36 Wix Reviews From Actual Wix Users

You’re probably here because you’ve been bombarded with Wix ads where some celebrity tells you how easy it is to build your new website with them, and you want to know if it’s worth using. Founded in 2006, Wix does hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue, has roughly 3,000 employees, and has tens of millions of users (see its Wikipedia article) — so this is a serious company. But how good is it actually for building websites? And who is it best suited for? To answer those questions, we put out this query:

Wix is one of the biggest tools for building a website without needing coding skills, and we’d like to hear from Wix users on whether they’d recommend it. Positive and negative comments all welcome.

Below are the best replies we got, from a wide variety of Wix users. Here’s how I’d summarize them: like with other website builders such as Weebly (the main Wix competitor), Strikingly and Webflow, most people agree that Wix is super-easy to build a beginner’s website with, and it’s suitable for people who’ve never made a site before, have low requirements and are just making something basic. Let’s say you’re a baker in a small town and you want a simple, attractive site to show your opening hours, location etc. In this case, Wix will be fine for you, and may well be your best option. However, its simplicity has a cost — if you want to build a more advanced site and do some significant customization, Wix will be very limiting to you… and may lead to you pulling your hair out from its lack of flexibility and customization.

Perhaps this comment says it best:

“If you’re looking to make money online, then stay away from Wix. If you’re looking to make money in person and need a website, then Wix is for you.”

Many other comments (here, here, here, here and here, just to name a few) echo that. In short, the consensus is that if you are looking to build a high-traffic authority website with hundreds of pages, significant customization and all kinds of features, then you should not use Wix. Here are its problems and limitations if you’re building a non-basic website:

In the reviews below, you’ll find loads of them bring up 1 or more of these 3 problems.

That’s why if you’re planning on building a large, serious site that you hope will eventually get substantial traffic, you’re making a mistake by going with Wix. Use it if you’re completely non-technical and just want a simple website. For everything beyond that, it’s probably best to stay away.

I used Wix in the past, and here is my take on it:


You can build a website swiftly and without technical skills.

Wix has an excellent technical support team that is very responsive and collaborative.

The app market has a great variety of free and paid add-ons for your website.


Slow rendering and loading of the website, which affects SEO and user engagement

Many plugins and components are unflexible. For example, in some menus, you cant change the background, and you cant create neat tables. And once you chose a template - you cannot change it and become stuck.

You cant collaborate on Wix. Even the warnings that someone is working in the editor are sometimes false.

--David Morneau, inBeat

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I’m a freelance marketer in the UK and occasionally I get clients who want their website designed on WIX, or who have a WIX website and need it updating etc.

Positives - I think it’s a great platform for small businesses who want to get a website up a running fast and want to do most of it themselves. The platform is simple and easy to use in that respect, and is user friendly for those who don’t have much or any experience building websites.

Negatives - It just doesn’t have the customisations that you have when building a website on Wordpress. Some clients who have a WIX site end up wanting their site to do something that just isn’t that easy to do on WIX when compared to Wordpress, or their business gets bigger and they outgrow their WIX site and need to move to a site build on Wordpress. This can be quite frustrating for clients.

--Ben Webb, Ben Webb Marketing

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I agree that currently, Wix is one of the most popular website builders. This is a great tool for companies who just need to provide their online presence and don't require any custom feature or a fully functional, speedy, and custom solution. Another advantage is that Wix is cost-effective and you aren't required to pay hosting fee if you take their domain name as your subdomain.

As for me, Wix has more disadvantages, and I'll mention 2 of them I faced:

1. Low Speed: It takes to much to load the site

2. SEO Issues: The admin doesn't get an opportunity to accurately optimize pages, especially articles for search engines. While publishing articles there aren't special fields for meta keywords. As I understood from my experience, the platform guesses keywords from the title and description. Surely, it isn't possible to include all of them in. There isn't the possibility to add Alt and Title tags for images as well. So, visual content isn't optimized either.

If you ask my personal opinion if a company makes the decision to establish an online presence, then they should rely on custom solutions that meet their business requirements and help them to reach the target audience. SEO optimization and speed are 2 of the most important points in this regard.

--Vera Mirzoyan, AIST Global

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I’ve tried Wix before and it's a very good website builder since it has tons of options and features. It allows for creative designs that help you make your website stand out from the rest. In short, I’ve tried Wix and it’s definitely worth it.

However, I’ve studied coding ever since I was a teenager which is why I still prefer making my websites myself. The thing is, you’ll have more freedom and options when you’re making your website yourself. Wix may be an outstanding website builder but it still relies on templates that limit the things that you can do.

Lastly, you can do more SEO optimization on the websites that you do yourself since Wix sites tend to follow the same formats which don’t help them stand out from Google search engines. So my verdict it Wix is good and it’s worth it, however, making your own website from scratch is much more worth it, since you could do most Wix websites if you know what you’re doing.

--Kenny Trinh, Netbooknews

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I have used Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace and developed bespoke websites. Website builders such as Wix have a clear space within the market. They provide a very low cost solution to building a digital presence, i.e a website. Over the years, Wix and others have grown in complexity and flexibility, as well as the continual development of their own pre-fabricated templates. In turn, this has vastly improved the user experience and looked to close the gap with more bespoke websites.

The advantages of Wix are clear. It's a very low cost solution and provides a small business owner with the flexibility of making changes to their site without incurring additional costs from a web agency. In fact, we believe the market is shifting towards these types of solutions as they develop further. Designers may start to use drag and drop builders to reduce costs, as long as they allow for additional design flexibility.

There are disadvantages with the platform. We're biased, but from an SEO perspective, they can be rather clunky. Due to the drag and drop functionality the websites tend to have a bloated code base and whilst they are flexible within the drag and drop editor, they are particularly inflexible outside of this realm. Furthermore, whilst we all like to think that we can design and create attractive styles, the reality is that it requires experience and skill. Wix have looked to counteract this through clear sections within web pages and pre-fabricated templates but the fact remains that the end product will not be as tailored to your audience as a bespoke website.

--Simon Ensor, Catchworks

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Being a marine engineer I had little to no coding experience and so first went for Weebly ( Similar to Wix but fewer features ) and then finally to Wix.com in the starting months of my web blog shipfever.com. It was all easy to set up and customize; in fact, I hardly need to search on how to set up website on Wix. It's simple and more powerful, its drag-and-drop editor makes it superior to Wordpress which has a steeper learning curve and definitely not beginner-friendly.

On the downside, on Wix, you are limited to pretty much what you have in the beginning with little scope for improvement. I left Wix and switch to Wordpress when I find it was impossible to add both a native commenting system on my site and contributors with multiple accounts. Further on Wix, you can not add private posts or change the design later on without breaking the site layout. If you are a small shop, restaurant, or single blogger then Wix.com is great.

--Amit Abhishek, Shipfever.com

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I think Wix has a lot of positives; when I compared it to WordPress initially, I found it to be easier to learn (I don't know anything about 'coding' websites) and to still have the features that I wanted. It has a lot of great templates so your site can be up and running quickly and look pretty good. For sites that are just a blog, or have a few features, it is great.

However, on the down side, which is the reason I will probably end up switching to WordPress:

1- It moves things in strange places, and resets things you never touched. I put a picture, for example, on the right side of my blog page, which is going to link to another page, and at least 3 times it has moved it to the bottom corner of the page (where it looks really strange). I just found it again yesterday and decided to delete that part entirely just to prevent that from happening.

2- I am starting to see the limitations of it: a) you can't have your blog categories as a column next to the blog, and you can't create a 'categories' feature as a separate element that you can move around, etc. When I try to just add my categories, it adds them to the top, where they won't all fit, so it just looks strange. Because of this, I currently don't my categories on the page.

b) You can't create more than one blog element. I want to create another page just for visual (infographics, etc), and the blog element would be the easiest way to do that. If I try anything, though, in Wix, it will add it to my original blog too, which I don't want it to do.

c) This one was the biggest - I was unable to sell my products for a while because I didn't have 'geography' set up in their blog, but it didn't alert me to the issue. I kept wondering why so many people added items to the cart but never checked out, and I found out why when I attempted to purchase my own product. I ended up losing some sales over it. On top of that, I can't see each step in the funnel - what does the 'Thank you' email look like? What does the 'reminder' email look like?

Bottom line - Wix is great for a basic site (personal blog, small independent business store with limited or no e-commerce, etc), but if you want to build out an authority site, like me, or do a lot with your site, you'll get frustrated fast.

--Alex Evans, Pharmacy Compliance Specialists, LLC

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I know you asked for Wix users, which I am not, other than trying to help a few customers fix the disasters they created.

But I have written about why Wix is terrible: https://love2dev.com/seo/wix

Wix uses heavy front-end JavaScript and that is the big issue. Heavy JavaScript sites are slow because JavaScript blocks rendering. The sites I helped with used 3-5MB of JavaScript to render simple articles and landing pages.


From a technical angle Wix is a complete disaster. It is only designed to trick naïve business stakeholders into thinking they can design good websites without any knowledge of what they are doing. It simply does not work that way.

--Chris Love, Love2Dev

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We own a Web Design agency in New Hampshire and we used to build on WIX for some small business clients (appliance repair, landscapers, and dog training businesses). What we found after using the WIX platform is that building our clients' sites on Wordpress served them better from a Search Engine Optimization standpoint. After monitoring website traffic and organic rankings we ultimately decided to move away from WIX and build exclusively on Wordpress.

--Kyle Battis, NH Strategic Marketing

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We are an online traditional board games company, specialising in chess and backgammon. We previously were a user of Wix to construct our first website and certainly for the first attempt we did well on Wix and enjoyed working around the platform. Unfortunately it was when we tried to optimise our website for SEO purposes where we started to feel the limitations of a Wix Website.


Wix is a fantastic platform for an owner of a small business who would like to develop their own website and get there business visible on google. This again not requiring any coding and a very easy and comfortable drag and drop method. The platform is very easy to follow and ofcourse takes you through the basic steps of SEO to start your website and allowing it to rank on google.

Wix customer service is second to none. The technical speciality of these member is absolutely wonderful and they are always on hand to help with any technical issues 24/7. This can range to the smallest query or the largest that may require a small wait, Wix will be there to support you.

After branching out on other platforms. Wix has an all in 1 platform feel, where you are able to access all you need from the Wix dashboard. This can be you website e-mail or even your mailbox and hosting aswell as all the setting, Wix has a very easy and user friendly platform giving you all you need in 1 place.


Unfortunately one of the major factors that leads most users out of Wix is the very market it does target. Wix is well known for beginners and therefore comes with great limitations when it comes to editing and customisations. The platform itself definitely offers there customisations, however these can be a compromise between other details you may want to add for your platform such as SEO and allowing your website to beat your competitors in search engines.

Speed has been one of the well known factors by which search engines enable ranking. Again with this particular feature although claim to have boosted their speed, this does not appear to be the case and having researched and call their technical support team as to why a Wix website in particular runs quite slowly compared to fellow competitors and the answer pointed to their servers. Sadly Wix uses Java servers which require a large number of requests. This means that every time your website is clicked on by a visitor a request is sent to these servers, however in the case of Wix, the Java servers they use are significantly slow to the request sent out in comparison to other competitor website that may use different servers.

SEO optimisation can be a huge limitation of Wix as a platform. Again Wix gives the beginners a tour and a guide through basic SEO, unfortunately for a website wanting to climb the ranks of search engines Wix cannot provide you with the further customisations required. Speed is again one of them, due to search engines paying attention on the speed and loading times of a website, this will automatically e taken into account and search engines will feel there is a less need for a slow website to rank higher on google. Unfortunately this will mean it can be very hard to climb search engine ranks but even if successful this may not last long at all.

--Rizwan Girach, Chessgammon

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I have always had an interest in making websites. I am not a professional, it was just a fun hobby to me. After making a few affiliate sites on Wix, I knew it was the only platform that I wanted to use when a website was needed for my new company. Wix offers an easy to use interface packed with features for any type of business or ecommerce store (i.e. forms, forums, reservations, payments). There is also a plethora of options which help support managing the ongoing of your site such as analytics, blogs, social media integrations, and SEO.

The seemingly endless amount of templates to choose from are appealing to any type of category business. Plus, they are easy to customize and there are additional options for more experienced web designers. If you want to make a beautiful and functional website, I would highly recommend Wix. You won't be disappointed!

--Cassandra Leite, New England Foundation Crack Repair

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I currently host my business site PredictableDemand.com with Wix, and have hosted several other sites there in the past. I have moved all but this one off the platform, and soon I will move this one too.

Wix is great for spinning up a website quickly. With minimal technical expertise you can very easily create a website that looks good and contains basic functionality like slide shows, and contact forms. But, making things easy comes at a cost. I found the site to be slow to load, which was affecting search performance, and it lacked advanced features for optimizing the site for SEO, and responsive design.

If you're serious about optimizing your site for search, user experience, and cross platform performance a platform like Wordpress will serve you better.

--Mike Ciulla, Predictable Demand, LLC

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The positive side of using Wix is you can get an outstanding design within a few minutes. No complexity and no issues. Everything is streamlined. Plus, you can get additional services such as marketing and SEO on top of your website.

The downside of using Wix, is when your website gets very big in terms of content and number of pages, managing and maintaining it becomes very hard. It will become like a second job if your website becomes more than 10 or 15 pages.

All in all, it is a great tool for bloggers and personal branding.

--Houman Asefi, houmanasefi.com

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I used / use Wix — and I absolutely love it.

Incidentally, I used to be a full-fledged web designer and would charge people upwards of 10K to do websites! I worked on Wall Street (pre 9/11).

I’ve designed websites for Fortune 100 firms including Merck (built the Pepcid portal which amusingly is now being touted — not by Merck — as a Covid cure. LOL), Merrill Lynch’s intranet, AT&T (ugh!), and many more! I still have those screenshots.

Anyway, back to Wix…

I know code, and I don’t need to know code with Wix. It’s ideal for that as well as:

1) Really is WYSIWYG!

2) Drag and Drop

3) Contact and sales forms not only work, they’re intuitive and user responsive!

4) Animation!

5) Full Social Media integration and customization of how it looks — not just links to your socials!

6) Upgrade plans allow so much more

I know for many people, the act of registering a domain and then finding a web host is the first step that stops them in their tracks. Wix does it all.

I don’t work for Wix. I pay them every month.

--Stefan Pinto, stefanpintophotography.com

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Running my agency we have built and worked on hundreds of Wix sites and thousands of other sites across a range of other content management systems so I can hopefully provide some insight.

Wix is a great system. Particularly for small businesses or one-man bands or people that just want a relatively simple website that has practically no technical overhead. Is it the best website CMS? I don't think so, but it certainly provides a reasonable platform for small businesses.

Where Wix starts to show it limits a little is when you are engaging in any serious SEO, online ads (Google or social) or content publishing efforts. The platform just does not have the robust analytical flexibility that you can get with a self-hosted system like WordPress. WordPress is just a more open and flexible system that better supports a wide range of digital marketing tactics.

Our philosophy at Bowler Hat is to use the path of least resistance for a client. If their needs are simple and they don't want excessive running or maintenance costs then Wix can be a good fit. If the business is looking to run Google Ads or social campaigns we will then generally want to look at system like WordPress with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to help us track the success and optimise the ad campaigns. There will be more costs here to maintain and set up the platform, but this will be more than covered by the savings made through the optimization of the ads.

Wix is just one of many tools available for building websites - the trick is to find out what is the right tool for your business and your unique situation and ensure you pick the right tool for the job.

--Marcus Miller, Bowler Hat

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I've used Wix on multiple occasions both for myself and for clients. While many SEO experts I've talked to don't recommend it due to its lack of SEO options and backend development, I think there are situations where it would be best. For example, for student portfolios or local/small in-person businesses that don't do online ordering.

In these situations, an easy-to-build website is all you need. Wix boasts one of the easiest website builders around. In addition, it can even walk you through building a website of your own if you can't afford to pay someone. People can build their portfolio and link to it in applications or emails. Businesses that don't want a website can have a simple one to please Google Maps.

Outside of those situations though? Use a website builder better suited for SEO and online growth.

--Ashley Madden, Helianthus Advising

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I've used most of the website builders such as Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Blogger, and others. Wix wound up getting a bad reputation in years past because for a period of time there was a glitch where Wix sites weren't being indexed by and while that issue has been fixed that bad reputation has stuck around, though I would say their reputation among bloggers, web designers, etc has grown better.

One other criticism of Wix is that being a drag and drop editor it leaves sloppy code and slows down sites, though that could be said of Shopify, Squarespace or any of the other WYSWYG website builders out there though I would say Shopify and Squarespace are cleaner.

The positive of Wix is it's incredibly easy to use for even a complete beginner. It can allow a novice to get together a nice looking site or blog and tools like email marketing and other marketing tools are neatly built into the site. The downside with that convenience is that it's somewhat limiting in terms of what email marketing or push notification apps or tools you can use as your limited to what's built into the Wix interface and platform.

--John Frigo, My Supplement Store

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When we started with our agency, we were looking for a platform that would allow us to scale our business. And we founded it in wix. Here is why:

Wix is an advanced creation platform that provides not only a website builder, but a business builder!

Their website builder is pretty much straight forward, we can create good looking websites in hours and we do not even need to code. But the thing is, we can, if we want. We are not limited to any restrictions. Within the builder wix itself provide apps for different niches likes hotels, restaurants and so on, that are build for the specific needs in this niche.

When it comes to convert website users to customers wix provides chatbots, automations and a CRM to increase speed, efficiency and user experience to boost our business and the business of our clients.

When it comes to growth, Marketing is a big factor for any business. Because of that wix built their own marketing platform within the platform, called Ascend. With Ascend you can do Email Marketing, Photo and Video editing on a new level. Since all customer informations are automatically stored in their CRM you can use them handsfree for your marketing purposes without touching any data.

They also provide us a mobile app so we can engage faster with our website users and respond to their questions.

In the wix partner program we get direct support and business lessons on how we can improve our business and scale it - that’s really awesome.

The whole platform make our agency life a lot easier and we are happy that we chose wix over every other website builder platform.

--Max Runge, RocketWM

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I’m not a developer, coder, or even a “techie” person, however, I’ve managed to build well over 100 websites over the years using just about every platform available, including Wix. So I do feel like I have information that I can contribute to this topic.

If you’re looking to make money online, then stay away from Wix. If you’re looking to make money in person and need a website, then Wix is for you. Confused? Let me explain!

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with website builders like Wix over the years. Website builders are so easy to build, launch, and maintain that it’s tempting to go for it without any other consideration regarding your needs. This is especially true if you have no coding skills and very little technical abilities. Over the years, I’ve built well over 100 websites for myself and for others, and I’ve done it all without any coding skills whatsoever. Many of those were on the Wix platform.

However, I’ve learned that if you have a desire to generate a serious income through your website, then a website builder like Wix is not the platform for you. You do not have the type of control over the platform that you have over a self-hosted site.

With that said, there are many people that don’t need to make money online, they just need to showcase a certain service or they need a good looking site that will point customers to their brick and mortar business. Gyms, Dentists, Childcare facilities, Accountants, Consultants, Restaurants, etc. These are businesses that need an online presence that looks good, is affordable, and is easy to maintain. Wix is perfect for them because it removes the maintenance aspect of a self-hosted site. No more dealing with plugin issues, mobile issues, Google Analytics warnings, or site security. Wix is perfect for them because it manages all of the traditional issues for a reasonable monthly fee.

--Pedro Carrion, Easy Kitchen Appliances

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I have used Wix website builder to create my real estate agent website jefflos.com. The tool is extremely simple to use with a drag and drop interface. It also offers lots of easy to implement things like moving banners.

I have noticed a few problems however:

1. Twice now the blog page which drives the majority of my traffic has had canonical issues. This means that google is no longer able to index these pages. I fixed this by changing the URL to a new name and then back again. Although an easy fix I am unsure why this happens and causes a decrease in traffic.

2. Customer support is slow, i emailed them about the canonical issue and they took 2 days to respond. This was during COVID times however I figured out the problem before they responded and if I didn't, two days with lower traffic is a major issue.

3. The code makes a beautiful website however it isn't optimized and causes slow loading times for mobile. Google recognizes this and lowers the SEO value as well as it is noticeable for users.

4. Blog page could have some additional features added to it. The blog page doesn't allow for things such as banners or other features and really only allows for the standard text and image insertion. Having some of these features that are available on the regular pages would help make it pop.

Wix has been a great tool that was really easy to learn and was the most intuitive for me after trying a multitude of other website builders. I think that it is easy to make a professional looking web page without having to know any coding or looking up custom plugins. I would recommend the tool for anyone looking for a semi basic website and doesn't want anything very custom. Wix almost always have a half off sale, so time it right and you can get a pretty good deal!

--Jeff Los, Jeff Los Real Estate Agent

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Yes, Wix is one of the biggest tools for building a website without needing any technical or coding skills, BUT it has a nightmare.

I'll be straightforward to my point. I've once created a website on Wix and populated it with over 300 articles.

When I've decided to move to a self-hosted website, they simply said that this is not possible.

I had to manually transfer each and every article. The thing that has caused losing all evaluation, reputation, and Google's rankings!

For people who are interested in raising a healthy content website or a blog for years to come, Wordpress tends to be the optimal solution.

For ecommerce purposes, there's nothing in life similar or even close to Shopify.

These two platforms give you control over everything and don't set any limitations for the amount of traffic your website can receive.

And the only nightmare that Wordpress has is the conflict that can happen between plugins or a plugin with a theme...

So, picking a professional theme will help you avoid 90% of the chances of getting in trouble.

--Odeh Ahwal, EcomDimes

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I've used Wix in the past, before they fixed a lot of problems in their platform. While they have made improvements over the years, there are issues that prevent me from returning to Wix over their competitors.

One major disadvantage today to the Wix website builder is the inability to add Pinterest Rich Pins. For many niches, Pinterest is a valuable source of traffic, and these rich pins add more information to entice your reader to click through to your website.

Wix makes it harder to gain traction with Pinterest, and with some niches already very competitive, the lack of rich pins makes it harder.

--Ben McLaughlan, Easy Mode Media

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Every CMS has its positives and negatives and Wix is no different, this is why there is room for them all in the market, as they all bring something a little different.

Wix is fantastic for those that want simplicity and to get something made straight away and it is incredibly intuitive in helping you get started with a website or store that looks professional. So ease of use is one of its main benefits.

The sacrifice for ease of use is customisations, Wix is very limited in terms of how it can be customised compared to the likes of Wordpress which has a much greater level of support and customisation options. For almost any website need you can think of, there is a plugin for it that you can get with WordPress as every problem you'll encounter has been faced by someone else and someone has also come up with a solution for it. This is great for those that want to take things to another level beyond a simple website.

One of the other issues with Wix is it tends not to be very SEO friendly. As there are a host of plugins designed with SEO in mind for WordPress and to help your website get found, the functionality with Wix tends to be more simple for this and this can be a significant drawback.

In short, I would say Wix is a great entry-level website builder to help you, just like a set of training wheels on a bike, but once you're ready to break free from them, you might be left wanting more than it can offer.

--Shae Vian, LearnDojo.org

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We used Wix to build our first website ever. While I can confidently say the building process is extremely easy compared to other website builders, I would not recommend Wix to anyone that that plans on doing a ton of internal editing to their site. The builder is a disaster for webmasters, and even worse from an SEO standpoint. Wix is great for anyone that wants a simple website or blog, but if you are going for a more complex site, I would recommend pursuing other options.

--Ryan Roller, Bead the Change

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As a start up entrepreneur, I didn't have the money to invest with a website designer so I built my own website on Wix and I would consider it worth it.

The investment in Wix was well worth it as compared to other options for creating a website. You can start with a free version of Wix, but I decided to pay so I could use my own URL. There are many templates to choose from and you can literally have a simple website up and running within an hour or so. I like all the plug-ins that are available such as the blog and testimonials. There are also many tutorials on Wix that I used to learn how to do things when I got stuck. A few times I had to resort to going to YouTube to get more in-depth guidance on certain things, but overall Wix is super-easy for the novice to use. I was also able to easily and inexpensively add a store and cart to my website when I published my book to enable people to purchase the book from my site.

Now the downsides, the Wix website would sometimes get a little glitchy and wouldn't allow me to grab an element and move it. That resulted in some frustrating times when I was under the gun to make changes and it wasn't cooperating. Usually I found that if I came back later that my experience was different. I have been told that Wix sites are not as good for SEO as WordPress or Square Space sites. There's also a trade-off between ease-of-use and flexibility. There are some elements where you are limited, for example, in the font you might want to use, or you can't easily move the order of testimonials around, but I recognized that it was the price I was paying for not knowing HTML or paying someone to create a site for me from scratch.

Having had my site up and running on Wix for a couple years now and I am now working with a professional website designer to build my website on WordPress. I have the money now to invest with a professional and while I value having someone else do the design, it's also helpful to have someone advise me on best practices.

Overall, I would recommend Wix for someone who needs to get a website up quickly and cheaply. Just recognize that there is a trade off between the cost and ease and flexibility and SEO effectiveness.

--Terry McDougall, terrybmcdougall.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#ryan

I have been using WIX for a very long time, over five years now. My website, Domain-inventory.com, is entirely the result of WIX services.

The positives:

- Easy use. I am unfortunately no master of HTML, and while I realize

that it's better to design an HTML site, I found learning it too complicated.

- Lots of images, videos, background colors, and short videos can be incorporated into a site, as well as themed text and titles.

- Many apps and forms for all kinds of business and blogs are available.

- You can always go back to a previous version of your website.

- It offers both versions, a desktop and a mobile one.

- WIX checks for SEO errors and easily guides you to correct any errors.

- Support, when needed, is excellent.

- There are many apps to choose from, with free trial versions.

- Use a free version with the WIX title or use your domain.

- It's always up, never had any downtime.

The negatives:

- WIX users need to be aware that they do not own the website created with WIX; in other words, you cannot take your site with you and not transfer it to another host or provider.

- Editing does not work on a tablet or smartphone, but I prefer to work on a MAC.

--Nicco Schaal, domain-inventory.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#nicco

As CEO of a tech publication I pay close attention to website builders. They represent a huge opportunity for many to create websites at a low cost.

WIX is great if you stay on the rails.

One of WIX's biggest claims is that you can use their WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor to create a simple and responsive website. And they deliver, as long as you use their templates.

Each template and element come with a certain behavior that is applied as the screen size shrinks. On a tablet elements may be a grid. On a phone they'll be a list.

If you attempt to go outside of the templates, those elements may not behave as you expect. Worse, you may not realize it until you publish your site and pull it up on your phone.

To maximize the benefits of WIX, take time to become familiar with the prebuild elements that are available to try to always use one of them. Just because you can get it to look good in your editor doesn't mean it'll look good once it goes live.

--Shayne Sherman, TechLoris

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#shayne

As a general rule, I would suggest staying away from the point and click website builders as you don't end up with any true website ownership. You don't own your website, you lease it from Wix. If you decide you want to move to a different provider in the future, you cannot just move your website, you need to completely rebuild it.

Wix's value proposition of being a simple and streamlined website maker for anyone without coding knowledge is no longer enough of a reason for users to choose them as the platform of choice. Many of the popular hosting companies make it easy to purchase a standard hosting package and install WordPress, the number 1 open source website platform, with only a few clicks. It is very easy to set up and configure a WordPress website without any coding knowledge.

--Darcy Burk, Burk Digital Factory

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#darcy

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Wix! I love Wix and the platform they offer to design websites without using coding! I have used Wix for close to 10-years to create my websites and websites for clients. I have seen the company evolve over the years and offer a wider variety of services. The results of their creative evolution is reflective in their ratings among their competitors. Here are some of the pros to why I have chosen Wix over others:


1. Visually, their design templates are beautiful and fresh

2. Design flexibility & creative freedom

3. Great help videos & tutorials

4. A variety of apps to enhance your website design

5. Design editor is super user-friendly

6. Reasonable pricing

7. SEO optimization


I have ONLY one drawback to using Wix, and that is if you desire to change your website template, you must design your website from scratch. I only mention this because I recently changed my website template, and I dreaded having to start from scratch. So, what I did was, I copied and pasted the content from the previous version, but unfortunately, I still had to redo any customized features I had on the last version of the website!

Overall, I rate Wix as my favorite website builder provider! Here is to website builders everywhere and to Wix for making website designing easy for us non-coders!

--Ceola J, ceolaj.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#ceola

We have worked on many clients' websites who originally built a website (usually as a complement to their mobile app) through Wix. While easy to use, web development is not a case of if you build it, they will come. SEO is extremely important. Not only is Wix not set up to help users optimize their on-page rankings, but they won't even be able to view their site's stats (users, demographics, sessions, conversions, bounce rate, etc) unless they pay to upgrade their Wix package. Wix is the Sprint Airlines of websites - seems like a great deal upfront, but ends up being a bad value and bumpy ride overall.

--Katie Zillmer, KitelyTech

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#katie

My company currently uses Wix and we absolutely recommend it. Not only for aspiring entrepreneurs but established business owners alike. Their platform is simple and basically self explanatory. In addition if there is something you don't understand its almost guaranteed that you can find answers in their search engine within the platform. I especially love the adi option that pretty much builds the site for you. All you need is some basic information and a vision. In about 10 minutes you have an entire site built and can add/change some media and voila! Your live!

The only con I have is that they do not have a customer service department in its traditional sense, everything is via a chat but they are very responsive and helpful.

They have analytics that are helpful as well as hosting webinars on gaining better traction for your website via several avenues they offer like blogging, newsletters, and announcements.

--Maisha Rush, Rush Consulting Firm

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#maisha

Wix is GREAT for Beginners... But No So Much For Pros: When I first wanted to create a website, there were a multitude of options to choose from. My brother recommended to me that if I wanted to dabble in the creation of my own website, Wix would be a great choice for beginners. So I bought a plan from Wix and started to make the website of my dreams. Unfortunately, that did not happen. Overall, the look and feel of a personally made website is not really as great as a professionally made one. I’m sure many of you can understand that Wix can be really good if you need a page to start up with - but if you’re looking for cool features such as adding a newsletter, drop-downs or better structuring for your information, Wix lacks the infrastructure for those things. I would definitely recommend Wix as a beginners tool to create your first website, and it’s not that expensive either. However, you get what you pay for, and the amount of time you yourself put into building your website might come with diminishing returns. If you’re someone who wants a really great website, built custom to your needs and what you want your potential clients to see, going to a web developer (who will be more expensive) might be the right route for you. You can spend all the time you want into building a website, but if you’re not sure of how to make your site enticing and representative of your company - outsource to someone who knows what they’re doing. Which is what I did.

--Eugene Romberg, We Buy Houses In Bay Area

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#eugene

We started a Wix site called Oroxy.com in 2017. The site has since been taken down and we’ve moved on to our new site GameCows.com on wordpress, but I have some insight for your readers on using Wix.

When we started our Wix site we tried to do a little bit of everything. It was a solo female traveler blog, store, and guide for travelers going solo. Actually building the Wix site was very easy. We had it up and running within the day, and it was very easy to use the website builder to get everything just how we wanted it.

If we were using it for a fun project it would have been perfectly fine, but we were trying to start a business and that’s where issues started to pop up. As a store, they had very limited options on how you could display products, and you had to use their apps for integration. It’s very limiting unless you go with something they specifically approve. They also didn’t use RSS feeds at the time so every product page had to be input by hand.

Wix claimed to not be hindered by SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but everything in the back end is a mess when you look at the code for their web builder. It’s incredibly difficult and most times impossible to add custom code to the website.

In all I’ve found it to be easy to make a pretty website, just not a functional one. Every time we wanted to add something new to the website we would have to fall down a rabbit hole of workarounds until the entire site was held together with hopes and dreams. We’ve since gone to Wordpress with our new site GameCows, and we haven’t looked back.

--Bryan Truong, GameCows

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#bryan

When I launched my business in 2017, my online store was not a priority. As a brand, I had other avenues of promoting the brand and we were selling predominantly through our distributors. We knew we needed a website however, though not necessarily a full blown online store. My co-founder and I decided to go with Wix due to its purported ease of use. We tried it out and we loved it. A functional website was up in a few days. In 2019 we wanted to decrease the reliance on distributors and start promoting our online store as a sales channel.

Although we liked the ease of use of Wix, Shopify blew us away with the native functionalities and added functionalities via numerous Shopify apps. Since our team grew and we could rely on some coding help, we also did custom development on the website which would not have been possible on Wix (you can only add code on top of existing code in Wix). I also have to say that although we've received good customer support on Wix, Shopify support went beyond that by prompting us for questions and giving more store tips even when we didn't ask for it.

--Minnie Ang, Souffle beauty

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#minnie

I’ve been using Wix for years and highly recommend it for someone that may not be very tech-savvy and wants to quickly be able to whip out a cool-looking website. Its drag & drop feature makes it super easy to customise and change things to your liking, and they have plenty of things you can add - from video blocks to sliding galleries or contact forms. Even knowing my way around Wordpress, I still prefer Wix.

I’d say the downside is the price, as depending on your needs, it can get a bit pricey, but I’ve never paid for any other website platform so I don’t quite know the difference. You can also pay a bit more to have access to Ascend, which allows you to have an email list and send emails on the Wix platform, send invoices, automate your messages - a lot of cool stuff.

--Silvia Pinho, thesilviapinho.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#silvia

I have used Wix in the past, but ultimately decided to use Wordpress. The biggest advantage to Wix, is also it's biggest disadvantage - it's an all-in-one solution. This means that while it's easy to set up, simple to use and affordable, you lose the ability to change your host or use themes, plugins and other elements that are not exclusive to Wix. I found that I wanted to have more control over my site, but Wix is a great option for new businesses or online stores that want a simple, easy to use platform with a shallow learning curve.

--Michael Greig, NinjaBudgeter

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#michael

From a small business prospective, Wix.com is fantastic. At first learning how to navigate the dashboard seemed daunting. However, Wix does guide you step by step in order of what they believe you should do. The wide range of tools and plug in apps, like drop shipping, makes it very convenient and customizable. You feel like your online store can be open from the moment you go live. As well as the variety of themes and templates for your website model make it feel unique. The fact that you can easily link your social media and analytic tracking for google and Facebook with ease makes the experience feel more professional. And, Wix walks you through SEO for every page and can help you start ads and email campaigns, for extra of course.

The things that I did not like about Wix were as follows: The constant reminder to publish the site before it was completed. To even see some templates and potential options you have to upgrade your website plan first, which is paid in one annual lump sum. By the time I decided this was what I wanted, I was more than halfway through my design setup and did not want to start over. The add ons, such as your email for the site, automations and other plug ins can be well worth it, but they all are separate small costs that can add up quick.

Overall, mysticembrace.com took me about 7 days to create with all the pictures, individual section customization, store product designs with correct size uploads, SEO, Social media links and other small things you would not realize go into making a website.

I feel Wix.com is well worth the effort and would recommend anyone use it, patiently.

--Bryan Reichartz, mysticembrace.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#bryan2

I have used many other website building platforms in the past like Wordpress, Squarespace, GoDaddy, and Shopify and I by far prefer WIX. I believe their editing tools are not only the most user friendly but also the most customizable without having to code. WIX editor basically has 3 tiers. The easier editor will provide set templates for you to follow. With this editor you only have a limited amount of editing options and there are a lot of aspects you cannot change from the set template. I’ve found that this is very similar to Squarespace and GoDaddy, very limited editing. The second tier is my preferred editing tool. It does not require code yet has almost endless editing options and is completely customizable. There is almost nothing that I haven’t been able to do or change to my liking using this editing software. It might seem overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of the tools it is very easy to use! The third tier is coding which I haven’t personally gotten into but I love that if I decided to code my website or a website for a client I do have that option through WIX. All in all I couldn’t recommend WIX more. It’s easy to use, very customizable, and I think it’s a good fit for anyone looking to create a website no matter what industry or profession!

--Emma Musto, Musto Media & Marketing

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#emma

We’ve built 3 sites on Wix using paid plans. A non-profit educational site, a Background Check site (with e-commerce), and plumber site.


  • Great customer service support with issues (wait time usually around 5 minutes)
  • Clean modern templates with numerous high resolution videos and images
  • Simple software builder, great for beginners
  • Easy to update Meta tags, header tags
  • Easy to install blog
  • Great mobile-friendly sites
  • Ecommerce options are not bad at all
  • Email automation is quick and simple


  • If you’re adding more than 2-3 widgets and/or videos, your site will lag. When doing site audits, it looks like there are way too many number of requests to the servers.
  • Blog postings are extremely limited – unable to add anchors, save blocks for future use, only h1 and h2 headers available
  • Slow editor at times and glitches
  • SEO options are limited.
  • Add-ons are almost unusable
  • Pricing is a bit high

Overall it’s an amazing platform for beginners and companies that are interested in setting up a site that will look visually appealing. We prefer it to Squarespace and Shopify. Some concerns to me are the SEO issues as we are an advertising platform. We’ve noticed keywords take a bit longer to rank compared to Wordpress; however, it’s completely possible to do so.

--Carlos Crameri, CuriousCheck

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/wix-review#carlos

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