Snappa Reviews [IN PROGRESS]

Snappa is a graphic design tool that was launched in 2015 and aims to compete with other tools like Canva. We are collecting user reviews for Snappa (if you’ve used Snappa yourself, please submit a review here) and will be publishing them here as they come in. So far we’ve just got 3 short reviews, so if you have any experience with Snappa, we’d like to hear from you!

Based on the limited comments that have been submitted to use so far on Snappa, it appears to be a good service (but we’ll have to wait for more reviews to come in before writing any more).

Here’s what’s been contributed so far:

I use Snappa to make social media graphics. It seriously takes me 3 minutes to create 7 kick-ass graphics to post across social media. With Snappa you can create multiple images in different dimensions in a single click. It will help you lots of time than manually changing the image sizes for each channel. Snappa also consists of premade professional templates which makes your job much easier. The best thing is Snappa is 100% free. There is a paid version if you opt to use it.

--Kenny Trinh, Netbooknews


I used a few online graphic design programs before I learned professional tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe XD. Snappa and Canva were my favorites, while I think Snappa was easier to use and was perfect for beginners, Snappa's user interface is clean, and I found the tools easy to use. The Canva had better-looking templates, and I believe it still has, but beginners might have to spend some time learning how the tools work in Canva. I would recommend Snappa to those looking for an easy to use and inexpensive online tool, but I believe it lacks high-quality templates.

--Aman Saifi,


We have used Snappa to create online graphics and generally had a positive experience with it. In our experience, Snappa is a great option for web developers and others who need to create graphics but lack the background that a graphic designer might have. While Canva has more versatility and options, it tends to be a bit harder to use than Snappa, which is highly simplified and intuitive for those that lack graphic design experience. If someone requires a more advanced interface with more options, Canva is likely to be the preferable option for their circumstances.

--Emma Miller, Cacao Tea Co