Why You Should Start A Hobby Blog — 28 Bloggers Share Their Stories

These days it’s never been easier to start your own hobby blog and write about whatever you find interesting, and I encourage everyone who’s thought about it before to go ahead and get started. There’s zero technical expertise required, zero costs (if you host on a free platform instead of your own domain) and it can be a very rewarding experience, especially if your blog ever gets some readers.

That’s why I’m publishing this piece: to encourage people to start their own blog on any topic they enjoy. And while I could go on about the joys of writing and building something, I feel that as just 1 person myself, it’d be far better to collect, compile and publish as many stories as possible from people who started a blog and are glad they did (everyone’s story is a little different, after all).

Personally I really enjoyed reading these stories, and hope that you do to.

Here was the query I sent out:

For hobby bloggers who have a blog they run in some specific niche that was never intended to make money, what inspired you to start and how would you encourage others to start their own blog? Personal stories welcome.

And below is what I have got back so far. I am currently still in the process of collecting stories and reaching out to different bloggers asking them to share their story. If you have your own blog and would like to share your story, please do so here. 🙂

I started my blog, the Secret Victorianist, back in 2013—initially, as a hobby. I'd recently finished a Master's degree from the University of Oxford in nineteenth-century literature and I wanted to share my passion for the Victorian period with others. I reworked sections of old essays to make them accessible blog posts and continued to write about books I read from, or about, the period, and other Victorian related events (e.g. plays and art exhibitions).

At the time I started my blog, I didn't include my name anywhere. I was just starting a career in advertising/PR and thought a small and very niche blog would be something of an embarrassment. Hence the name—the Secret Victorianist. Other girls my age were interested in things like Victoria's Secret (which had opened its first London flagship store a year before), but here was me, with my secret, nerdy hobby.

I continued to work on the blog over the next few years, even as my career in advertising became more demanding and I made the move to New York City. The blog was wonderful at building the habit of writing, and I gradually grew a small but engaged audience of other Victorianists, using social media.

At the same time, I was writing creatively. In late 2016 I began doing research for my own novel, set (you guessed it!) in the Victorian period. In 2019 I sold my debut, Bronte's Mistress, to Atria Books (part of Simon & Schuster). The story is based on the life of a real woman, Lydia Robinson, who had a scandalous affair with Branwell Bronte, brother to the famous Bronte sisters. The novel comes out this August.

What I never imagined when I started writing my blog, was that it would become the launch pad from which I would build my social media presence as a real life author. Rather than starting from scratch, I already had an audience who had been acquainted with me for years, knew the depth of my expertise, and was excited when I shared my news—that I'd soon have a book in the world, as well as a blog. Unlike other debut novelists, I've been working on a brand for years, so, since the deal was announced, I've continued to produce my regular content, while adapting slightly to publish more posts on writing or about Bronte's Mistress itself.

My blog helped me improve my writing skills and augment the social media knowledge crucial to my job, and has played a vital part in me becoming an author. That's why, seven years on, I have no plans to stop blogging.

--Finola Austin, secretvictorianist.com

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My blog evolved from being very niche as that's one of the top recommendations for blogging to being more holistic and lifestyle oriented as that's more authentic to me as I'm not just all fitness. I love food, fashion, luxury travel, business and a drink!

My collaboration with New York Designer Faviana, pageants and winning my WBFF Pro card opened the world of fashion and beauty to me and led to lots of other fashion collaborations so that was an easy diversification. Healthy recipes have always been on there as part of fitness, next came cruelty-free beauty and then travel came last. It felt weird not blogging about travel as it's so much of my life from work to pleasure.

I founded the cruelty-free luxury custom cosmetic company Dawes Custom Cosmetics in 2018 after being Mrs. Nevada in 2017 and realizing there were really limited options when it came to this category. If you can't find a solution, create one. Through extensive research, having worked with makeup artists for over 10 years and brand collaborations I gathered a lot of knowledge and tips to pass on.

The blog has been going on and off for 7 years in total but consistently for 2 because it's my passion project and as much as this is a cliche it's labor of love. I love connecting with people, answering questions, being able to help and having the opportunity to work with so many brands. If you love it and have the time for it, stick with it and just do it!

--Eve Dawes, Glamour and Gains By Eve

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I run two blogs, and this is exactly how they started.

What inspired me was the amount of misinformation on the internet. I found myself, time and time again, disagreeing with the advice given regarding growing your own food. The advice was so complicated, so time-consuming, that I felt it would de-motivate anyone before they even gave it a go.

So, I started blogging as a way to vent. I wanted to show people it doesn’t have to be hard to start a vegetable garden and that anyone can do it.

If you have something you disagree with or are passionate about, I recommend you start today.

You may think there is no-one out there that is interested in reading your stories, or that you are not an expert on the subject. It doesn’t matter. Start by sharing your life, yourself, and your views.

You’ll learn more about the subject as you go. If you are true to yourself, you’ll find there are many people that identify with you and love to join you on your journey. And if you help even one person - mission accomplished!

--Elle Meager, Outdoor Happens

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I started the blog in 2017 when I was on maternity leave with my first son. I love cooking and entertaining so I thought a party food blog would be the perfect combination of the two things that make me happy.

I started it as a way to keep track of my recipes and keep me busy while I was up at night with the baby. I am notorious for not writing down ingredients so it was a win-win. I also wanted to be able to share my recipes easily with anyone in the world with action photos and tips!

If there is something you are truly passionate about, I urge you to think about turning that passion into a hobby blog. Write about your passion, share your ideas with others, offer your advice, use it as a creative outlet for YOU.

A lot of us have this creative void that needs to be filled in order for us to be truly happy. And I believe a blog is the best way to fill that void while allowing you to share your passion and skills with everyone else! It is a wonderful feeling when it starts to come together and you can see your ideas laid out in one organized place.

The best part is that, with minimal maintenance, your blog can last forever and even passed down to your grandchildren. That is an amazing legacy to leave them!

--Aleka Shunk, Bite Sized Kitchen

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For my wife and I, our border collie is our only child. Her name is Baby and she's treated like a princess. I had owned pets as a child, but my wife had not. So when we purchased our border collie from a farm in Blanco, Texas, we had a million questions. These would largely go unanswered, as well as have many more added to the pile of things we'd have to learn ourselves.

Pet food, toys, and accessories are huge industries all over the world, which means there are thousands of pet related websites centered around them. There were countless times that we were searching for specific information on our border collie and unable to find it. We had questions about travelling with our dog to Mexico, training a herding dog to live in a residential setting, and what effects putting her in a crate would have. Time after time, we found the information lacking after skimming through countless pages on websites.

After having her for nearly four years, we finally decided to create a border collie related blog to help others. It is completely centered around training, day-to-day life, and travelling with a border collie. It also attempts to provide beneficial answers to many of the questions that we had to learn on our own. There is some information that can obviously be tailored to other breeds, but everything is written with border collies in mind.

As someone who works in the digital world for a living, it was a breath of fresh air to build a blog for personal enjoyment. I'm constantly working on websites and writing content for clients, usually about topics I have little interest in. But being able to share the lessons we've learned, the travels, the fun stories, and the endless supply of photos is a completely different experience.

It's a little sad that blogging, along with many other wonderful hobbies, have become something that has become so focused on monitization. I completely understand the importance of earning an income or a side hustle. There's just something beautiful about writing about a thing that you love in hopes that it will genuinely help someone experience a similar feeling in their life.

--Eric N. Allen, Backseat Border Collie

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I started blogging simply as a way to connect with others when I was pregnant. I didn't know anybody in real life who was experiencing the things that I was (pregnancy and anxiety) and so I found a way to connect online via my blog. For anyone thinking about writing as a hobby and wondering whether they should bother with a blog, I'd encourage them to just start. You can always monetize later, despite what you may have been told.

--Renee Shaw, This Anxious Mum

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I was inspired to start a blog because I enjoy teaching people about cliches in our language. I was also frustrated with how often other bloggers substitute cliches and lists of the obvious for thoughtful perspectives.

I've had a lot of fun finding new cliches each week even though I don't make a dollar on the effort. I put out calls for cliches on my Facebook page and keep notes if I find a cliche while watching TV or reading. I'm constantly playing Where's Waldo, except instead of looking for Waldo, I'm looking for phrases that don't actually say anything new. My favorite examples are hitting the rock bottom in the film Brittany Runs a Marathon and I challenge you in the books and podcasts of entrepreneur Rachel Hollis.

I teach my college students to blog using a similar strategy. Whatever they're into (and they are into some very specific stuff), look for the cliches that frustrate or annoy you. But don't just stop there. Speculate on why the cliches keep showing up, people aren't just sheep, there's a reason. Then think about alternatives. Pointing out the cliches is a great starting point but blogging really hits the next level when you can give people thoughtful perspectives to substitute for cliches.

--Lee M Pierce, leempierce.com

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I've been interested in clean beauty for many years, and finally decided to start a blog where I could publish some of my research, tips, and recommendations. It's been very rewarding to write the articles and even more regarding when I hear that they were enjoyed by my readers. I find writing to be quite soothing and meditative and blogging has been a wonderful creative outlet for me to practice my writing and also graphic design skills when composing a blog post and photos. Many people hesitate to get started with a blog because they feel it's not the right time but truthfully it will never feel like the right time and the best approach is just to get started. Aim for a goal like publishing one article a week or month to keep you on track and motivated.

--Jessica Rose, cleanbeautygals.com

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I started my blog, OutMoreUSA.com, to share my story of how I rediscovered my love of the outdoors. I wrote about why I loved spending time outside, how it helped me deal with stress from work, and how to squeeze in a little outdoor time each day even when you're busy. It also motivated me to keep spending time outside. I never intended to make money from it. But now it has gotten a bit more popular and I'm hoping someday I'll be able to make a little money off of it...but not yet. For anyone thinking about starting a blog, I would get the barriers out of the way first. Buy a domain name and hosting; they are not expensive. Install wordpress (blogging software) and get familiar with it. Then you'll have no excuse not to blog and you might find you really enjoy it.

--Seth Newton, OutMore

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While I was working in the corporate world, I became sleep-deprived. Eventually, I developed insomnia and depression. After years of sleep deprivation, I became very unhealthy and realized I needed a change and started to research the effects of sleep on the body. After that, I became very passionate about sleep-related topics and started my blog, where I share my insights weekly.

This experience inspired me to share my new found love of getting a good night's rest through Mattress Battle. In my blog, I provide helpful guides, unbiased reviews, and evidence-based sleep information.

Blogging is an excellent platform for sharing your expertise to help people. The key is to determine your niche and make your website around it. Building a blog around a topic that you are well-versed at makes producing content easier.

Moreover, I encourage anyone interested in starting a blog to find a purpose. I never intended for my blog to be an income-generating website, instead, a place where I can provide solutions through my expertise. That was my purpose. Blogging resembles having a baby. It's rewarding to watch it grow as you nurture it.

--Mason Culligan, Mattress Battle

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I started my blog because of my kids. I'm a single father of two precious kids and I do everything from home. I homeschool, work, everything! Well, one day during a homeschool lesson on frogs the kids decided they wanted one for a pet and ultimately it led me to start a blog on odd pets people own.

Blogging for me did initially start off as a hobby. I thought it would be a fun way to incorporate some of our homeschool lessons and also teach the kids more about using computers at the same time. Needless to say this hobby, and I still consider it a hobby, did begin to make a little money on the side and that's nice. Who doesn't like a little extra income? Anyone can get started writing on a topic they enjoy and the barrier to entry is quite low!

I highly encourage people to start a blog. All you need is a simple hosting plan and Wordpress. So it's very easy to get started and if you're not very tech-savvy don't worry because it's not nearly as daunting as it may seem.

--Wesley Oaks, Oddly Cute Pets

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I started my blog to share information and my experiences related to yerba mate and other herbal teas. I was also interested in learning how to build websites and wanted to connect with other herbal tea enthusiasts.

I got a lot of positive feedback from the people visiting my website. They commented on my posts and even sent me emails. This motivated me to keep on posting more content to my site. I also posted review articles of some products that I tried. Soon people started asking me where they could buy those products, so I added some links to Amazon and other online stores.

Later I realized I could join affiliate programs and earn a bit of money through my website. This was never my intention and it still isn't the main purpose of my blog. Yet, I think it's only fair that I earn a few dollars for all my effort.

One nice thing about starting a blog is, that you will learn how to build a website and many skills that are related to it. Website design, SEO (search engine optimization), and content writing are useful skills that can even help you with landing a job. You can also use these skills to earn some extra money as a freelancer.

Blogging is still just a pleasant hobby for me. Yes, it's earning me a bit of income as well, but I don't do it for money. This means I can keep on creating the kind of content that my readers appreciate and don't have to stress about the business aspect of things.

--Joonas Jokiniemi, Yerba Mate Culture

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I started blogging around 8 years ago. The main reason that I started blogging was for fun (it turned out to be something positive later).

At that time, blogging was started to boom. It was around late 2012 that I started my blogging journey.

To be honest, I had no idea that I could make money through blogging.

Then there weren't too many resources or Gurus (as they say now) to teach me about blogging.

I read a blog one day, and I just loved it. I was more curious than anything at that time. A person who is sitting somewhere around the world wrote something beautiful that I just fell in love with.

People were commenting and interacting with each other. At that time it was fun ( same as today).

It was fun and full-filling. Imagine this, your sitting in your room in front of your computer, drinking your coffee, and writing a piece of article that you love to the core.

One day, this same article becomes helpful to someone to make an important decision in his life.

And later, he shares the story with you through a mail or in the comments.

There is no greater feeling to help a person to achieve something without hoping to get anything in return.

It's pure magic and it could change your life in a better way.

This year I started a blog in a niche, that I had trouble with. I didn't know anything about the bike and how to choose one.

So now i have decided to share my knowledge, and I hope it will help someone in the near future.

My advice to anyone who wishes to start a blog is Just do it.

See, no one was a journalist when they started blogging. None of them had any content writing training in the beginning.

They just started, learned, improved, and became a good writer.

So kill this Myth right now and start.

The journey is beautiful and the result is worth your time.

--David Rogers, Our Bike Guide

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- When COVID-19 lockdown started, I challenged myself not to waste this staycation and started nurturing my hobby of writing through blogging. All I had was 20 years of bitter-sweet-bitter experience of how to survive and fight with a chronic illness(Hepatitis B) and I knew only how to pen it down. I had no technical know-how of starting a blog but I used my lockdown time to gain the required knowledge of various steps of blogging. That was how my hobby of blogging was hatched in the form of Ourpositivestory.com in just a week in February.

- The niche I chose was to share my own experience in dealing with a chronic illness and spread awareness and it was never intended to make money. But, I am overwhelmed by the response of my readers in just a few months and it is definitely giving me a proud feeling as my hobby of blogging is helping others for the good cause. I am now well aware of the true potential of my blog in the future.

- All I would say is that if you love blogging, then nothing is going to halt your journey as this hobby will keep you fueling with its magical enchantments and satisfaction, no matter which niche you chose. And, who knows your hobby of blogging, can ultimately become your destiny.

--Sampark Ray, ourpositivestory.com

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I began blogging in 2010 as a way to record my feelings first about my adolescent life and then about adulting. At that time I had no idea that one could make money blogging. But even when I realized that in later years, I have managed to keep my blog monetization-free and personal. Today, I blog to relish the 'joy of creating something' which helps me maintain my sanity during this period of crisis. I also do not write for high readership. I just write for my own good and mental health where I can discuss any topic possible. Whether it is about how I feel about Covid-19 or what films I thought were best in 2019. I have been largely inspired by Jason Kottke, one of the oldest bloggers today.

Plus, the action of maintaining a blog - hosting, website and CMS management, comments, and analytics - add to the joy that just keeps me going when times get difficult. It also acts as a great way to switch off from work.

--Tejas Nair, nair tejas dot com

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The reason I started blogging as a hobby was 1) to share my interests (fantasy books) with others, and 2) practicing on how to become a better writer. Having a hobby blog made me commit more to writing, plus it has been a lot of fun to share my thoughts about a topic that I'm very passionate about.

I'd encourage others to write a blog if they want to grow more as a person, and also become more well-versed in areas such as running your own website, Search Engine Optimization, writing content, and more. It has been fun to see my own blogs grow from 0 to several thousands of visits per month.

What you do have to understand when writing a blog however, is that it takes time to get recurring visitors to your site. Even if you optimize your site it usually takes several months until Google starts acknowledging and trust you. The best you can do is to create a kind of authority site within your specific topic, that truly helps others. But blogging is a great way to be more creative, and as a way to reach others that are passionate about the same topic!

--Andreas Johansson, Allt om Fantasy

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I am Aisha, a beauty & makeup enthusiast. I write at CrueltyFreeGuide.com where I promote awareness regarding cruelty free beauty.

Unfortunately, many consumers aren't even aware about animal cruelty being a thing. I started blogging to spread the word. It is a great outlet to connect with like-minded individuals and it feels great putting my thought across the net.

I began this journey when I didn't hear from the blogs I applied to as a writer, initially. Fast forward to present, am glad they didn't respond, as now, I own a personal space where I can be my own boss! Actually, it's rejection that propelled my love for animals & makeup to a realty.

So, if you're a newbie, on the fence, instead of looking for approval from around, try to find it with in you.

--Aisha Isha, Cruelty Free Guide

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I started off making an instagram @fleeflee24 to showcase hobbies of mine, specifically: drawing, photography, music, and fitness! I could not have imagined that I would gain 75,000 followers in the next two years. At the beginning, I kept my name out of it, and blurred or cropped my face out of everything. But soon, with music covers and collaborations with other creators, I started gaining traction and gaining followers. At the beginning I never thought I would use it to make money, only that I would get to showcase my passions and share my experiences with others. The initial fears were there: what if someone I know sees it and judges me, what if I get made fun of, or what if I fail and nobody likes it? But going through it, it's not about the result. It's about the journey, making each post and sharing what you are really passionate about. Being able to talk about the things you really love, and genuinely get to share that love with others... is I would say... the best job anyone could ask for.

Besides, there are the most unexpected perks and experiences you get to once you push yourself outside of your comfort zone. If I was told I would be meeting celebrities and attending music video shoots, jumping off a cliff or exploring abandoned hospitals, I don't know what I would think. What's there to lose? What's holding you back? Take those first steps and enter a new world. Live life to the fullest, and just be yourself!

--Alvin He, @fleeflee24

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I started blogging a few years ago and I just wrote short medical articles with accurate information. I was frustrated because I’ve seen a lot of patients who were relying on the Internet to diagnose their symptoms. I knew how much misinformation some of the articles had, so I wanted to provide some real data.

Over time, blogging became more and more interesting so I explored other topics and a more relaxed way of writing. I found that blogging allowed me to express my creativity and share my views on different topics. Thanks to this hobby, I have been able to connect to some wonderful people who even became my friends afterwards.

--Dr. Lina Velikova, MD, PhD, Supplements101

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Since my primary education days, it has been my hobby to spend my free time by self-questioning about life and its various facets. I used to reflect back at and analyse myself as well as the surroundings.

This habit of mine made me very adept at understanding the world from my own perspectives instead of running the rat race in which our society preaches us to win a gold medal.

Over the years I formulated my own philosophy (which is very much customizable and without the hue of stubbornness) that extends to all aspects of my life. During these years I came to realise how easily people get fooled and are also shamelessly making fool of others in the name of commercialisation and materialistic achievement. People can cross any limit for making money out of anything.

I just used to wonder about the fact that humans have invented wonderful and magical machines which has made life so easy. Still our life seems so hazy. But modern homo sapiens are not as happy as they ought to be with all these advancements made.

On due reflection I decided one thing. And that was – I can always keep improving myself and bring out the hidden potential to better understand the world and to have a wider perspective towards life.

This journey made me weave countless stories and articles in my imagination. I always wanted to put them in words but didn’t. Once I was quite ready to write a novel the story of which I have clearly plotted but again I didn’t give it a start as well.

This time the reason was the fact that the world is already facing the IOS (Information Overload Syndrome). There are countless number of books and blog posts which claim to have changed the lives of millions of people. But to my utter disappointment this change is very rare and hypothetical. So, I did not want to add some more alarming symptoms to this syndrome.

And in this age of the internet the web is full of blogs and vlogs having millions of audiences looking for “How-To” contents to get inspired and motivated so that they can bring some meaningfulness in their lives. People are hungry for real values and honest guidance which is not intent on making money. It’s very hard for them to find actionable advice even after spending money on subscribing for so-called life-changing methods. The success of thought leaders is being measured by the fee they charge for showing their magical stunt at the stage of fantasy land of self-help drama..

This made me rethink about not only putting my thoughts into words but also spreading them among others with utmost honesty and by following my hard-earned principles of life.

And this years of thought processing led to the foundation of my personal blog named “Address of life”. This way I started giving voice to my introspection in hope of helping people kick off their unsatisfied way of living by breaking age-old preconditioning of mind and uninstalling so-called success mantras being preached by society since childhood.

For me blogging is not a destination but is a journey which helps me to interact with my conscience which in turn acts as an unconventional meditation for me.

I have few words of logical suggestions for anyone who wants to start a blog.

- It’s true that blogging is not rocket science but it’s a marketing art. It becomes content marketing if you want to monetize it (which is really difficult no matter how loud online marketing experts shout about its easiness).

- But if you want to start a blog out of real hobby. Then you should take it as a social science. Means you come up with a unique idea which you can be as passionate as a child while breaking and repairing toys or creating sketches on the walls. Otherwise very soon you will get fed up with your new adventure called “blogging” no matter how literary your essay writings have been since your school days.

- If your ideas can really help people in need and if you can have consistency over years to come, then you must click start your blogging journey.

- And if you want to keep it as a mere hobby publishing posts whenever you want and whatever you want without giving a thought for its usefulness. Please take a step back. I recommend you better start writing your diary and go online with a blog whenever you feel really passionate.

- This way you will save your as well as readers' time who anyhow happens to visit your blog and find nothing meaningful.

- Always remember that the most challenging part of blogging is consistency in publishing new posts. This is also a test of your passion..

- At the same time do remember that blogging can provide unparalleled nutrition to your thought process and has the potential to bring immense happiness as you will start having a better glimpse of your inner personality and also come in contact with thoughtful people around the world which you can never experience just being a frog of the pond.

--Dhritil R, Address of Life

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I’d always thought I’d be a stay at home mom. Call it the fairytale Disney ending - I could think of nothing better than snuggling peacefully with my baby all day, as Instagram photos suggest. Other parents tell you it’s going to be hard, but there’s no way to really prepare for the slog that comes with being a new mother.

If you’ve stopped working, you will become acutely aware that unlike most jobs, this job never ends. And that moms typically get the raw deal, shouldering the household burden while holding down the sleepless full time job of parenthood. You crave connection, but your baby’s nap schedule dictates your social life. At least the internet can provide some relief. Many moms become active social media mavens. More often than not that consists of frequent posts on Facebook groups, where you are typically providing content for a platform owned by someone else. Why not start a blog and own your own content?

In the end, the sheer volume of misinformation online and fake moms with blogs inspired me to start. I even found a “mom blog” started by an alleged NY Times bestselling author, who couldn’t spell those words right. There are a surprising amount of fake parenting blogs written by farms of lowly paid freelancers trying to make a quick buck.

Everyone’s experience is unique. Your parenting journey is a special one that will zoom by. Keeping track of it through a blog will provide you with organized memories and photos that will last you a lifetime.

--Li Tian, Fulltimebaby

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I run a blog called Irreverent Gent, which started in 2015 as a hobby blog where I would share my thoughts on men's fashion and style, and has grown into a nice little side business for me.

Initially, I was inspired to start the blog as much for myself as for others. I had always been interested in fashion and style; as a kid my grandfather was always the best-dressed guy in the room, and he introduced me to stylish icons like Frank Sinatra and Paul Newman.

As a young man in my 20s I was thrilled when Mad Men debuted and helped usher in a renewed interest in all thing's men's style. I started the blog as a way to curate some of my favorite looks and share my thoughts on the men's style resurgence.

I found that when I started putting my thoughts on paper, it was not only really fun, but also educational. For instance, for my post about why Steve McQueen is such a style icon, I read multiple articles about him and learned a lot about his life that I didn't know, but found fascinating. I was both glad and grateful that the idea to write the post prompted me to spend more time learning about him.

Growth has been slow, but because it was a passion project, I didn't mind. I love writing about this stuff, and putting together each post is a fun activity in and of itself, even if no one ends up reading them.

But after a few years of doing it, people did start reading them. Just a few at first, but then more, and then many more. As I started to grow I have to confess that at one point I shifted my thinking, and instead of writing about the things that really interested me I started writing about things that I thought would result in a lot more readers.

In hindsight, this was a huge mistake. The posts I wrote as a growth strategy lacked the passion, and therefore the quality and attention to detail, of the posts I wrote out of sincere interest.

It was a great lesson that I want to share with anyone else who's thinking about launching a blog. Blogging can be hard, and building up an audience takes time, so make sure you're so passionate about your topic that you'd be happy to work on it even if no one ever reads it. The irony is that by writing for you, you'll end up attracting a lot of others.

--Dave Bowden, Irreverent Gent

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/why-you-should-start-a-hobby-blog#dave

For years I wanted to start a blog. I work in content marketing as my day job, and love to write and create and photograph - but I had a hard time taking the leap. I didn't feel like I had a strong reason to just start a blog on a whim.

Then, I met my (now) Swedish fiance while travelling in 2017. A year and a half later, I moved to Sweden and finally felt like had a reason to start the blog I always dreamed of. And that's when Madeline Rae Away was born, chronicling the travel and lifestyle adventures in Sweden and around the world. My blog wasn't intended to be an income source, but more of a create outlet, something to keep me busy, and a way to update my friends and family on my new life abroad. Although not a major income earner, my blog has inspired me to document my stories, pushed me to try new things, and led me to new friendships with fellow bloggers in my new hometown.

If anyone is looking for a reason to have a hobby blog - you don't need one. My only regret is that I didn't start one sooner!

--Madeline Robson, Madeline Rae Away

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Blogging can be really therapeutic. Sometimes it isn't easy to express your thoughts or feelings to your friends or family, but writing them down and sharing them with people you don't know is somehow easier. Perhaps we are are less concerned about how those strangers will react. And because we don't have a personal connection, we don't worry about damaging or hurting relationships with those strangers.

Hobby blogging can also be a way to combine passions and talents. Writers may use a hobby blog to improve their writing skills and connect with people who share the same interests as them. It's a great way to reach a new community and sharpen your writing skills.

--Kim Brown, Condo Control Central

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/why-you-should-start-a-hobby-blog#kim

I started a blog having two things in mind: provide help for businesses on a larger scale and at the same time, create a personal brand. Blogging enables me to transform my passion into a brand and, simultaneously, solidify my expertise. Moreover, I saw blogging as an excellent platform to share my insight which can eventually help a broader network and gain credibility.

Nonetheless, on the off chance that you want an extra income using your passion for writing, blogging can be lucrative. You just have to concentrate on the niche that you’re comfortable with for a higher chance at success.

--Karl Armstrong, EpicWin App

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/why-you-should-start-a-hobby-blog#karl

I am Nirmal Kumar, a hobby Blogger from OnlineRockersHub.com. Although the website I write is run by a group of bloggers and has got a lot of potential monetization opportunities, I continue to remain as a hobby blogger.

What inspired me to start this blog?

The idea of making money online was the initial motive that made me start the blog. But as soon as I started to write blogs, I noticed many other benefits.

I would love to share some benefits that I have seen so far.

- To write a blog post, I need to have peace of mind. Only when I am focused, I can bring out my thoughts. Eventually, it helped me learn and practice patience.

- Every time when I hit the publish button, I feel the happiness of doing something productive today. So I try to publish regularly for positivity in myself.

- Being a hobby blogger gives me more exposure to learning opportunities. I can be as creative as I can be because I don't have any professional commitments. I could experiment with SEO changes and try to understand what the audience expects in a particular niche.

- Not to forget, blogging is a medium to communicate with like-minded people. It helps me connect with more like-minded people and get more friends.

I will encourage others to become a hobby blogger to enjoy these benefits, just like me. Happy Blogging!

--Nirmal Kumar, OnlineRockersHub.com

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Life has many happy moments and some of them come from unforeseen opportunities. For me, blogging is one of those unforeseen chances that has provided me many happy moments.

About 3 years ago, an overseas job opportunity presented itself to my husband. We saw the unplanned offer as a fantastic life changer and moved from the USA to Singapore. As one can expect, moving abroad changes life drastically. Not only do you learn a new way of life in a different culture and everything associated with being an expatriate. It was the amount of travel that skyrocketed my traveling life into the next stratosphere. During my first year of living abroad, I traveled to 16 countries. I was away from my new home 50% of my first year. The following year, I went to 14 countries.

After the first year of living abroad. My husband encouraged me to start a blog. Initially, I wasn't too interested because of the fear of 'putting myself out there' and the assumption that I'd appear as a 'look at me' (waving my jazz hands) kind of person. I'm not one to draw attention to myself and friends who've known me for almost 25 years, have described me as a private person. It wasn't until I pushed those thoughts aside, and redirected my mindset. I asked myself, 'why should I start a blog?' I re-calibrated my thoughts and saw blogging as a way to document my travels and life abroad. It was a great way to share my life with my friends and family (even if my mom would be my sole subscriber).

It wasn't until I posted my first #ExpatDreamTeam post, that I started to see my blog differently. The Expat Dream Team series is a collaboration style type of posts. Where I invited other expatriates from around the world to share their experiences and insight. This new category transformed my blog. It changed the dialogue from 'me' to 'we' and created a virtual neighborhood with global country zip codes. It felt more creative, more of a community, and more like me.

Blogging is a new creative outlet for me. It has allowed me to build a community where I can share, create, and learn from others. It has shown me that I can teach myself new skills and brought me out of my comfort zone. It has also given me confidence in areas of my life that I wasn't aware that I needed.

--Sarah Emery, sarahwithasmile.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/why-you-should-start-a-hobby-blog#sarah

I never thought words had such power. After I started writing on my first wedding photography niche site, I was approached by brides, grooms, and other photographers who thanked me for helping them with my precious information. Whether it's planning a wedding day or buying a new camera, they found useful information on my website that they appreciated. If I had known that just some written words have such power I would have started blogging many years before. Now I have a new blog focused on international wedding photography that I enjoy writing every time I have time.

--Marius Migles, CHASSE SAUVAGE Photography

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/why-you-should-start-a-hobby-blog#marius

When I started writing reviews for historical fiction, I had no desire in starting a blog. But the nudges wouldn’t leave me. And after a third one, I caved in and started my blog to give rest to those nudges. My writing of reviews began as a way of saying thank you for the books I had won from the giveaways on Goodreads and not for professional purposes. But one thing led me to another, and thus began my journey with writing reviews and involvement with the publishing houses.

English is my second language and I may not be so eloquent in presenting my point, which I think I can do in simpler words. But I certainly got to a point where I am starting to better understand what makes me connect with one story and not so much with the other. What makes me love one book and not so much the other. I am getting better at picking books that resonate with me.

I’m grateful for the community of fellow reviewers, which have helped me to grow and to improve my reviews.

I encourage those who are hesitant about starting a blog in some specific niche to do it. When you write about everything, it doesn’t help you focus on one thing. And when you focus on one thing that’s when you learn the most and then you can apply those lessons to some broader subject if that’s what you’re interested in.

--Annette B, bestinhistoricalfiction.blogspot.com

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