Tossable Digits Review & FAQ

Tossable Digits is a virtual phone number service. Here I’ll answer the main questions people have had about it and write a short review, including whether I think its a waste of money or not. At the time of writing (October 2020) this is still a work in progress and I’ll update this review when I have anything more to share.

How does Tossable Digits work?

Taken from tossabledigits.com:

The point of this is that you can get a second phone number (or as many additional phone numbers as you want, for that matter) without needing a second phone, and without needing to sign a contract with any big carrier. You don’t even need another sim card, since your new number will be entirely virtual. But even though it’s a virtual number, it’ll be as if you have the sim card for it in your phone, since all texts and calls to the number will show up on your phone.

Why would anyone need something like Tossable Digits?

There are a few different use cases for a service like this. Here are the 2 main ones:

Avoiding spam: Like giving out your email address, giving out your primary phone number always puts you at the risk of it being sold to marketers. Suppose you’re looking at buying a house and contacting a lot of different real estate agents — there’s a risk your phone number will be passed around and you’ll be exposed to annoying salesy calls and texts for months or even years to come. With Tossable Digits, you can get a virtual phone number that you would use for this purpose, and then cancel it later. This is the same principle as getting a throwaway email account to signup to random newsletters and websites who might sell your email to others.

Receive calls and messages when you’re abroad: If you’re living in another country, it may not be possible (or would be expensive or inconvenient) to still receive calls and texts sent to your phone number from your home country. Tossable Digits allows you to maintain a phone number from a country other than where you’re living now. For example, you can easily maintain a USA phone number and receive all calls and texts to it when you’re travelling all over the world, which is very handy given how so many services and companies require a USA-based phone number (especially when it comes to 2FA).

Can I port my existing phone number to Tossable Digits?

While Tossable Digits offers millions of virtual phone numbers from countries all over the world, you may not want a new phone number, and instead just want to keep a phone number you already have and let Tossable Digits be responsible for forwarding all texts/calls to it to another number you have. Most US and Canadian phone numbers can be ported to Tossable Digits in this way — you can check your number here.

Is Tossable Digits support any good?

I have not yet had to contact Tossable Digits support. Therefore, I cannot comment on this question at this time. I can at least say that other reviews say that their support is excellent, but will have to wait until I have a legitimate issue with the service and contact their support before I can offer a real Yes/No response here.

What kind of features does Tossable Digits offer?

Tossable Digits is more than a simple virtual phone number service, as they include a number of features on top of virtual numbers and call/text forwarding:

These things are managed through the website when you login at tossabledigits.com, and it’s easy to manage. At the time of writing Tossable Digits is apparently developing an app for this, but it’s not out yet.

Are there any coupon or promo codes for Tossable Digits?

Try CAPTERRAREVIEW19 through this link (our affiliate link). We can’t guarantee this will work for you when you read this, but this was put out by Tossable Digits themselves, so it may work (again — no promises).

Is Tossable Digits reasonably priced?

Tossable Digits has a few plans ranging from $7/month to $39/month, and virtual numbers cost in the range of $4 to $18 depending on the country (most are on the lower end of that). For the vast majority of users, the $7/month plan (allowing 1 virtual number) should suffice. This pricing is very reasonable.

What are the alternatives to Tossable Digits?

In researching competitors to Tossable Digits, many of them are not designed for personal use, but for work (e.g. a company might get them for their sales team so they can take work calls on their personal mobile), and they’ll have all kinds of features that you won’t need if you just want a simple virtual number. If you’re interested in getting a virtual phone number for work purposes, have a look at these:

But if you’re thinking of using Tossable Digits for 1 of the 2 use cases I mentioned above (avoid spam calls or get calls when you’re abroad), and not for work specifically, then I recommend going with Tossable Digits over these. In that case, these are the main competitors for Tossable Digits:

Is Tossable Digits recommended?

I can recommend Tossable Digits, as it’s a legitimate service that does what it advertises and is priced very reasonably. Just take a look at the alternatives to it (listed above) to see if there’s a better service for your specific needs before paying for it.

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