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With COVID-19 out there and an obvious trend towards remote work, I expect to see a boom in webinars and remote working software. One of the biggest players in the webinar technology space is WebinarJam, which we are currently conducting research on and collecting comments from users. We put out the following query:

What do you think of WebinarJam for hosting webinars? We would like to hear about your experience. Any comments appreciated.

The following are the reviews we’ve received so far. We’re actively searching for more comments and reviews, so if you have significant experience with WebinarJam, please submit your own review and add it here. We will also add our own review if and when we try using WebinarJam ourselves.

WebinarJam gave me a marketing edge and ROI with my SaaS real estate company that no other channel could provide. At the time we were a scrappy startup trying everything we could to generate sales and stay alive. I knew that our product took quite a bit of selling as it was higher priced than most internet services, so I reasoned that a webinar might help me scale high-touch sales with a one-to-many approach. I did my research and settled on WebinarJam and EverWebinar (their evergreen webinar service). Our first webinar was a massive success. With only 67 people on the webinar, I sold $11K worth of product during the webinar, with another $5K coming down the pipe from the follow up emails. The best part? I then took the recording of that webinar, turned it into an automated evergreen webinar, and continued to see passive sales from the recording every single month. The ROI was massive and we brought on more new clients in one hour than any in any single week prior. If you get a webinar right, the sales and ROI can be huge, and WebinarJam provides all the tools you need to scale up massive online presentations. Highly recommended!


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Here's my review of WebinarJam. We use it to deliver educational content for our jewelry enthusiast consumers.

The best part about WebinarJam is it has a unique feature to integrate with our mailing list—this takes a massive load off our shoulders since the webinar systems we have tried before don't have this feature. If I have to point out one flaw that irks me, however, that would be regarding its user interface. It feels tacky and outdated. The developers need to upgrade it.

--Jared Ebrahimoff, Lavari Jewelers

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I like WebinarJam simply because it is easy to use. They have training videos that are really handy in showing you exactly what to do. A few easy steps and you're ready to go. This is crucial because you don't have to spend all that time worrying about how to set it up or run it. You'll have all the time to concentrate on your content and delivery. Also, every webinar is automatically recorded so you can send it to attendees, or watch it again to make improvements. They also have templates that you can customize for landing pages. The best part of it all is their 24/7 customer service. I was about to start a webinar when all hell broke loose. It would have been a disaster if not for the rep who guided me step by step and made it work. WebinarJam is clearly the best in the market right now. You should try it yourself.

--Dennis Bell, Byblos Coffee

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I love WebinarJam! I’m CMO of a review affiliate website for Smokers, and we use WebinarJam to educate our consumers on grills and smokers. I love that they have a detailed and easy tutorial process, which is helpful for people who haven’t hosted webinars before. The best part about it is that the app can automatically record each session and send it to the attendees if you set it in the settings.

We’re currently on the Pro plan, which allows up to 4 presenters and up to 2000 attendees. We used to avail of their basic plan but quickly outgrew the 500-attendee limit after a few months. For bigger audiences, their most expensive pan can accommodate 5000 people.

--Jeremy Owens, Seriously Smoked

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Was WebinarJam worth it? In a word, yes, but I also cancelled my subscription. Here's what I liked and what I didn't like:

*What makes it worth it:*

The best part was their email setup. You can segregate who attended, who didn't, and who left early and send them separate email.

Another nice part is that you get to choose when to display the buy button. It limits the distraction for the attendees.

I also like how comprehensive and step-by-step it is. It literally gives you everything you want and need for a smooth webinar. Lastly, I really like that for the replays, it doesn't let you skip ahead - this feature is pretty hard to find in other alternatives.

*The little frustrations: *

I don't really like their templates for registration and thank you pages. They are hard to edit and don't offer enough flexibility. That said, you could just embed the registration form on your own page. I also had some software technical issues with my webinar, and while the team was very responsive and tried to give me alternatives, they never ultimately resolved my issue.

Lastly, they use the email you signed up with as the respond-to email for all the registrants. Foolishly, I signed up with my personal email address instead of my professional one. There's no way to change that after the fact.

*Why I ultimately cancelled: *

I don't run a huge enterprise with hundreds of attendees. While the features are nice, it made more sense to me to run prerecorded webinars on-demand just on my own site with my own sign-up page.

*Was it worth the money? *

I think that the features they offer are hard to DIY and they make for a much more straightforward experience. But until you know you'll have hundreds of attendees, I'd recommend experimenting with more affordable alternatives. I'm sure there will be a bunch popping up this year.

--Maryna Shkvorets, marynashkvorets.com

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I consider WebinarJam among the best enterprise webinar software. It is the best online digital tool I have ever used for engaging and selling to customers.

I think the primary purpose of a webinar is to engage and communicate effectively with your audience. WebinarJam serves both the purposes.

Effective communication

It allows 2 to 6 presenters depending on the subscription plan and gives an authority to privately or publicly message your attendees. For example, if you are finding someone is too near to buy a product, then you can cash out their curiosity by privately messaging them a separate appointment for a meeting.


Moreover, if someone's question is qualitative or it could vanish the doubts of other attendees as well, WebinarJam supports to show their face in front of all the audience. So, it encourages participation like in the seminar or conferences. The fantastic feature is “allowing integration” with other tools. While using WebinarJam, we only have to focus on the content and delivery because it integrates with the tracking and mailing list systems and puts off more than half of our burden.

Call to action features

Sales webinars are meant to generate sales, and WebinarJam supports it by displaying pop up buttons, offers & countdowns to persuade attendees to take action rapidly. Moreover, we can also provide the recording of seminars to attendees. It works as retargeting as you can convey your message again to the same attendees. These features become the reason to convert leads into conversions.

Zoom vs. WebinarJam

I divide it into 3 sections - pre-webinar, webinar, and post-webinar.

Pre webinar

In the pre-webinar, we have ease of setup and webinar registration. Zoom does not require many fields to schedule the webinar. However, the WebinarJam is feature-rich and asks for many options for setting up the session. The registration page for the attendees on Zoom is pretty straight-forward. However, WebinarJam gives several options for templates, but these pages are auto-populated as it extracts several pieces of content from the Webinar setup page.


What if your attendees have to install the software for the first time? It would be a little bit difficult for some people, and they might feel a little bit nervous because of using some software for the first time. Contrarily, WebinarJam provides you a link to the webinar, and attendees with that link could join the webinar quickly.

Audiovisual quality

The audio and video quality is better in Zoom. I am not saying that WebinarJam has poor quality; otherwise, I would not be using it. The later one's video streaming feature is built on Youtube, so it is also compressed. Contrarily, on Zoom, you are recording on your machine, so audiovisual quality is much better.

Zoom is for giant level webinars

Zoom is good for giant level businesses and too big webinars. It allows you to include up to 100 panelists! It does not happen; usually, we never required such a feature. So, we are going well with WebinarJam. It also offers hardware to place in your conference room. However, it is a bit of an irrelevant feature.

Post webinar analytics

Analytics is one of the main reasons I prefer WebinarJam. We have to obtain valuable insights from data for optimizing our process or to mold our strategies if needed, for the next time. Webinar’s dashboard shows stats like several sales generated, how many attendees visited the landing page etc. Zoom lacks in providing rich stats, and it also shows data on separate sheets. It becomes difficult to analyze.

In the end, WebinarJam is a winner as far as marketing is concerned. We use Zoom as well, but only for meetings. It is not meant to be used for Webinars.

--Werner Jorgensen, Heatxperts

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