GetResponse Reviews by GetResponse Customers [IN PROGRESS]

GetResponse is one of the biggest autoresponder services that competes directly with other giants like Mailchimp and Constant Contact. Here are the comments and reviews GetResponse customers have sent us so far in response to this question:

 For people who have used GetResponse for email marketing, what was the experience like for you and would you recommend it to others? All comments welcome, positive or negative.

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We have been using GetResponse for over a year. We would recommend it to others.


The Tool is very intuitive and easy to use with 24/7 chat support.

We can A/B test up to 5 email variations which has been a key part of our automated welcome flow success.

We were easily able to integrate with our tech to automatically send new subscribers

We get enough data to clean up our lists to ensure our ability to inbox and keep off the spam list.


We can't export our opt-out list to scrub against other platforms.

--Jaimmie Riley, Digistore24 Inc.


I started my internet business back in the year 2000 and have used Getresponse ever since.

In an area which changes so quickly they are adaptive to the latest trends and I love the way they are always adding new functionality (like their landing page builders, funnel systems and automation).

One of the main reasons I recommend using Getresponse is their support.

They are fast to respond (I normally just use the live chat) and you can also get a real person on the phone if you want.

The #1 factor that has kept me using Getresponse all these years is this;

They GET email marketing.

They understand the challenges, objectives and goals of marketing via email.

I've had personal help from some of the upper management of Getresponse over the years when I've hit hurdles or snags with my email marketing.

In summary;

While there are other options out there, when it comes to straightforward email marketing, getting your emails delivered and standing out Getresponse is the way to go.

--Michael Cheney,


I was literarily shutting down GetResponse work when I saw this request.

We use GetResponse actively, and have been doing so for a year now. From the start we decided to use GetResponse for our marketing efforts, emails and landing pages.

We chose GetResposne because it includes email builders, list management, landing pages, funnels, integrations and webinars.. A decent toolset for the money and for our needs.

The platform itself is OK and is simply great in price to value and comparing to competitors. I'd say list management and email marketing - are very well built and amazingly streamlined. Everything you need is there and works just fine. Email deliverability is great - if you make the suggested tweaks to your DNS entries. The 'send at ideal time' feature is great. The live open map is amazing to watch once you launch an email. It is really fun. 🙂

Using GetResponse you may notice that the product is differently developed in different areas. The email and landing page builder are not the same. The former is obviously more advanced and works flawlessly. That being said, there are some bugs when working in the landing page editor. Especially annoying are the switches between web and mobile layout. And they can occasionally just rearrange the elements on it's own and without any major cause.

And this is where GetResponse kinda disappoints. Sometimes you'll scratch on the surface and see missing features or missing some obvious elements you'd think would be included by default. For an example, once a contact submits a form on a Landing Page - you can't figure out on which landing page that happened, unless you build a list for every landing page. And taking into consideration that managing lists is not so easy nor sending an email with various lists is not useful - this is really annoying.

At the same time, GetResponse's support is stellar. On live chat everyone is really helpful and will get you the answers you need really fast. On the technical side, they're willing to digest the issues properly and get the fixes and answers diligently, albeit, not so fast as one would like.

--Nikola Kozuljevic, ThreatMark


GetResponse is convoluted and I don’t recommend it.Using it for a year was not fun at all. Writing emails was difficult because of its complicated interface. Broadcasting content was difficult because of its inconsistent webinar feature. Our attendees always had a hard time joining the room, the audio-video view was never consistent with the volume, plus most of the time files don’t get shared with the attendees as the presentation panels would suddenly turn black ruining the slide flow. Its web builder wasn’t good either; it’s very limited, it takes hours to build something that can be useful both for desktop and mobile. The builder will show you a completely fine design, but it’s the complete opposite when you preview it on mobile. The platform is convoluted and didn’t really help with my marketing goals.

--Valentina Lopez, Happiness Without


I subscribed to GetResponse because of their workflows. Workflows enable you to customize your emails by setting actions based on your customer interactions. The workflows in GetResponse can be messy, but what I like is that if you do something wrong, the system will force you to correct it so that there will be no errors with the output. All was well during my one month free trial but when it came time to start paying the monthly fees, my workflows were disabled because for some reason they weren't included in the basic $15 a month package. I complained to support, and they ended up enabling workflows for me again for the same price which I thought was strange, but at the same time I wasn't going to complain!

One challenge I had was with editing emails. It wasn't as simple as just editing an email, saving it and hoping that it excecutes properly in the workflow. There were extra steps needed and thankfully support walked me through that.

Regarding support, their chat system was execellent. If I ever had a question, I would just enter a chat and I never had to wait longer than a minute to speak with someone. I always got an answer to my questions because the people answering knew their stuff. They didn't have to send a ticket to Tier 2 support where I would have to wait for the answer. On occasion for some complex issues I was having it did need to be escalated but I did receive an answer within 24 hours.

As my list grew bigger and bigger, so did my monthly fee. This is common with almost every autoresponder so can't fault GetResponse there. I only switched to a different autoresponder when I had an option to go with another company that had a yearly rate which included 50,000 subs. With GetResponse that would have cost me $300 a month with that many subscribers.

--Drew Mann, Drew's Review


I have used GetResponse for 2years, and used to send daily broadcast emails for an email list of 10k+. Getresponse interface is friendly, and their form codes integrate with many landing page builders smoothly. But GetResponse inboxing rate is a little lower than Convertkit and Aweber in my experience. When I send emails through Getresponse, I get 4-6% Open Rates, whereas the email sent with Aweber & Convertkit at 10% and 12-18% respectively (in my cases!). And I have tested it 100s of times, with the same email audience. Except that Getresponse is a good tool for beginners.

--Ankush Saurabh,


We've used GetResponse in the past for our email campaigns to our existing client base. I really only have positives to say about them.

Their online portal is easy to navigate, and setting up the campaign was very straightforward. We required some customization with templates and their customer service spoke with us to set up everything. Lots of companies don't provide customer service over the phone, so this was extremely helpful to us.

Finally, their pricing was extremely competitive for what we were needing and looking for. I'd highly recommend checking them out, and speaking with a representative to see if they are a good fit with your business.

--Matt Schmidt, Diabetes Life Solutions


We find GetResponse to be a reliable email marketing solution for small to midsize businesses. It’s perfect for businesses who are getting started with digital marketing. More experienced businesses who are looking for specific advanced features may want to look into other platforms.

GetResponse has an intuitive user interface and offers a surprisingly powerful marketing automation process. Creating an email campaign is quick and easy via the drag-and-drop editor and there are lots of pre-designed templates to help you get started with very little fuss. We especially like the Perfect Timing feature which predicts the best time of day to send our emails out and automatically delivers them at that time.

--Matt Bertram, EWR Digital


The software has a pretty user-friendly interface, which is why I opted for it initially and thankfully, it lived up to its expectations, as both my employees and I were able to get work across since day one. My work is mainly around marketing, so the advanced features of marketing automation sourced in GetResponse assisted me greatly in streamlining my work. However, since most of us spend quite a lot of our time on mobile phones, it was a little inconvenient for me to pay for the “max” plan, as without it, I was unable to sync my data to the mobile application. So, If you are like me, with endless work on smartphones, its best you keep this in mind!

--Robin Brown, Vivipins