Strikingly Reviews: 7 Users Comment

Strikingly is a website-builder catered towards complete beginners who have never built a website before. To help you decide if you should use it, especially compared to bigger players in this space like Wix and Weebly,  we asked Strikingly users what they think of it. The below is what we got back.

To summarize? Feedback on Strikingly is generally positive, but its features are quite limited, and you should make 100% sure that it does everything you need to do before signing up for it. Problems with Strikingly include a lack of payment options to accept on your website (see this comment), the possibility of them making changes to their service that will affect your site without informing you (according to this comment), and most of all the lack of functionality (see here and here). But for those who really have basic requirements, and want the easiest and simplest website builder that will create an attractive website builder, Strikingly may be your best option. That’s because it’s very easy to get started with and use, and even the most tech-phobic people can use it to make something nice. Other website builders that we’ve covered also market themselves like this, but it seems that based on the Strikingly comments people have submitted so far, Strikingly is even more basic/user-friendly than the bigger website builders like Wix and Weebly.

I’m looking to add significantly to this piece, so if you’ve used Strikingly and have input to share, please submit a comment and I’ll add it to this article.

I’ve built my first ever personal website on Strikingly in 2015. I worked as a tech journalist back then so one of website developers I knew recommended Strikingly as a much cheaper alternative to ordering personal website from a web development agency. And frankly, I loved Strikingly. The best part was that it was super easy and intuitive when it came to designing the website. I literally built my first website in 5 hours myself!

Later, I have launched my media startup, The Hustle Is Female’s, website on Strikingly too. But we realized soon that we’ve made a big mistake. At the time, Strikingly did not allow Adsense banner integration while we relied on the ad banners to be one of our income streams. We had to switch our website to Wordpress to be able to run banner ads there. So I would not recommend using Strikingly to bloggers and media.

Later on, in spring 2018, I had to switch my personal website from Strikingly to Wix. I needed to start selling my first digital product, an e-book, however, Strikingly was offering PayPal as the only way to get paid there. There was no way to connect other payment methods like Payoneer or TransferWise so I had to leave Strikingly because of that.

So in general, if they offered more options for different types of businesses and in different locations, not just those that can get paid via PayPal, I would gladly stay with Strikingly, as, to be honest, it has proven to be the easiest platform in terms of design and customization.

--Bozhena Sheremeta, TheHustleIsFemale


If you want to build a simple website with just a few pages and a blog, it really is a great solution, especially for those with no programming experience. The design for the templates is great, the user interface is super simple to follow and the finished products look more impressive than the competitors (e.g. Wix). However, if you want to design websites for ecommerce or anything with some more complex functionality, Strikingly falls short. Overall, I would recommend it to bloggers and affiliate marketers, but if you have more requirements than that, you’re better off paying a developer than using Strikingly.

--Petra Odak, Better Proposals


Remarkably, it is indeed a straightforward website builder offering a variety of prototypes and trendy layouts, albeit plain. It's targeted at complete newcomers and although it can't compare with the much more experienced products like Wix or Weebly, there are several apps that could render it the better option for anyone. It may not be the largest or the strongest that are out, but with outstanding customer service it watches after its clients and delivers very competitive rates. The models available have elegant styles that give no artistic power over dynamic editing rates. If you're searching for a simplistic interface with minimal functionality, that might be compelling for you!

The priority on newbies Strikingly means it's easy to navigate. Programming, coding, web building, and all the jazz can be overlooked. Merely select and modify your layout to meet your specific needs. Yet it's not really completely transparent and quick to use while it's pretty basic. You can also often find yourself in need of some support. Fortunately, Strikingly does have excellent customer service and you never have to fight alone! The emphasis is remarkably on bringing you online – rapidly. If you need pace over design or artistic creativity, and only need a specific site with a clear, trendy design, then Strikingly is a great choice!

Generally, if you really are putting up a forum, a private or local business project and just want a straightforward design in front of you so that you can have a site up easily and rapidly, Strikingly is a reasonable option. It could not compare with that of the industry's leading players who aspire to become the best in the business, but its variety of apps and value-for - money makes it the strongest of the others. It's at least worth a go to see what you could really generate with its entire free plan.

--Matt Scott, Termite Survey


As a marketer, Strikingly has been one of the best website builders my team and I have tried it out. Strikingly, is a feature-rich website construction device that helps users without any expertise to easily design stunning and innovative online sites. If you'd like a single-page functional web designing platform that looks great on android platforms, then may could be the right option for you. The design of private, local business or small e-commerce websites is remarkably fine. No information on coding is needed. You'll get custom models and sleek design tools that are simple to use, driven by a strong and versatile website building app to add and remove.

Strikingly, the emphasis is on designing fast, minimalistic, one-page layout and long-form websites. Great for accounts, electronic business cards and meetings, one page pages are. Here are a few of Strikingly's most common features:

1. No programming experience required

2. Easy to use Writer

3. E-commerce software developed in

4. Functional layouts which work well on portable devices

5. Freedom to use the existing domain, or buy a new domain

6. Integrated Applications

7. Simple to use designer form

8. Optional Social Feed

9. HTTPS built in to add security

If you really are searching for a builder of a single page website, Strikingly is among the greatest tools accessible. It's simple to use, designs mobile- and tablet-optimized sites, and offers the option of developing a personalized website or online marketplace. Of course, no single platform is flawless for website creation. So it's useful to consider about Strikingly's positive and negative aspects to make a decision if this site builder is worth it.

--Carolyn Cairns, East Insurance Group


When we founded our company in 2017 we chose Strikingly to build our website. We loved that they had servers in Hong Kong in an attempt to load our website quickly in mainland China. Their software was fairly simple to use and we set up our website. Our issues began when they started implementing new features system-wide without informing us or giving us options to turn them off. The issue that got us to leave their platform was when they rolled out lazy loading on all sites, this made the loading of our website jerky, unnatural, and ugly. I hated that they did this without any warning or input, they were actively changing our website without our permission. I reached out to support to fix the issue and got one of the worst customer service responses of my life. The customer service agent said he didn't see anything wrong with the site and asked us to explain how this crazy loading is doing. This was the last straw, we left and built a beautiful website on WordPress. It was one of the best moves we have ever made. Strikingly might be good for a side project but any serious business needs to be on WordPress or at least Squarespace.

--Matthew Meier, MaxTour


With Strikingly you can get online fast. And because it connects to Paypal you can start selling immediately. It comes with built-in full sample sites plus appealing and responsive designs for mobile and desktop. Although I haven't used customer support, I have read good things.

That mentioned, compared with competitors (Squarespace, Wix, Webflow, Weebly etc.), Strinkingly is short. In the design corner only the Pro and VIP plans at $16 and $49 respectively support multiple page layouts. I should also mention that most standard features are only available on the premium plans: The free plan gives 5GB monthly bandwidth and limits product add to one.. For $8/month (billed yearly) that increases to five. But then again only the Pro plan at $16/month allows integration with third party widgets.

Overall, for pet projects, personal blogs or small website owners who lack technical expertise and/or don't have enough cash to spare, Strinkingly should be adequate. Growing websites or anyone who wants greater control on site's functionality and design should look elsewhere.

--Jake Rheude, Red Stag Fulfillment


I highly recommend Strikingly for budding entrepreneurs who want to kick start their business’ website. It is a unique website builder which allows you to create a single page site easily. Do not let the single page limit discourage you because it offers a lot of great features too. Strikingly emphasizes their mobile-friendly site feature, which will allow your audience to have a smooth experience. Along with that, it is very convenient to use even if you are a beginner in website building. It is budget-friendly and has excellent customer service as well.

It is also strongly suggested for those professionals who are building their portfolios, promoting an event, services or even just giving out simple information. In general, if you are looking for a simple, hassle-free yet exceptional website builder, Strikingly is the best choice.

--Karl Armstrong, EpicWin App