Virtual Vocations Review – Is It Worth It? And How Does It Compare To FlexJobs?

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Virtual Vocations is a premium website for finding remote jobs in the US. Here’s how they describe themselves:

In this Virtual Vocations review, I’ll go over how the website works, my experience with it and whether I recommend paying to use it as a job seeker.

How Virtual Vocations Works

Virtual Vocations does the hard work of scouring the web for remote jobs that are posted all over the place, and compiles them all in the one place — and then they charge job seekers a fee for the convenience of accessing it. According to how they describe themselves, Virtual Vocations does most of this manually, and it appears they have a reasonable staff who do this (see some of the Virtual Vocations employees on their LinkedIn page here). If you click on any job description in Virtual Vocations, it’ll show the date the job was reviewed by Virtual Vocations staff, so it appears that every single job that is included in Virtual Vocations has a human who has looked over it and judged it to be worth including on the site.

You can, therefore, expect a reasonable quality of jobs on Virtual Vocations. In the time I’ve spent looking over jobs on the site, I have not found any garbage jobs (e.g. looking for writers for $5/hour) or garbage companies listed (all companies for jobs listed in Virtual Vocations look to be legitimate). That’s unlike many other job boards who have the business model of being free for job seekers, but who charge companies to list jobs. In sites like these, you can get a lot of rubbish companies listing jobs since the site will want to post any job that someone is willing to pay to list. In Australia where I’m from, the main job board is SEEK, and I remember when looking for my first job that there was a lot of rubbish listed (MLM companies and the like).

Getting Started On Virtual Vocations And Searching For Jobs

Virtual Vocations is free to join, and you can search for jobs on a free account, but you won’t be able to view the actual job description for most jobs. For that, you’ll need to subscribe to a premium subscription. The default pricing for that is as follows:

  • $15.99/month on a monthly plan
  • $39.99 for 3 months
  • $59.99 for 6 months

When searching for jobs, you can filter by the following criteria:

  • Job category (accounting, healthcare, IT etc.)
  • Telecommute level (100% telecommute, majority, frequently, occasionally, telecommute during pandemic — you’ll probably want jobs that are 100% telecommute, else you may as well just be searching on an ordinary job board)
  • Location (nationwide, jobs by state/region/timezone — Virtual Vocations is for jobs for USA-based companies only, so you will not find any remote jobs for companies outside of the USA)
  • Travel requirements (best if you select No Travel here, else it’s not really a 100% remote job)
  • Weekly hours
  • Employment status (permanent, temporary etc.)
  • Employer type (employer, staffing agency)
  • Career level (entry level, experienced, manager etc.)
  • Education level
  • Additional information (100% virtual company, continuously hiring, future openings, benefits available — again, if you’re looking for something fully remove, you may want to choose 100% virtual company here)

That’s a good amount of filters to help you find the perfect position for you. The one annoyance I had with it is there’s no filter for salary or hourly rate.

Is Virtual Vocations Worth Paying For?

The cost of Virtual Vocations is low, and I believe the small price is worth it if you’re serious about finding a remote job. It’s a legitimate service and not a scam in any way. However, there are a few things you should consider:

1) Even on a free account, you can usually find job descriptions for jobs on Virtual Vocations elsewhere, just by Googling the descriptions

As mentioned above, Virtual Vocations makes you pay to see most job descriptions on a free account. However, they’ll show an extract of the job description in the search results, and you can use that to find the job listing on other sites and apply there. Here’s an example of part of a search result page on Virtual Vocations (done on a free account):

If you click the job highlighted in red above, here’s what you see with a free account:

But as you’d guess, if you search some of the excerpt of the job description that shows in the search result, as well as the title, you’ll be able to find the job listed (along with its full description and all other details) on another website. E.g, for the above you’d just need to search the following in Google:

"most important marketing assets their brands win in a changing world" Remote Marketing Traffic Associate in Culver City

This is the first result that comes back, which shows you everything. With that said, though, it’s still way more convenient and easier if you can just click on the job in Virtual Vocations and see the description, rather than having to Google for every job description. So for the modest fee they charge it’s probably worth it for the time you’d save.

2) There are loads of other job boards that don’t cost anything

These are some very good, 100% FREE job boards that’ll also have a lot of remote jobs (or be fully focused on remote jobs):

Though as Virtual Vocations has far more remote jobs than these sites and a higher overall quality, you can expect it to be better than these free boards.

Are there any discount or coupon codes for Virtual Vocations?

No. However, Virtual Vocations will sometimes run special promotions at various times in the year, such as on National Work & Family Month and various holidays. Visit the latest Virtual Vocations website here to see if they are running any specials currently.

Virtual Vocations vs FlexJobs

FlexJobs is the main competitor to Virtual Vocations. Like Virtual Vocations, it’s a premium board for remote jobs where they compile remote jobs from all over the web. Their pricing is also very similar to Virtual Vocations for job seekers. The main difference with FlexJobs is that they’ll also include remote jobs for non-USA companies. Therefore, if you’re based outside of the USA I recommend FlexJobs over Virtual Vocations. Otherwise, you can go with Virtual Vocations.

UPDATE: We have now collected some good user-submitted comments and reviews for FlexJobs.

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