Stencil Reviews by Stencil Users [IN PROGRESS]

Stencil is an online graphic design tool that competes with Canva (the leader in this space) and Snappa. Of the 6 user reviews we’ve collected for it so far, the overall consensus is that Stencil is a good service that can definitely hold a candle to its competitors, with only one comment so far (here) of the opinion that Canva is the superior service. We’ll have a longer summary of how good Stencil is once more comments come in.

If you’ve used Stencil and can share your thoughts on it, please submit a review here and we’ll add it to this article.

Stencil for us has allowed us to create designs and templates that we will continue to be able to use for years. Being able to switch them up to conform to specific brands, colours, events etc really makes it worthwhile and saves us a ton of time. It is relatively easy to pick up and with a little practice becomes second nature, I definitely recommend to anyone looking to create beautiful digital graphics.

--Beth Nash, Social Circle Marketing


As a long-time user of Canva, I've switched over to using Stencil instead about a year ago. It's great for saving time and has a lot more tools and features integrated into the program that you can use right off the bat. There is no need to waste your time searching for pics on Pixabay or elsewhere on the internet and go through the process of uploading to add them. Stencil has everything set up so you can quickly put your creation together in a more intuitive way.

Another awesome feature is the quote generator that is built into Stencil. A simple tool that may not seem that impressive at first, but is a really good way of quickly generating shareable content for your social media channels. It will take you just a minute to create a new post, and voila it's good to post.

Last but not least is a new feature called “Collections”. You can create an image collection that is tagged and sorted for easy access. It's helpful for those of us that have tons of unsorted pics dumped from our external hard drives and smartphones in no particular order. Stencil intelligently analyzes them and places them right in front of you to speed up the creation process.

--Philip Weiss,


Our team has used Stencil before for creating online graphics. I think the best part of Stencil is its huge catalog of stock photos. Because of this feature, we did not have to spend hours searching for royalty free photos online. It also has a wide selection of high quality premade templates that made our work so much easier.

--Carol Tompkins, AccountsPortal


I have used Stencil for a while now and feel that I can help answer some of your queries regarding it.

As I create graphics regularly and post them on Pinterest, I use online graphics design tools a lot.

2 tools that I have tried are Stencil and Canva.

Using Stencil, I feel that it still has a lot of improvements. The user interface feels nice and colourful.

However, the user experience isn't that great. There is a slight delay for every button I click which makes the tool feel laggy and slow.

Furthermore, with so many limitations in place such as 10 images/month and 50 uploads per month, users are basically forced to pay to get a decent usage of the tool.

Overall, having used Canva, I find that Stencil is not worth it and I would not recommend it to others. Even when I used the Stencil's paid plan for 3 months, I almost used Canva every single time I had to design.

If Stencil could make the Pro plan free while the Unlimited plan stays the same, I think I may give Stencil another go!

--Clovis Chow, TimeOrganizeStudy


I’m a business, marketing, and SEO consultant that caters to photographers and I use Stencil almost daily. As a small business owner, spending $12/monthly for most of our graphic design needs is a pretty appetizing deal. Before we started doing graphic design in-house we were paying over $600 per month on basic graphic design services to make our social media ads and teasers. The simplified drag-and-drop graphic building allows anyone in the office to design graphics on the fly which also saves us a lot of time. Previously, the graphic process could delay some of our marketing efforts by days or even weeks while we waited for our contracted graphic service to return the graphics and update when we needed revisions which could be needed two or three times per graphic. Stencil has literally changed the way we do business and we couldn’t be happier.

--Michael Thomas Ireland, SEOtographer


I have used Stencil extensively for my side hustle and I think it's an easy-to-use online graphic design tool and image editor built for business owners. You can create images faster and easier than ever before - without hiring expensive graphic designers. Plus, it has a lot of pre-defined templates, images, and icons to choose from, to use in your creation. In particular, it's great if you need to create images to share on social media because it permits to resize on the fly the dimensions of your image, so you can adapt it to the best fit for the social in use.

As someone who is familiar and works with high-end photo manipulation tools, I find myself reaching for traditional keyboard shortcuts which at times has me digressing rather than progressing in my workflow. That's the only complaint I have. Otherwise, it's perfect!

--Joe Wilson, MintResume