Tinder Profile Tips [IN PROGRESS]

Tinder is perhaps the most popular and successful dating app of all time. However, for a lot of people, it’s certainly not easy to be successful on it, especially for guys. Many have reported swiping right HUNDREDS of times and not getting a single date. And if you’re one of those people, hopefully this compilation of Tinder profile tips will be of some use to you — because just like how you need to write a great resume to get job interviews, so too do you need a great Tinder profile if you’re to get dates from it. 🙂

So far, this piece is IN PROGRESS as we continue to reach out to people in the dating/relationship space and ask them what they recommend for putting together a great Tinder profile. Hitherto we’ve collected just 5 good comments people have sent us, listed below. Here’s how I’d summarize them so far:

  • Keep your bio short and sweet (link)
  • Be honest about what you want on Tinder (link, link)
  • Show, don’t tell (link)
  • Write a bio in a clever, light-hearted way (link)
  • Forget writing a long list (link)

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You don't need to use the entire 500 character limit to attract attention to your profile. The best Tinder bios are punchy and memorable. You want to leave the users wanting more, so leave give them just enough info to peak their interest. Spend a good amount of time thinking about a funny or clever opening to grab attention. Then be selective with the rest of the information you provide in your bio.

You should also consider adding in a small part stating your intentions for Tinder. Customer review findings have shown that customers are more satisfied with the Tinder experience when their expectations match reality. Whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or a casual hookup, you should be honest in stating your intentions. This will help you increase your odds of finding matches with similar intent.

--Kaitlyn Short, Best Company

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/tinder-profile-tips#kaitlyn

Apply the “Show, Don’t Tell” rule to your Tinder bio.

Many Tinder users just list adjectives like “I’m social, fun, and adventurous” in their bio and call it good. But that’s boring - and it doesn’t give your potential matches any information about what spending time with you would actually be like.

Instead, take your list of adjectives and write down how you embody a particular trait. For example, “I enjoy hiking with friends, especially when climbing waterfalls and cliff jumping is involved.” That sentence conveys you’re social, fun, and adventurous, but in a much more compelling and authentic way.

Make sure you have at least one strong photo that shows you engaged in an activity mentioned in your profile. You want your photo lineup to be congruent with the type of person described in your bio, otherwise, something might seem a little “off”.

For instance, if you mention loving long bike rides, camping and rock climbing but all your photos are selfies taken inside your house, your profile won’t seem very authentic and potential matches might be less likely to swipe right.

--Scott Valdez, VIDA

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/tinder-profile-tips#scott

To find quality dates on Tinder, the most important thing about your profile is to make sure it clearly describes who you are and what you're looking for. Too many profiles try to catch as many potential dates as possible, rather than use their profile to filter out potential mis-matches.

For example, when they intentionally leave important information out of their profile (such as having kids, being obese, or diet or lifestyle preferences), they end up attracting more people who are worse matches. It wastes everybody's time, especially if you end up meeting in-person and finding out that your date has some of your deal-breakers.

Life is too short to waste it on obvious mis-matches. Write your Tinder profile as though quality truly does matter over quantity... because it does.

--Chris Cade, The Miracles Store

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/tinder-profile-tips#chris

Real Talk: In order to meet that special someone, odds are you’re going to venture out online and give one or maybe several dating apps a try. And yes, that would include the infamous Tinder app. It’s the dating world we live in, right?

Good news is: making a profile that’ll “get the job done” isn’t that complicated.

To help ease any nervousness and overthinking, here are some tips to creating a dating profile that will, without a doubt, have everyone swiping right..

1- It all starts with your profile picture. As someone who’s been on Tinder, I’ve seen some photos that if I could, I’d delete them right on the spot! You have to keep in mind that it takes mere seconds for someone to see your picture to quickly decide to swipe left or right.

So, when taking or choosing your photo, it has to be a selfie. Not a group photo, pet photo, etc. The photo needs to be of YOU.

The best selfies all have good natural light, highlight your best features by posing naturally and of course, high quality. No need to go buy a DSL camera - using your cell phone camera will work perfectly.

2 - next up is your bio. I can’t stress this enough: stay away from one liners that are sarcastic, negative, too sexual, or down right rude. Instead, write something about yourself in a clever, light hearted way. You can list fun interesting details or three totally random facts about yourself that not many people know about you.

3 - include your social media page. Most of us either have Instagram or TikTok, so why not link to it? Listing these will let people confirm that you are who you say you are and at the same time, they’ll get a much better sense of what you’re all about.

4 - be YOU. More than anything - stay true to who you are by acting just as you would if you were meeting people in real life. Remember: you’re searching for that special someone who’s going to be “into” you for exactly who you are, not some fictional persona online. Don’t be a catfish!

--Ro Sanchez, She.Slips

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/tinder-profile-tips#ro

When it comes to writing your Tinder profile, the #1 tip I would suggest is that you leave the list behind. Tinder doesn't give you a lot of space to say anything about yourself, so a lot of people just try to cram a bunch of interests, activities, and qualities into a list. No one wants to read a boring list. They don't really say anything, and they just sound like everyone else. Instead, pick 2-3 things about you and try to give them context. Bringing in details and specifics are going to help your personality come through. That's what people are going to connect with.

--Eric Resnick, ProfileHelper.com

PERMALINK: https://outwittrade.com/tinder-profile-tips#eric