SEO PowerSuite ( Review 2021: Decent, Not Perfect

SEO PowerSuite is an SEO tool for finding link opportunities, keyword analysis, monitoring the health of your website and more. It was first released in 2009 and has done reasonably well since then, claiming over “2 million users,” and is a competitor to many big companies including Ahrefs (see our Ahrefs reviews), SEMrush (see our SEMrush reviews), KWFinder (see our KWFinder reviews) and more. I just had some time to try SEO PowerSuite myself, so in this review I’ll go over its main features and write about how it compares to the competition.

This review was first written in early 2021, but I’ll try to keep it updated as new versions of SEO PowerSuite.

Installing SEO PowerSuite

Go to, fill out your name and email, and click the big green DOWNLOAD FOR FREE button. SEO PowerSuite is fairly big and bulky software, with the current install file for Windows being around 318MB. Double click on it once it’s downloaded and there’s a standard install process:

As you can see above, SEO PowerSuite requires over 1GB to install.

Using SEO PowerSuite

As you may know, SEO PowerSuite is divided up into 4 main components, each of which run as their own separate program. Here’s what they look like (“SEO PowerSuite Workflow” here is just a 100+ page pdf on how to use the software):

Let’s take a look at each one.


LinkAssistant helps you find link partners. Here are the things you can search for:

Enter keywords or a list of URL’s, and SEO PowerSuite will then crawl these URL’s or do searches with these keywords, with the goal of finding contact information of people who might be able to link to you. Here’s an example of a task running:

There are a couple of problems I had with this, first was that some searches seemed to fail (though this could be entirely because of my own internet, not due to any flaw with SEO PowerSuite):

The second issue is that the contact information SEO PowerSuite brings in the form of email addresses isn’t always the best, as it can bring back things that obviously aren’t real emails. Here’s an example:

Rank Tracker

Shows you search engine rankings for a given website. It works pretty well:

For ranking history as SEO PowerSuite advertises, I didn’t get any prior history for rankings for this website ( when I tried it. It may be that only from the time you’ve monitored a website with SEO PowerSuite will you be able to track its rankings from then on, but I’m not sure.

For the “keyword research” tools here, they’re nothing very interesting, and it seems SEO PowerSuite doesn’t actually come up with keyword ideas for you by itself (or tell you information on them such as how hard it’d be to rank for them or their search volume). Instead it just connects to your Google Ads account and pulls Google’s own data from there if it’s available. UPDATE: I was wrong about this, as SEO PowerSuite does show keyword difficulty. See

SEO SpyGlass

This was the most impressive tool in SEO PowerSuite for me. This shows you backlinks pointing to a website, anchor texts and more. Some screenshots:

At the time of writing, SEO PowerSuite picked up 1,456 domains linking to, as shown above. Ahrefs currently shows 1,893. It’s to be expected that Ahrefs would pick up more links to a website since its crawler is so active. I thought the SEO SpyGlass tool did a pretty good job overall.

WebSite Auditor

Picks up on things like indexing and crawl issues, redirects, broken links and so on:

Also reasonably useful, but definitely not the only tool that does this. One of the biggest factors for SEO, site speed, also doesn’t seem to be covered here (though there are plenty of online tools that can help you with that).

That’s a rundown of the 4 tools in SEO PowerSuite. Now for the main question:

How does SEO PowerSuite compare with other SEO tools?

When it comes to SEO PowerSuite vs Ahrefs, vs SEMrush, vs KWFinder, vs Moz, vs Ubersuggest or any other software tool, here’s what I think: SEO PowerSuite is not as good as the biggest SEO tools like Ahrefs, as it doesn’t have as much data and most of its features are done better elsewhere. Ahrefs beats SEO PowerSuite hands down for things like keyword research (Ahrefs is able to generate similar keywords from a given keyword and give you a reasonable idea of the search volume and competition, unlike SEO PowerSuite), finding backlinks (since their crawler is far more active in scraping the web) and for historical data. Ahrefs is also way more pleasant to use in my opinion, with the web interface being better than a big bulky piece of software. The features SEO PowerSuite has that other SEO tools don’t necessarily have (such as finding emails of potential link partners) are OK, but could definitely be improved.

Where SEO PowerSuite beats other SEO tools, though, is the price. SEO PowerSuite costs as little as $299/year, which may not seem cheap, but is vastly cheaper than Ahrefs which costs around $100 PER MONTH and goes up a lot from there. Moz, SEMrush and KWFinder are similarly quite expensive. Price-wise, the only thing that beats it is Ubersuggest which actually has a buy-for-life option and cheap monthly fees (coming out a little cheaper than SEO PowerSuite over the course of a year, comparing both of their cheaper plans). Ubersuggest, though, like SEO PowerSuite, also lacks some of the depth of functionality of Ahrefs.

Therefore, if you’re serious about SEO and willing to pay for the big gun, get Ahrefs over SEO PowerSuite. If you’re on a budget and want to save money, it’s worth considering SEO PowerSuite, as it has enough features and functionality to make it worth its relatively modest price-tag. Just have a look at Ubersuggest as well — as it’s of similar price to SEO PowerSuite, it’d consider it its closest competitor for a budget SEO tool that mostly does what the more expensive tools do.

If you’re new to SEO:

If you’re brand new to SEO, I strongly recommend educating yourself a little bit on SEO before buying any SEO tool mentioned above. We published a 20,000+ word piece with 100+ comments from all kinds of SEO’s on what they think the future of SEO is and how to do it properly, and I’d consider it essential reading to anyone doing any kind of SEO. Read our compilation of SEO tips here.

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