MonsterInsights Reviews By Real MonsterInsights Users

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This is a compilation of MonsterInsights comments and reviews that have been submitted to us (if you’ve used MonsterInsights yourself, you may add a comment here), with the goal of helping you decide if you should use it yourself.

Here’s the bottom line: MonsterInsights is a handy plugin for viewing your Google Analytics data within the WordPress dashboard, which can be more convenient than logging into Google Analytics in a separate browser window. It’s very beginner-friendly and many (most) users like it. But it’s not at all necessary. If you’re looking to save money, you should avoid it and just use Google Analytics directly. Beyond the cost if you’re going with the premium version of MonsterInsights, the disadvantage of it is it’ll make your site load a little slower, and some have said it reveals less data than if you use Google Analytics directly.

I’ve used MonsterInsights and I’m quite certain that it is not worth the money. It’s essentially a water downed version of Google Analytics with a hefty subscription fee instead. Furthermore, there are features missing from MonsterInsights that are available in Google Analytics but the reverse is not true. I understand that it presents your data in an easy-to-read format but that hardly justifies the price.

--Zack Gallinger, Talent Hero Media


MonsterInsights is the ONLY Google Analytics plugin we recommend. Normally, when we build websites, we simply add the GA tracking code manually. However, if the client wants easy access to the data from within WordPress, we set them up with MonsterInsights. We've had a few complaints to date (100+ managed clients with MonsterInsights).

If you're blogging or logging into your WordPress site often, the dashboard widget gives you a quick view of your traffic data, saving you a bit of time. For a busy business owner, this is a fantastic time-saver as they don't have to learn the Google Analytics ' interface.

For a business owner who works with a marketer, MonsterInsights is awesome because you get the best of both Worlds. The business owner can quickly check traffic data from her or his website, and the marketer/marketing team can have full access to Google Analytics for proper campaign and conversion tracking.

--Dan Bochichio, Bocain Designs


We gave found MonsterInsights really give a helicopter view of our site and traffic through Google Analytics right on our dashboard.

The presentation of data is very crisp, one can view data at various levels and drill down into the details or get a summary view. We are able to know how every detail of our traffic and their demographics which is really helpful in making decisions. We would definitely recommend the MonsterInsights plugin.

--Sandy Vyjay, Voyager - Sandy & Vyjay


In my opinion, MonsterInsights is not worth it.

They probably are the best WordPress Analytics plugin, but they aren't better than Google Analytics (which is free btw). And they don't have much of a competition.

Also, I really don't like the concept of having Google Analytics data inside mt WP dashboard.


Because it's so distracting. A while back, I tried MonsterInsights for a month and found myself check my stats every day. Sometimes multiple times per day.

And since back then my blog was new with barely any traffic, I'd always get depressed looking at it. It'd quickly vaporize my mood and productivity.

I don't like the fact that MonsterInsights makes traffic stats readily available for viewing, when maybe you shouldn't be viewing them at all.

Instead, you should be creating new content, targeting new keywords, promoting your blog left and right.

Once per week sneak peak into Google Analytics is more than enough to verify you're on the right trajectory when it comes to traffic.Anything more is an overkill and in my opinion, most blogger don't need to use MonsterInsights on their WordPress sites.

--Nikola Roza,


MonsterInsights is indeed the best analytics plugin for WordPress out there..

If you are new to using google analytics, it can be tricky to set up on your site and understand the different metrics and reports at your disposal but MonsterInsights solves that.

I’ll jump right into why I think it’s the best out there.


- A tidy dashboard that gives you easily comprehensible insights into your website’s analytics data.

- Setting up is really easy.

- Accurate reports and a plethora of tools are available to analyze audience behaviour.

Value for money

- Granted it’s a paid tool. But it’s the best one available at its price point. Or any price point for that matter.

- Reliable real-time reports that are derived from Google analytics and search console data can help improve your marketing strategy.


- For smaller sites with a lower budget to spend on marketing, GA would suffice.

- To track some advanced statistics you need to go the Google analytics.

- Inability to set up custom event labels into analytics

- The dearth of tutorials on how to use the dashboard effectively.

Bottom Line

I’d absolutely recommend MonsterInsights as it’s simply the easiest to use and the few issues it does have isn’t much of a hindrance.

--Sreejith, Fingent


I run a WordPress Development/Care/SEO Agency and have used MonsterInsights in the past and have a couple of current customer sites that use it. As a WordPress web professional and self-proclaimed numbers junkie, I see absolutely no reason for its use. Google Analytics and Tag Manager can run functional and performance circles around MonsterInsights. The learning curve to use these tools may be a little higher but the performance of the site and accuracy of the data more than make up for it. MonsterInsights just take the Google Analytics data and just slaps some training wheels on it with cookie-cutter reports and some basic tracking. Also, it adds yet another plugin to your (probably) already bloated plugin list which will impact site performance.

On the other hand, a novice or DIY site owner may appreciate the ease of use of the tool and the simple insertion of the Google Analytics tracking code into a WordPress site. Typically this is the type of user that is just looking at top-line analytics data, such as the number of visits and stopping there. All I can say, that Monster Insights is better than the JetPack site stats.

--Brian Ott, A Fearless Venture


MonsterInsights can make for a decent companion if you want to keep a track of your Google analytics data. I've used it for quite some time, but in the newest updates, they've added a lot more features which are an overkill for non-technical people, and I find the new interface a bit clunky. I may be biased because I'm a fan of minimalist plugins that are easy on the eye.

The amount of data the plugin now shows may be overwhelming to some, and you could do better with simple analytics dashboard plugins. Those won't put a load on the WordPress website and show data with utmost accuracy at the same time.

--Harshwardhan Singh, Work From Home Reviews


There are actually two plugins that I prefer over MonsterInsights for Google Analytics. They are not the most popular like MonsterInsights but I think they work just as well or better. One of them is from Google itself called SiteKit where you can get analytics, search console and more in one dashboard on your WordPress dashboard. The other one is called Beehive by WPMUDEV it is very clean and easy to set up and has great reporting functionality in the dashboard. Both of these are excellent sources of data and super easy to get started with. I have had Monsterinsights before and have many clients that use Monsterinsights and I just feel like it is very ad heavy and there is a lot when it can be a lot simpler.

--Cousett Hoover, Techie Mamma


MonsterInsights is a good plugin if you want to see some stats from your Google Analytics account. This is very helpful if you want everything in one place.

But MonsterInsights relies on Google Analytics where it fetches the data displayed on WordPress Dashboard. If you know your way around Google Analytics, you will be able to see the same data and more for free from the main source, not through a third party. Why spend money on a third party when the real deal is free?

After trying numerous Google Analytics plugins including MonsterInsights, I now prefer to access stats on Google Analytics than through a plugin.

--Mfon Abel Ekene,


I am a software developer and have been developing sites in wordpress for clients for many years. My new venture Mallonee Media tries to take the knowledge I have gained over the years to help small business owners create their own sites and keep costs down. With that said, one of the tools I use personally and would recommend to people would be MonsterInsights. Why do I like it? Well, firstly, it has a free version that is good enough for starting out. It provides an overall view of your site traffic without having to leave your site. If you need to drill down into more things it takes you to your Google Analytics account. Their setup wizard also makes setup very simple, which is a big plus for those who aren't too tech savvy. The interface is very well designed and easy to understand, it shows top pages and posts so you know where your traffic is going.

Then you have the Pro version, which is very feature rich and can break down your traffic to show you more user demographic info. It also has many features that go beyond basic analytics, such as: Affiliate link tracking, Compliance features and many custom reports.

If there's anything I dislike about MonsterInsights it would be that with the Pro version it can get pretty complicated. It's also a bit pricey for a simple blog or new business just starting out. The free version is an excellent starting point though to easily get insight into your site traffic right inside of WordPress.

--Andrew Mallonee, Mallonee Media


For an all-in-one analytics solution, I've found MonsterInsights to be worth it. They're certainly the best analytics plugin I've used. It was easy to install and easy to use, very customizable for the data we need, has a wide range of options available, and it allows us to export data for further analysis.

The biggest downside is the price, if you're operating a really small business, or especially just a blog or hobby site. Licenses are sold per site, too, so if you need to get the analytics suite on multiple sites, you'll be paying each time.

Personally I feel it's a far better solution than most, and certainly better than trying to make sense of Google Analytics data.

--Dan Bailey, WikiLawn


I use MonsterInsights on my site for one simple reason, a non-technical person like me can set up event tracking with the push of a button without killing site speed. We have a variety of affiliate offers and tracking the click rates by landing page is mission-critical.

A popular pro version of an affiliate plugin offers analytics, but the added javascript hurt server response times. Installing MonsterinInsights solved both problems without a fuss.

--Kevin Haney, Growing Family Benefits


I have a site on Wordpress and have been using MonsterInsights for a while now.

I think MonsterInsights has made it remarkably easy to connect our websites to our Google Analytics accounts. Tracking codes and all other things. The dashboard is very user friendly, the setup process is extremely easy. makes it extremely easy to get data for your website without having to login to Google Analytics. But sometimes for advanced marketing statistics, nothing is better than Google Analytics and the good thing is we don't have to spend much for the same data points MonsterInsights have for premium features. I would say it good for beginners only.

--Deepak Kumar, Einsstark


In my experience, Monster Insights is an unnecessary plugin that chips away at a website's loading speed. Granted, it's lightweight, but if bad practices aren't curbed then all these superfluous plugins add up.

Visitor analysis is done in far greater detail through Google's own dashboard. Why not add the tracking script and perform the number crunching where it works best?

Websites are first and foremost about delivering a great experience to the user. When I see Monster Insights installed, I see yet another plugin that needs vetting for speed and security.

--Bruce Sigrist, Phase Three Goods