Snov.io Review & FAQ (2021) – How Does It Compare To Hunter.io?

Snov.io is primarily an email finding tool that competes with Hunter.io (see my Hunter.io review), claiming to have 680,000+ users and over 1 billion emails found (source). In this review I’ll test it and give my honest feedback, as well as answer the main questions people have had about it.

How does Snov.io find emails?

This isn’t clearly stated on the Snov.io website, but in testing Snov.io it’s obvious that it does not search emails in real-time when you give it a domain or name to check, but rather crawls the entire internet and saves all its results to a database (this is the same as how Hunter.io works). This is fine if you’re searching established sites that Snov.io would have crawled before, but it could be result in no emails being found for relatively new websites.

How well does the Snov.io Chrome extension work?

Snov.io’s Chrome extension works the same as Hunter.io’s. Here’s an example:

For any website you’re on, you can just click the Snov.io chrome extension and it will return emails Snov.io has for that website.

Can you use Snov.io to find emails on LinkedIn?

Yes. Unlike Hunter.io, Snov.io’s Chrome extension still works on LinkedIn, despite the fact that LinkedIn prohibits scraping tools.

What are the alternatives to Snov.io?

As mentioned, the main one is Hunter.io, but there are also these other email-finding tools:

See my Hunter.io review for a short 1 or 2 sentence summary of each of these.

What was Snov.io’s ICO all about?

In December of 2017 (around the peak of the ICO craze), Snov.io launched their ICO or Initial Coin Offering, raising $2.1 million. Here is an archived version of their sales page where they include copy like “INVEST IN SNOVIO TOKENS AND EARN HIGH RETURNS AS THE TOKENS’ VALUE GROWS. ” The idea of this ICO, according to Snovio, was to allow users to add potential contacts (earning tokens in the process) and clients can then access these leads.

It seems to me that Snov.io’s ICO was nothing more than a quick and easy cash grab, as I can find zero indications that Snov.io is using any kind of blockchain technology today. After raising $2+ million they have done absolutely nothing more related to crypto, blockchain or anything else they hyped up when selling their ICO. The only use I can see for Snov.io’s token now is for paying for a Snov.io subscription.

What’s good about Snov.io?

There are a few nice features of Snov.io:

If you’re searching for leads for big companies or websites, it’s practically 100% guaranteed that Snov.io will have a lot of very good leads. Here’s how many leads it found when searching Microsoft.com:

That’s even more than Hunter.io found, and like Hunter.io, Snov.io categorizes leads by job title.

Similar to the above, Snov.io’s results are very good if you have a list of people’s names and they are at least somewhat active online — in these cases, it’s likely that Snov.io will find a valid email. Snov.io found the email ‘katie.holmes@outwittrade.com’ for us while Hunter.io didn’t, along with many other test emails. Here’s a simple example:

You’ll probably be searching for leads in bulk (i.e. checking multiple people at once), but you can also search people one-by-one. Here’s an example:

I tested Snov.io’s email validator and it works as well as other email validators I’ve tested (if you’re running email outreach campaigns, you definitely want to validate your emails to see if they’re legitimate emails first).

Beyond just finding emails with Snov.io, you can also use it to actually manage and send email marketing campaigns. Snov.io has gone into a lot of effort into building a nice drag-and-drop GUI that lets you organize email marketing campaigns:

What’s bad about Snov.io?

Snov.io has a social URL search feature where you can give it links to LinkedIn or Twitter profiles, and it tries to find emails on them. However, it didn’t work well when I tried it on some different Facebook profiles:

Many of these Facebook pages I tried had on emails on their about pages, yet Snov.io didn’t find any of them for some reason (I assume it only searches the URL you give it and doesn’t do any further searching, such as going to the /about link for Facebook pages).

In my Hunter.io review, I pointed out these issues with it:

Unfortunately, all of these also apply to Snov.io.

A summary of Snov.io vs Hunter.io

There’s a lot in common with Snov.io and Hunter.io. In my own testing (your results may vary), Snov.io performed a little better than Hunter.io for finding emails when you have a First and Last name of someone, and another benefit it has over Hunter.io is that you can still use it to find emails on LinkedIn. It can also be slightly cheaper. As far as how Hunter.io is better than Snov.io, I prefer Hunter.io’s cleaner and simpler interface, though that’s a minor point.

Final thoughts on Snov.io

Snov.io is a fine service overall, though looking into their sleazy ICO left a bad taste in my mouth and I won’t be signing up for a paid plan myself. Still, clearly a worthy competitor to Hunter.io, and absolutely worth trying if you have a list of names and domains you need to find emails for.

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