Goli Gummies Review – How Does It Compare To Other ACV Gummies?

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Just heard about Goli gummies and ACV gummies, and you’re wondering what the heck they are and if you should try them? You’re in the right place. Let’s get started.

What Are ‘Goli Gummies’ and ‘ACV Gummies’?

First, let me explain ACV. ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar — it’s a vinegar made from fermented apple juice. ACV is reported to have a range of potential benefits, and while vinegar has been used for centuries, ACV really took off around 2017. Much of its reported benefits, such as for weight loss or to manage blood glucose levels, are not backed by a lot of research (note the Healthline article I link to above just says it may aid weight loss, may help lower blood sugar levels etc). But there’s enough going for ACV that many people take it, and in the years since it’s become popular, many people report to have gained all kinds of health benefits from it.

There’s just one problem with ACV: it tastes horrible. Very sour and unpleasant. And actually, you’re not supposed to drink ACV neat, not just because of the bad taste but because it erodes your teeth enamel and can potentially cause throat burns. It’s an acid, after all. And as many people have reported, no matter what you mix ACV with, it’s near-impossible to mask the bad taste as long as you’re drinking it.

The solution? infuse edible gummies with ACV. That’s exactly what the Goli Nutrition company has done:

Goli is by far the biggest supplier of ACV gummies. Let’s go through the product and the main questions people have about it.

How do Goli gummies taste?

The taste of Goli gummies very nice. Sweet and pretty close to real candy gummies. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even know that vinegar was in them. That’s because it’s masked by the many other ingredients: beetroot, pomegranates, carrot and blackcurrant, to name a few. There is of course some sugar in these gummies, but still very little (only 1 gram per gummi, out of 3.5 grams of carbohydrates).

Are there any animal products in Goli gummies?

No. Gomi gummies are vegan, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and gelatine free, at least according to Goli (as a disclaimer, I have not independently verified this, and am just taking the company at its word).

What is “the mother”?

In advertising materials for Goli you’ll see that they say “the mother” is included. In this context, that means the vinegar used is unfiltered and unrefined (i.e. unaltered), thus preserving its positive health benefits compared to if its bacteria was removed through filtration and refining.

How much ACV is in Goli gummies?

There is half a shot of ACV in each Goli gummi.

What do Goli gummies cost?

Currently $19 USD for a bottle of 60. Not going to break the bank if you’re taking the recommended 2-3 gummies per day.

Where can you buy Goli gummies?

On the official company website or Amazon.

How do Goli gummies compare to other gummies?

There are a few other companies that offer ACV gummies. I’ve compared each of them to Goli below:

Goli vs Wellpath: Wellpath offers pure organic ACV gummies that, like Goli’s gummies, have been very well received. There are a few differences, the main one being that there is a lot more sugar in Wellpath’s gummies (2.5 grams of sugar per gummi, compared to 1 gram in Goli’s) and more carbs. That probably won’t make much of a difference to your body compared to the total amount of sugar you take in a day, but if you’re on a diet or trying to limit carbs, you may do better picking a different brand. Like Goli gummies, Wellpath’s pure gummies taste good. Price is also marginally lower at the time of writing ($17 for a pack of 60, vs $19 for Goli). If you order Wellpath’s gummies on the website, you can get a monthly subscription for $17/month where you’ll get a new bottle every 30 days (not necessary if you don’t want it).

Goli vs BeLive: I love how BeLive’s gummies are sand coated. Reminds me of actual candy gummies I’d eat as a kid. But the main thing about BeLive’s gummies is that there is ZERO sugar, which makes it very different to all other ACV gummies on the market. So if you hate sugar or want to limit it, these are the gummies for you. I’d also recommend them for kids.  They’re marginally more expensive ($19.50 for a bottle) than Goli.

Goli vs Nature’s Trusted: NaturesTrusted gummies are some of the cheapest ($14.88 for a bottle of 60 on their website right now, with discounts for more bottles) and have high sugar content like Wellpath’s at 5 grams per serving. They taste great too. If you’re buying 3 bottles, the cost is only $34.88 right now compared to $57 for Goli, so definitely get these if you’re budget-conscious and don’t mind a relatively high sugar content. It may be worth mentioning that a small handful of people on Amazon have reported that they loved the first bottle they ordered of these, but the second bottle was bad. We don’t know about the validity of these claims though.

There are the 3 main competitors to Goli and they are all easily available (either on their official websites, or on Amazon).

Should you try Goli gummies?

If you like ACV or you want to try it for one of its reported health benefits, then I definitely recommend buying a bottle of ACV gummies! 

As far as which brand you should choose, that depends on you. Here’s how I’d summarize it…

  • If you’re looking for the best all-round ACV gummie and you’re not really fussed about minor differences, go with Goli.
  • If you care about cost and want the cheapest product, go with Nature’s Trusted.
  • If you don’t want sugar, go with BeLive.

If you’d like to try Goli gummies, as mentioned above, you can purchase through https://go.goli.com/outwittrade (that’s our personal partnership link with Goli) to get a significant discount (the discount % offered may vary from time to time depending on the promotions that are running).