Sticky Password Review – Worth It Or Not?

Sticky Password is a popular password manager. In this review I’ll show how it works and how to use it, compare it to alternatives, and advise whether I recommend using it or not.

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How does Sticky Password work? How do you use it?

First, go to and download the software (around 46MB at the time of writing). Once you run the .exe setup file it’s a very simple install process. Here’s what it looked like for me:

This took all of 2 minutes for me. Then, you have to open the software and create an account (if you haven’t already):

Once you’ve done that, choose the browsers that you’ll use with Sticky Password:

With Chrome, for example, you’ll also have to download the Sticky Password Chrome extension. So after clicking the “Continue” button, you’ll be taken to a page like this:

This is super simple, though, and shouldn’t take you longer than 1 minute.

Once you have Sticky Password enabled for some browser, every time you create an account somewhere or login somewhere, you’ll have the option of saving your login information in Sticky Password. For example, here’s what comes up for me now when I try to login to

Once your login info has been saved in Sticky Password, whenever you go back to login, a Sticky Password prompt will come up. Then you can just click that to be logged in straight away — no manually filling out login info ever again:

Then within the Sticky Password desktop software, you can see a list of all your logins that you’ve ever saved with Sticky Password:

If you click on any login and click “Launch,” you’ll be logged in straight away.

What are the features of Sticky Password?

  • Remembers all your logins and passwords, and allows you to access them all from one place
  • Automatically fills out login forms
  • Generates strong passwords for you (though Chrome also does this now)
  • Lets you securely share logins and passwords
  • Can sync your logins and passwords to all your devices
  • Works on all normal devices and browsers
  • Encrypts your data

What does the premium version of Sticky Password do that the free version doesn’t?

The premium version of Sticky Password allows for sync, backups and password sharing, and you also get premium support. But the main features of Sticky Password and what the vast majority of its users surely use it for (storing login info) works just fine in the free version.

How does Sticky Password compare to its competitors and alternatives?

I’ve identified 3 primary competitors to Sticky Password:

  • LastPass
  • Dashlane
  • 1Password

There are other password managers, but these are the main ones that should deserve most of your attention. If we covered all password managers this article would take far too long to read.

Sticky Password vs LastPass: The main difference between Sticky Password and LastPass is LastPass is entirely browser based, so there’s no desktop software to download. LastPass is also much more popular than Sticky Password (it was acquired in 2015 by a company called LogMeIn for $110 million), and generally has an excellent reputation – so if you’re looking for a browser-only password manager, it’s probably for you. There have been some security issues over the years with LastPass, but these have always been quickly patched and LastPass these days can be considered a safe password manager.

Sticky Password vs Dashlane: Dashlane is slightly more expensive than Sticky Password, but has similar features and is a solid password manager with a good reputation. It also does some very advanced things that Sticky Password can’t, such as scanning your whole inbox to find accounts you may have and which ones may be vulnerable to being hacked, or setting up emergency access. Only pay for Dashlane if it has some specific feature that’s really important to you. Otherwise, it won’t be the best value.

Sticky Password vs 1Password: 1Password is preferable to Sticky Password if you’re managing passwords for teams, since it’s easier to share passwords with it. However, you can’t import browser data on it.

Is there a crack or torrent for Sticky Password?

We don’t condone stealing software, and highly doubt there is a real crack for Sticky Password anyway. If you find one there’s also a chance it’ll be a fake that sends your login information out to whoever made it.

Does Sticky Password work on Mac?

Yes – see here.

Do I recommend Sticky Password?

Sticky Password is a quality piece of software that does exactly what it says on the tin, and I feel comfortable recommending it. The best thing is that the primary, core feature of Sticky Password (securely storing login info) is fully available in the free version, so depending on your use case, there’s a good chance you won’t even ever need to upgrade to the premium version.

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