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What is Webnode?

Webnode was founded in 2008 and is an online website builder system that competes with the likes of Wix, Strikingly, Webflow, Weebly and Squarespace. Like its competitors, it advertises a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to build an attractive website with zero technical skills.

What do people say about Webnode?

We are still collecting user comments and reviews for Webnode, but so far, comments for Webnode are positive overall. Its downside are that it’s apparently not the most feature-rich website builder (see this comment saying Weebly offers more), and 2 people have already said that their themes are a bit outdated compared to Wix (see here and here).

Webnode is easy to use. Its user interface has its quirks, which are easy to use, navigate around in, and understand. I was directly taken to the website creation page after I created the account. I think that is a good example of a user-friendly UI.

However, the themes are outdated. That was one of the reasons I started using Wix. When it comes to SEO, Webnode has a good hold. But themes are also essential. If Webnode can up their game on this, they will surely be giving a tough competition to Wix.

--Nitesh Gupta, PQAI

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Webnode.com is ideal for people who are completely new to web development and do not have a significant budget to get started. For those who are looking for a cheap solution for a personal blog. The features I found most valuable are their drag and drop website editor (easy to use), the easy integration with Ebay, and the hosting offer that comes along with the builder. However, what sets Webnode apart from other free website builders is how easy it is to customize fonts (many free site builders do not offer this), as well as access to Google Fonts, a feature that was very important to me. There are many advantages to using Google Fonts on the web and I think the average user will find this feature to be highly valuable. I found little bugs and technical errors while working with the builder, but little that was surprising from a free site builder. Working with Webnode was a good experience and I would recommend using the site to anyone who is looking for a free solution for a personal website.

--Larry Schroeder, Bowling Lane Hub

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Webnode is an awesome platform to build a website and equally good for both technical and non-technical users to create a good-looking website. Webnode helped me to create a functional website without having technical knowledge. I would recommend it to others because it is a fast and easy-to-use interface, supports more than twenty languages, and the preview loads pages very quickly. However, Webnode not offer SSL, but I think they are working on it.

--CJ Xia, Boster Biological Technlogy

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Webnode is easy to use, even for people with no experience. Its user interface is simple to understand. As SEO specialists, we also appreciate that Webnode is optimized for SEO so it will help your website get found in the search engines. Finally, it has a good set of features including contact forms, photo galleries and ecommerce features.

If we consider other site builders, Wix has more advanced features and Weebly offers more customization. Nevertheless, Webnode is a good affordable choice for beginners on a tight budget.

--Matt Bertram, EWR Digital

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I have been in the online business since 1998 and have used several different sites to build my websites in that time. I have some experience with Webnode and all I could really say for it is it’s a fine choice for beginners.

I found it to be very user friendly and it doesn’t require you to code which is nice and saves time. It has plenty of theme options and has fantastic interface usability. It is also very inexpensive at only $3.95 per year.

However, all of these features are also included on Weebly which has significantly better hosting options and analytics information. Both of which are essential if you have an entirely online business and are well worth paying nine dollars a month for.

Basically, if you are just starting out you can get a lot of bang for your buck out of Webnode but if you’re in it for the long haul you’d be better off using Weebly.

--Trond Nyland, Cordless Drill Guide

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I set up my first website with Webnode in 2008 because I found Wordpress too confusing. It was perfect for my personal site and I didn't need any fancy plugins. It just worked. However, as time passed by I started focusing more on other page builders like Wix, Weebly and of course, Wordpress. What I found lacked with Webnode was the theme templates seemed outdated compared to what Wix and Weebly were offering. I even tried a crack at ecom back in the day with a Webnode ecom store and found it to be buggy, things just didn't work right at times which became frustrating to figure out. For a new user, I think Webnode is great as long as they don't need anything fancy. It's definitely a beginners type of Website builder for those that find a CMS like Wordpress too complicated to use.

--Drew Mann, Drew's Review

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Most of our web projects here at Bayt are built manually, but I have used Webnode in the past for some personal projects of mine. Here's a quick rundown of what I think about it.

Webnode is a very nice and flexible website builder that does its job well. There are plenty of good templates that you can fully customize to match your brand image. It's simple to use, easy to adopt and provides a quick solution to building a website. It also has enough support for search engine optimization and add-ons, so you're not completely locked out of customization. It does lack some high-end features compared to other solutions, but it's still a great option.

If you're looking for a nice drag-and-drop website builder, Webnode won't fail you.

--Akram Assaf, Bayt.com

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