Do Jade Rollers Work?

Jade rollers are a curious item. When I first heard of them, my BS-radar immediately piqued up — how is rolling a jade stone over your face supposed to help you? According to people who swear by jade rollers, they have numerous benefits: they can sculpt, tone, boost the glow of your skin, get rid of puffiness, improve circulation, make you look younger, improve the effectiveness of skincare products and so on (for pretty much every benefit you can think of relating to having better skin, there’s someone who says jade rollers will have that). But is that true?

Let’s investigate the evidence for whether jade rollers actually work, or whether it’s a load of nonsense.

First off, as of May 2020, there are no clinical studies proving that jade rollers have any quantitative benefits. Everything about how great jade rollers are, and all the benefits they bring, is nothing more than hearsay at this point.

Here is what TheBeautyBrains (a reputable podcast where scientists answer beauty-related questions) says about jade rollers:

If you like the feel of a facial massage, you might enjoy using a jade roller like this. But there is nothing magic about the composition of the roller. I’m sure you could get the same benefit out of a plastic roller that is shaped and painted to look like jade. (source)

The general sentiment on forums like Reddit is similar: jade rollers can feel nice to use, if you like massages. But there’s nothing magical about jade, and many other items (or any stone) could serve the same purpose:

they’re fun and i feel like they do relieve some puffiness for me, although i don’t feel like it’s a necessity in the slightest. you could probably get the same effect with a cold metal spoon (source)

Massage is actually really good for your skin to increase blood flow. That being said, you don’t need a fancy tool to massage your face. That being said, I’ve seen really expensive facial massage tools and if a $20 jade roller won’t break the bank, I say go for it. It’s very cooling and also feels good when you have a tension headache. (source)

After spending a couple of hours reading around on Reddit, all kinds of beauty forums and reading dozens of articles, I have yet to find anything other than anecdotal information from people who’ve used jade rollers. Not only are there no studies in favor of jade rollers, but to the best of my knowledge, no studies at all have been conducted on jade rollers. And given how strong the placebo effect can be (people take some medicine or use something that they hear has some effect, and they feel that even though it’s not doing anything), it’s hard to put any faith in any of the claims that jade rollers have big tangible benefits.

But if you’re curious about jade rollers, the good news is that they’re very cheap (usually around $20-30) and easily available on Amazon. If you’d like to try one, and you’re the type of person that enjoys cool face massages, I’d recommend getting one. You may enjoy using it and making it part of your daily skincare routine, even if (as I’ve stressed enough already) there’s no evidence so far that they’re anything beyond an ordinary item.

The bottom line? Jade rollers can be relaxing and enjoyable to use, and given how inexpensive they are, may be worth trying. Just know there’s nothing magical about them.

If you disagree with anything here, please leave a comment or get in touch with us. We’d especially like to hear from you if you have reputable, science-based facts you can share on some of the benefits of jade rollers.