iMyFone Review, FAQ & Product Rundown

iMyFone was founded in 2015 and mainly sells software for data recovery and repair. In this piece I’ll dig into this company and share my research, answer some of the main questions people have had about them, advise on whether they’re legitimate or not and list their full product line. Let’s get started!

Who is behind iMyFone?

iMyFone was founded by Dean Huang (CEO).

Where is iMyFone located?

iMyFone is based in Shenzhen, China, in the Nanshan district (home of many Chinese tech companies):

iMyFone’s name in Chinese is 麦风科技.

Is iMyFone a legitimate company?

Yes — iMyFone is a real software company with an office and employees. At the time of writing it is claimed that over 100 people work for iMyFone as of 2020, though the Crunchbase profile lists only 11 to 50. You can see some of the people who work for iMyFone on LinkedIn here. Taken from the company website, this is a photo from their office (you can see the company logo in Chinese in the background):

How popular are iMyFone’s products?

iMyFone is not the biggest company in the data recovery and repair industry, but they have a strong presence and probably make good revenue. Just don’t trust the download numbers for any product on the website (if you keep clicking the text the number goes up each time):

In iMyFone’s about page, they also claim “35 million users from 190 countries” and “58 million downloads.” I did some digging into and found it definitely gets a lot of traffic and has a lot of links pointing to it, so I can believe iMyFone’s total downloads over the past 5 years are very substantial. iMyFone’s products also have quite a lot of search traffic for them on Google according to tools like Ahrefs. But I have doubt about iMyFone’s total downloads being as high as 58 million.

Is iMyFone actually trusted by major tech publications like Engadget, PC World and Cult of Mac?

On they claim to be “trusted by prestigious medias” (click to enlarge):

However, this is very disingenuous and basically a load of nonsense. If you look up iMyFone on TechRadar (here), Cult of Mac (here) or PC World (here), all of these are marked as sponsored articles, meaning iMyFone paid for them and they’re nothing more than advertisements. Amusingly, the quotes lists above (“Complete with an easy-to-use interface and cross-platform compatibility…”) were almost definitely just written by iMyFone themselves.

What about negative reviews for iMyFone?

While customer feedback on iMyFone’s products are positive overall, there are some negative reviews. I’ve read through all of these and the vast majority fall under these categories:

  • The software simply not working, or doing nothing beyond what could be done for free
  • The customer being rebilled when they didn’t want to be
  • Not getting a refund
  • Support being slow or not

I’ve addressed each of these below.

Do iMyFone’s products actually work?

Yes, for most people. iMyFone’s products are 100% legitimate in that they sell real software that generally does what’s advertised and works for most customers.

However, in the realm of recovery and repair, there are cases where things are damaged beyond repair and no software or technician will be able to help you. In cases where your data has been completely corrupted or overwritten, for example, you’re simply out of luck. Or suppose your device has suffered irreparable damage and won’t turn on because the internal hardware has been damaged: no software, iMyFone or otherwise, will be of any use. It’s therefore not too surprising that iMyFone has some 1 star reviews from customers who paid for a product and it didn’t help in any way as some of these situations are unavoidable.

Does iMyFone do recurring billing without consent?

No. It is true that many of iMyFone’s products do recurring billing (D-Back costs either $39.95/month, $49.95/year or $69.95 for life, for example), but this is clearly shown and the recurring billing can be canceled before you get charged again. iMyFone processes payments via PayPal or MyCommerce, and in both PayPal or MyCommerce you can login to your account and cancel any recurring subscriptions you have. It’s up to you to cancel your subscription to any iMyFone product in your own PayPal or MyCommerce account.

If you pay through MyCommerce, you should get an email reminder a week before you get charged for a recurring subscription, giving you plenty of time to cancel it if you wish. PayPal, however, does not send reminders of when you’re about to be charged for recurring subscriptions, so it’s not surprising that some people have been charged for an iMyFone product when they didn’t realize they had a subscription to it or forgot about it. This is not the fault of iMyFone.

Does iMyFone give refunds if their software doesn’t work for you?

Yes. If an iMyFone product doesn’t work for you, chances are good that you’ll get a refund if you ask. While I haven’t tested iMyFone’s refund policy myself, in reading dozens of reviews on Trustpilot and SiteJabber, reports show that iMyFone will generally refund the customer if their software does not help you (they’ll first try to get your issue resolved before issuing the refund, and if nothing can be done, you should get a refund).

With that said, you should know that per iMyFone’s refund policy, they are not obliged to give you a refund if you purchase one of their products because of a misunderstanding about what they actually do, or if the software fails to completely recover your data (in the case of their D-Back and AnyRecover products). A refund is therefore not 100% guaranteed if the software doesn’t work for you, even though it does appear that most people get a refund if they ask for it. For any of iMyFone’s products, you should therefore try the trial version and read the product description carefully to be as sure as possible that the product should work for you before purchasing.

Can you rely on iMyFone’s support?

iMyFone does not offer phone or live chat support, just email ([email protected]) and through their support form. You can expect a response within 24 hours, barring weekends, and their support is great overall as they’ll put in real effort to try to solve whatever technical problems you’re having. There are reports of iMyFone’s support taking a long time to get back to you, and it could definitely be better, but most people have a good experience with it.

The bottom line on iMyFone

While iMyFone may have engaged in a couple of slightly sketchy practices and their software isn’t always a magic bullet, it’s a legit company and their products work for most people.

A rundown of iMyFone’s products

This is iMyFone’s product line at the time of writing (August 2020):

Recovery line



  • Fixppo
  • TunesFix
  • ScanOutlook


  • iTransor
  • Umate
  • TunesMate
  • MintPDF

Other tools

  • AnyTo
  • FamiGuard
  • Filme

At a later date I’ll write reviews of some of these and will link to them here when they’re up.