Flodesk Review & 50% Discount Code

These days there are loads of email autoresponder services, and we’ve reviewed many of them (see our Sendy review, Mailchimp review and Constant Contact review). A new one is Flodesk, with the main selling point being that it’s designed to make it super-simple and super-easy to manage your email list and send out beautiful emails. To help you decide if it’s worth trying, we signed up and had a play around with it. Let’s get started 🙂

(If you’d like to skip straight to my verdict on whether I recommend Flodesk or not, just click here). And if you’d like 50% off Flodesk, sign up through this link.

Getting Started: Sending Your First Email With Flodesk

After signing up for a free account (they only ask for your email and a password) and verifying your email, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can choose a template for your emails:

Select a template of your choice, and then you can write your email using that template in the online editor. Here’s a screenshot of me messing around with it:

I was quite impressed with this editor. It’s intuitive and works extremely well. Click on something on the left (like an image, button or text), and then you can edit it with the menu on the right. I was able to edit everything I wanted, the way I wanted, without ever spending more than a few seconds.

After you’ve created an email (you’ll also have to enter your address to go on the bottom of your emails, as required by law), you move onto the next step:

Here, you’ll also add recipients for your email (probably by uploading a .csv file if you have an existing mailing list that you want to use with Flodesk), and then you can pick a time to send the email. Once you’ve sent your first email with Flodesk (and of course, for any email you send after that too), you can view some statistics on it:

The whole interface here is super-nice and flows very well.

Beyond writing emails within Flodesk, sending them and viewing stats on them, there are two other features of Flodesk: Forms and Workflows. Let’s take a look at these too.

Creating opt-in forms

The interface for creating an opt-in form for people to sign up for your mailing list works exactly the same as the interface for designing an email to send out. First, you select a template. For opt-in forms, these are the type of opt-in form like a popup opt-in form, full page opt-in form and so on:

And you can then customize the opt-in form, just like you customize emails:

The interface here, once again, is very slick. Once you create an opt-in form, you’ll be able to use it immediately. If you chose a full page opt-in form, as above, you’ll get a link where the form is and can be used. Here’s my example one:


Otherwise, you’ll get the code for your opt-in form that you can copy and paste on your site, and your form will show up:

Very nice. Let’s look at the final section of Flodesk: Workflows.

Creating Workflows In Flodesk

Workflows are email sequences that are automatically sent out to your subscribers. Say someone signs up to your mailing list, and you want to send them some initial email immediately, then another email in 7 days time, then another email in 30 days time (or whatever the case may be). Flodesk makes this very easy:

In this example, my workflow is as follows:

  1. Someone joins my mailing list
  2. They get an email immediately about some freebie
  3. 30 days later, another email is sent

Again, super simple. And that’s about all there is to Flodesk.

What do I think of Flodesk?

I love the simplicity of Flodesk. Of all the autoresponder services I’ve tried, this is by far the most well designed and easiest to use. It’s also the best autoresponder I’ve ever seen for creating beautiful emails, so if you’re in a niche where graphical emails are preferable to plain-text emails (beauty, fashion, cooking and many others), this may be your best choice.

I’m also surprised by their pricing: Flodesk just has a single fee of only $38/month (or $19/month if you use our link below) regardless of how many subscribers you have. I was confused at how they can offer this, as all other autoresponder services charge incremental fees depending on the size of your list. If you have a list of 100,000 people and email them every day, there’s no way that could only cost $38/month: the server costs would be far higher than that. Then I noticed this at the bottom of Flodesk.com:

They should probably make this more clear. So here’s the bottom line: Flodesk is catered for people with small email lists, and if you are a serious email marketer with a huge email list it may not be best suited for you (you can contact them and explain your situation and I’m sure they can advise).

For those with reasonably small email lists who just want a clean, simple autoresponder that requires zero technical skills and has beautiful email templates, I definitely recommend trying Flodesk.

NB: Another great autoresponder for beginners is SendFox (see our SendFox review), which you should consider along with Flodesk. Flodesk can send prettier emails than SendFox, but the advantage of SendFox is it has some cool automation features.

Where can I get 50% off Flodesk?

Sign up through our link here to get a 50% discount and pay just $19/month: a sweet deal. Otherwise, if you sign up directly at Flodesk.com, you’ll pay $38/month.

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