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Is It Safe To Give CBD Oil To Your Dog? [IN PROGRESS]

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We’re compiling responses from veterinarians and CBD experts on whether CBD oil for dogs is safe, and whether you should consider giving it to your dog. So far we’ve received 2 very good responses from reputable sources and I’ll continue to add to this article as more comments come in. We’re looking for experts only to contribute to this piece. If you’re a veterinarian and are qualified to speak about CBD oil for dogs, please make a submission here.

CBD oil can be very helpful for dogs for a variety of reasons. They have an Endocannabinoid system, just like humans, and therefore reap similar benefits. Dogs are sensitive to THC, so look for products with <0.3% of THC for it to be safe to use on your dog.

You need to make sure it is a quality brand of CBD Oil for your pet or else it won’t have the positive effects. It should always be tested by a third party to ensure the dose on the package is the actual dose in the bottle, the terpene profile, and that there are no pesticides or toxins. This is called the COA (Certificate of Analysis), and should be available to the public.

CBD oil can decrease pain and inflammation, which helps our older, arthritic dogs! It also helps with seizures by reducing the frequency and severity of seizures. CBD Oil can also help calm anxious dogs with separation anxiety, noise phobias (thunderstorms, fireworks), and stress surrounding new environments. This also help older dogs with dementia sleep through the night, as many get restless as the sun sets (sundown syndrome). Research is also looking into helping dogs with skin allergies, so hopefully that will show some positive benefits!

--Dr. Tori Countner, Veterinarian, Balanced Pet Vet


CBD oil has become a go to treatment/supplement for many dog owners in the past couple of years. Although, like any other drug, there are side effects and concerns that arise with using CBD oils. So it is always recommended to speak with a veterinarian first before adding CBD oil to your dog's diet or as a treatment option. With the consent from a veterinarian and the right dosage, it can provide some health benefits.

The most common health benefits CBD oils provide are reducing the severity and frequency of seizures and reducing anxiety in dogs. Dr.McGrath, a neurologist from Colorado State University's James L Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital has conducted research which supports this claim of reduction in seizures. Her research can be read about here:

As far as anxiety, CBD oil works for dogs like it does for humans and works through the Endocannabinoid system in producing a sense of calmness. I personally know many dog owners who supplement their dogs with CBD oil infused treats before flights to calm their dog's nerves. One client told me her and her dog both take CBD oil for flights; she takes it so she's not having an anxiety attack on the flight worrying about her pet.

Other well known benefits include treatment of arthritis as an alternative to anti inflammatory medications, and to induce appetite. With the use of CBD oil, some dogs may regain its appetite after a hunger strike due to an ongoing illness.

As far as side effects, it can cause your dog to be dowsier than expected, vomiting,low blood pressure, and dry mouth. It can also cause damage to the liver if used inappropriately. CBD oil is yet to be approved by FDA, so it is very important that you discuss with your veterinarian about the usage and dosage. Some veterinarians may not even recommend it due to the lack of research, however, some of the more holistic veterinarians do.

Overall, with the CBD oil trending, it is tempting to try, and the benefits are great. With some research done, it can be presumed safe but it's always important to do your research and get the CBD oil from a reputable source.

--Sakura Davis, Veterinary Technician and veterinary consultant,


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