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MasterClass Reviews: Feedback From Real Students

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If you’ve just heard about MasterClass and are wondering if you should sign up to it, this is a compilation of comments and reviews on it that actual MasterClass customers have sent us.

Here’s the verdict on MasterClass based on what’s been sent to us so far. The best thing about MasterClass is it has some extremely prolific teachers who are some of the best in the world at their craft, and the production quality is extremely high. Most people like it and say it’s good value for money, and if there’s a teacher or subject on MasterClass that you really want to learn from or hear about, you’ll probably thoroughly enjoy it. The downside of MasterClass appears to be the lack of interactivity (unlike in a college class, you can’t ask your teacher questions) and the fact that MasterClass courses are almost definitely going to be insufficient to really get you to mastery on a given topic (see this comment). Also, while you can always expect outstanding production values on MasterClass, the actual quality of courses on their platform are always going to vary depending on the teaching abilities of the instructor.

My experience with Masterclass has been a mixed bag. While there is no doubt that everyone on the site is an expert at what they do, most aren't experienced teachers and so the lesson structure is usually all over the place.

Thomas Keller's Cooking Techniques is really the first one I've been through where it's clear that he's as good a teacher as he is a chef. Maybe this has to do with the nature of his work (passing his skills and techniques down to the chefs in his restaurant) or maybe he's just a natural teacher. But, whatever it is, it's clear that he's thought long and hard about how to structure his lessons and present them in a clear, concise, and actionable way making his classes much more beneficial than the others I've been through.

In saying that, if you pay enough attention to what's really important, you can pull the important lessons from every class on the site, even if it's just the personality characteristics necessary to be incredibly successful.

In terms of how I would rate Masterclass in comparison to other educational platforms, it's hard to say because the platform isn't what matters. It's the teacher.

It's just like school -- if you get a great teacher, they can captivate your mind and make even the most boring subject interesting. But, if you have an ordinary teacher, they can suck the life out of even the most enthralling topic.

--Leigh Louey-Gung, Life Operating System


I have had a Masterclass subscription for more than two years.

The most useful class I took was Gordon Ramsey teaching me how to make the perfect scrambled eggs. I have gotten so many compliments that they are the best eggs ever:)

Other than that I find that the 'classes' are pretty much unactionable as they do not do a great job of creating 'next steps' for the viewer.

Beautifully produced and a joy to watch. But other than the cooking classes, not that great if you really want to learn a new skill.

--Adam McBride, Mastering TikTok


I have taken all the playwriting/screenwriting/comedy writing classes on Masterclass. It seems Masterclass is doing a good job at finding instructors who are more than just big names. The instructors keep the classes entertaining yet informational. Another favorable impression of Masterclass is their workbooks which are cleverly designed.

It was David Mamet’s “Dramatic Writing” got me into playwriting. A short play of mine (titled NOT THAT DIFFICULT) is being made into a podcast episode with a cast of Broadway actors. It will release on 8/14 on numerous podcast sites including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

I would also recommend the classes instructed by Shonda Rhimes, Aaron Sorkin, Judd Apatow.

--Durra Leung,


I have the yearly subscription to Masterclass. I've been on the platform back when you had to pay per-course. The first course I bought was the Gordon Ramsey one (at about $90)

The obvious big selling point for me was being able to learn from some prominent figures I admire, Thomas Keller, Bob Iver, Annie Leibovitz, among many others. I find some courses provide a lot of practical knowledge, and others are more like lectures.

The second biggest selling point for me is the high production value. So far all the video lessons are seem are Hollywood caliber quality. The user experience of the site is easy to navigate and they do a great job at suggesting other interesting courses.

So far, nothing quite compares to Masterclass in terms of high-profile and reputable personalities sharing their skills and knowledge.

--Eduardo Siu, Rent A Knee Walker


I had been a Masterclass student for quite long time-before some decided to use the word Masterclass for their particular courses. The material is great, it is very useful to learn from well-known experts in the industry as well as to discuss their experience and subtly encourage you to seek to improve.

It's even worth downloading related content to use to support you along the way. I 'm studying Gordon Ramsay’s Culinary Masterclass course. I can now prepare for myself and my family, and not starving to death.

There is a sort of rawness in these workshops that allows you to want to soak up what they claim. Also if it is something that I already recognize, learning something from all of these experts is the difference from just listening to a Q & A session versus getting a one-on-one conversation, how they discovered it and how it actually affected them.

--Matt Scott, Termite Survey


I think about it this way — I get admission to lectures, courses, tutorials and ideas from several of the best creators-makers-professionals in the world nowadays for the value of a year of what I spend for cable TV and the internet for a single month.

Not all classes are created similarly and there are those who occupy different ground.

Even in the workshop context, that's less than the price of what you'd be charged to join a class or workshop with any of these individuals on different subjects, so you're having access to anything for only $180.

--Dr. Vikram Tarugu, Detox of South Florida


I love MasterClass completely, and all the courses that they have to give to those willing to read. I appreciate that my Bobbi Brown Make Up and Makeup tutorial is still open, whether I'm online right now, a week from now months or even years from now. Furthermore, now that I have bought the all access card, I will show and re-examine all the courses I have taken and may take. The classes are not exclusive, which is awesome because I can not only hone my expertise in make-up and beauty, I can still look at other classes as well.

--Lesley Reynolds, Harley Street Skin Clinic


I have an all-access pass which means that I'm able to take all 85+ courses on MasterClass. So far I have completed 30 and intend to take them all.


1) a unique opportunity to learn from world class experts who have achieved real success,

2) incredibly high production values,

3) great value for money.


1) not all classes on MasterClass are created equal. Naturally some are better than others. It's best to search for online reviews specific to the MasterClass you are thinking of taking,

2) there are some technical glitches (unable to access some videos, difficulty downloading some of the support material).

Overall MasterClass is a shining example of what can be achieved over the internet. Anyone with wifi and a willingness to pay can learn from their heroes who are top of their field.

--Finn, Learnopoly


I have been an active Masterclass user over the last year. As someone always on the go the thing I like about Masterclass is that they have bite sized lessons 5 minutes-15 minutes and they cover a variety of topics.

My favorite course Malcolm Gladwell teaches writing as I've found that in order to go deeper in my own craft I need to learn about how experts are innovating in their own fields.

I have used Udemy and great Courses Plus but I find the quality of content and the case studies/live exercises with others on Masterclass hard to match on other platforms from a pure interactivity perspective.

All in all if you are on the go and looking for ways to keep learning, I'd recommend the service.

--Sean Higgins, BetterYou


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