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Some Facts On Emile Gouiran

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Here are some of Emile Gouiran’s career highlights:

  • Had his New Jersey real estate license revoked in the early 1980’s “because of several instances of misconduct related to the real estate business” (
  • “Fled the country to France in 1988 while under criminal inditement” (
  • Had his license to practice law revoked in 1992 by the Supreme Court of New Jersey (
  • Apparently wronged so many people that an ASSOCIATION OF VICTIMS AND FRIENDS OF VICTIMS OF EMILE GOUIRAN was created (,844084.html)
  • Later was also disbarred from the French Bar Association in 1998 ( – search “The French Bar Association disbarment of Emile Gouiran happens”)
  • Long history of frivolous lawsuits and slander. Eg. Published fraudulent press releases against another company around 2005 resulting in “binding arbitral awards” of several million dollars (

We have successfully defended our company from similar unjustified attacks by NVID International, Emile Gouiran and Gouiran’s companies Nickel and Falken for almost three years now, and our efforts have resulted in recent binding arbitral awards of $14.2 million against NVID and $3.6 million against Falken. We have also succeeded in France in that four previous suits filed by Nickel have been dismissed by the French courts in favor of PURE.”

“We view these press releases as a reaction by Emile Gouiran, Nickel and Falken to the steady stream of adverse rulings in arbitration and related Federal Court proceedings in the United States as well as the four dismissals by French courts of frivolous claims by Nickel against PURE,” stated Dennis B. Atchley, Corporate Secretary and General Counsel for PURE Bioscience. PURE is represented by Cournot Association d’Advocats in Paris, France.

Atchley continued, “The issuance of these fraudulent news releases is yet another example of Gouiran’s pattern of dishonest and unethical business practices and may be an attempt to coerce us into an extorted settlement of the binding arbitral awards that will soon be confirmed into Federal Court judgments.

  • There is very strong evidence that in order to sell worthless shares of his company Falken, Emile Gouiran created an imaginary company and then published press releases saying this imaginary company was buying Falken for $1.5/share (when it was trading for $0.10/share). See
  • Justice at New York State Supreme Court Charles E Ramos comments on Emile Gouiran as follows: “blatant, decades-long flouting of court orders, his flight from justice, and his perversion of the legal system” (




Karen Green

Based in Wisconsin USA, I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 beautiful children and help contributors on OutwitTrade with spelling, proofreading and fact-checking, as well as reviewing various health and fitness products. I have a degree in nutrition and previously worked as a pharmacist.
[Number redacted for privacy]
Karen Green
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. David

    February 14, 2020 at 9:15 pm

    So true! I could add so much more. It is just incredible that this man is still free and conning and stealing from others to this day.

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