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We’re collecting user comments and reviews for WP Engine, with the goal of providing a real unbiased overview of whether it’s actually a decent service. So far we’ve got just 10 comments (if you’ve used WP Engine yourself, please make a contribution here) and will continue to update this post as more reviews come in.

Based on the limited input so far, here’s how WP Engine stacks up: most people so far speak highly of it, saying it’s worked for them just fine. Comments so far have also said that WP Engine has great support, which is never actually guaranteed with hosts these days (though if you do some searching beyond the comments that have been submitted to us so far, you’ll find not everyone speaks highly of WP Engine’s support). The downside for WP Engine based on what’s been submitted so far is primarily the price (see here and here, for example), and it’s almost certainly not the fastest WordPress host or the best at everything (see this comment).

I moved away from WP Engine some time ago, and I don't recommend it to my clients. In my experience, it's not a bad platform, it's just not the best at anything. If you want best-in-class hosting (at non-enterprise prices), hosts like Kinsta tend to outperform WP Engine in virtually every category: site speed, infrastructure, and user experience. If you're looking for a combination of cheap and fast, platforms like Siteground (very cheap) and WPX hosting have that and tend to do it better (again, in my personal experience). WP Engine isn't without its advantages, but I wouldn't call it the best Wordpress hosting.

--Perrin Carrell, ranq.io

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Here is our experience with this hosting provider:


- Fast and reliable customer support (that makes it a perfect choice for non-techie customers, how do I know for sure? Well, we've experienced many issues with our websites: backup,image oversize, error transferring from http to https,.. and whenever we contacted them for support, they always reply fast and quick, not like some others' companies' service support just for consoling customers and not actually solving real problems. The WPengine support team are all geeks and they will dig into the problem and find a solution right away)

- Secure hosting: During the time of hosting with Synthesis, and now transferred to WP engine, we never had a malware attack, or DDos attack,...WP engine backup website data everyday and if something bad happens, they just recover your recent website version in a heartbeat.

- Test site speed on their hosting: this meter gives you overview of your site's performance, and can be used as a reference point if you want to know how fast your site is running.


- Expensive compared to other hosting provider: their plans are much more expensive compared to goDaddy, bluehost, or other services, so it's not recommended if you are just starting a new site and your traffic is under 1000 visitors per month, but with established website or business website you can choose WPengine as a one-stop hosting solution.

--Thinh Tran, Air Gun Maniac

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I have been a WP-Engine customer for about ten years. A developer recommended them as being best in class, and I have had no reason to leave. During this time I have experienced zero downtime, my site was never hacked, and I have easy access to staging areas which make it easy to test changes without affecting the live installation.

These may not sound like compelling reasons to choose a provider. However, I have seen many other site owners experience devastating consequences with down-time, hacks, and the inability to change themes, plugins, etc. The peace of mind is priceless.

--Kevin Haney, Growing Family Benefits

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I've been a WP Engine customer for nine years. I've run three companies that use the WP Engine platform, including my current one.

I return to WP Engine because of its support team.

The technical stack in every business breaks, and WP Engine staffs and prioritizes for it. When something goes wrong, WP Engine fixes it.

You don't realize how much you need a great host until you realize how much you need a great host.

--Dan Green, Homebuyer.ai

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I've grown and managed 3 marketing agencies which has led to a lot of exposure to WP Engine, along with a multitude of other hosting providers!

We're fans of WP Engine. Having used countless hosting providers, their dashboard is easy to use and their customer service is great. Don't underestimate the dashboard and customer service, especially if you are a small business owner looking to manage your own site.

Whilst they're not the cheapest, you get what you pay for. In addition, for the performance benefits (in terms of load speed) the cost is highly justifiable, at least for the packages that we choose.

We have managed over 100 website's hosting and thus far, WP Engine offer the most cost effective option in comparison to the performance. This may change as they grow and we will always be assessing other options. However, for the moment they get our vote.

--Simon Ensor, Catchworks

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I have used WPEngine with a handful of websites, and I've had a really great experience for the most part. They have been very reliable for a resource-heavy ecommerce store I manage. I have always found their live chat support to be helpful and quick.

I usually recommend clients to WPEngine now, if they are looking for a a managed wordpress hosting solution.

--Mike Evans, Spice Digital Solutions

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We have been a WP Engine client for at least five years. Overall I'm happy with the tech setup and reliability of the service. In my opinion, WP Engine's number one strength is tech support. I often have questions about the install or servers and can quickly get in touch with someone via chat. The support team is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and dedicated to their work. We intent to continue working with WPE for the foreseeable future.

--Michael Alexis, TeamBuilding

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Our organization currently uses WP Engine for our WordPress site and we are mostly happy with it. First the pros. WP Engine has multiple environments for production and testing for each hosted site which is a great feature (but not a unique one). They have excellent uptime, we had mere minutes of downtime over the entirety of 2019. Also not a unique feature but a good one. They also really focus in on their claims of being 'for WordPress.' WP Engine has tools that review the WordPress plugins on your site and identify potential conflicts or broken plugins.

This feature particularly I think is the basis of their claim that they are the best for WordPress. Additionally they include some light themes and other plugins that are designed to add to the CMS' efficiency and speed.

In my mind there are two big drawbacks to WP Engine. The first is price. WP Engine is a fully managed hosting solution and this is reflected in their higher-than-average monthly rate. This leads me to the second big con in my mind, they don't have an easy to navigate or easy to access cPanel. Some hosting solutions make it easy to access your site's directories - this is not the case for WP Engine.

Overall, I think you could do worse. The fully hosted nature of WP Engine means that we can largely 'set it and forget it' which is great for business users with little interest in tinkering behind the scenes. The price is a sticking point, but the uptime and multiple environment features are both great.

--Benjamin Sweeney, ClydeBank Media

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Based on my experience working with websites under WP Engine hosting, it's really good. It’s one of the best Managed WordPress out there. It is pricey but you get what you paid for.

I've experienced a lot of good things on this hosting. They offer the best support, WP features like staging, caching, and easy backup/restore. They properly managed the optimization and security on the websites that is why they are one of the top names when it comes to managed WordPress hosting.

It may be a popular web hosting company, but it may not be right for everyone. Like other web hosting companies I encountered in the past years, WP Engine also has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages. I've listed this all for you to get my point across.


- Well-optimized for WordPress users

- Provides solid, consistent performance

- Simplifies the process of managing your website

- The entire support staff is comprised of trained WordPress experts


- Won’t fit into everyone’s budget

- WP Engine has a list of disallowed plugins. This means plugins you can't install on your WordPress website, either because they conflict with or duplicate WP Engine’s features, or cause a high server load

- No Domain Registrations, only hosting services. This means you need to pay for domain registration with another company.

--Nicole Garcia, Most Craft

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We had a great experience with WPengine. It's a very fast and very solid hosting service. However, the cost for WPengine got to be very expensive since we host many websites and it also doesn't handle email. We ended up switching to a cloud hosting platform that handles more, however, if we have a very high traffic website, we would consider choosing WPengine on a one off basis.

--George Kocher, Brand North

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