exchange when it comes to security. There's always an email notification of every login and withdrawal that takes place, which ensures you're safe from scams or attempted hacking.

--Lucas Solomon, Life Takes Visa


I'm a fan of Huobi for trading crypto. I've been aware of the platform for a while but only recently started using it after Binance.Com kicked me off for being a USA user. It seems the US puts pressure on the biggest name in anything so where Binance is having to crack down on USA users other exchanges like Huobi and Kucoin seem to fly under the radar unbothered. While Binance was my favorite exchange Huobi is cool as well. They have their own native platform coin like Binance and Kucoin, they have a huge selection of coins to choose from, they have a lot of ancillary services like staking and margin and the userface is very intuitive and is probably my favorite behind binance.

--John Frigo, BestPriceNutrition.Com


For users of Huobi, what was your experience using it to buy and sell cryptocurrency?

It takes some time to apply and finish all the KYC procedures, but once it’s complete, you could enjoy quite the impressive number of features or and tools available on the platform. I use Huobi mostly for my marginal trading efforts. The platform works with no slowdowns; it’s easy to understand and intuitive for me.

How was it better or worse than other exchanges you've tried (if any)?

I use Binance and Huobi for all my trading activities. I don’t feel a big difference between them, except for the list of assets available for trading at the moment. When I choose the exchange for work, I check the overall rating and popularity of the service, transaction fees, support waiting time, restrictions, and probably hack cases. Huobi fees (0.2%) are slightly higher than the lowest available on the market (e.g., Binance), but it’s not critical for my trading volumes. Huobi has never been hacked, as the media sources tell us. I contacted Huobi support; it was ok, I solved my case. So, I have no complaints about this service, and I’d recommend it for professional traders or newcomers.

--Jim Sanders, CryptoDetail