Skrapp Review – A Decent Tool For Targeted B2B Outreach

Skrapp ( is another email-finding tool designed to find emails for B2B email outreach which competes with tools like (see my review), (see my review) and LeadGibbon (see my LeadGibbon review). Here, I’ll try using it to find leads and emails for a few different companies (both big and small) and report on how well it works. Continue reading for a full review or click here to skip to my verdict on Skrapp.

Signing up to Skrapp

Skrapp allows a free trial for finding up to 150 emails, which gives you loads of room to test how it works and its effectiveness. You do not need a credit card or anything to get started:

Using Skrapp

There are 3 primary features of Skrapp:

  • Domain Search
  • Email Finder
  • Bulk Finder

Domain Search

For a domain search you can enter a domain (like or a company name (like Microsoft), along with a location and title if you like (then it should just return results matching that location and job title). Here’s an example of doing a domain search for Microsoft:

You can see the CEO listed as the second lead here. If you click the “Save in list” button, Skrapp will then use up a credit and save the email for you. If you then view the list you saved it to and click on the lead, you’ll see some information with it like this:

Here’s another example of a domain search, trying it on a much smaller company:

And another example of the information returned for a lead:

Email Finder

This requires you to enter a first and last name, like this:

The email finder works well if you have a name of someone you’re looking for, but for some reason, leads that are returned here for a certain company or website aren’t necessarily returned in the Domain Search feature for the same company or website. In the above, I’ve entered the website “”, and when added with a name (“Neil Patel”) it returned the correct lead. I’d expect if I searched for “” in the Domain Search feature, therefore, it would at least return this lead. But for some reason it didn’t:

There’s also a minor bug in Skrapp (or at least a missing feature) where you can get duplicates in your lists:

Bulk Finder

Allows you to upload a .csv of names and companies, and do searches in bulk. For some reason this never worked for me, always getting stuck uploading the csv (I tried several times):

For the Bulk Finder, you have to include names at the time of writing. I am not sure why this is given that with the Domain Search feature, you can enter a website or company name without entering a name.

What is Skrapp’s pricing?

Here is Skrapp’s pricing at the time of writing:

At the time of writing, most of these plans (the “Starter”, “Seeker” and “Enterprise” plans) give you twice as many credits as for the exact same price.

Does Skrapp’s API work?

Yes, though in my testing of it it was quite slow to respond. Here’s an example of it returning something:

Is Skrapp’s Chrome extension any good?

Yes. Like’s Chrome extension and’s Chrome extension., with the Skrapp Chrome extension you can click it anytime you’re on any site and it’ll return emails of people who work at that website or company, if there are any available. Here’s an example if I’m using it on

It also works on LinkedIn. If you click it if you’re on anyone’s LinkedIn profile it will like return information Skrapp has on them including an email (if available), like this:

The bottom line: Is Skrapp crap, or a valuable tool?

Skrapp seems to have a couple of rough edges, but it works fine overall and is a good tool for finding B2B email leads. It’s significantly better than and in the pricing department, but has the disadvantage that if you’re searching for leads by bulk (i.e. you have a list of companies or websites you want to find leads for and don’t want to search them one-by-one), you have to provide a name of a specific person you’re looking to find the email for with each company or website. With and, you can just search a list of websites by bulk without supplying names.

So, use Skrapp if you’re budget-conscious and have a list of companies/websites and names of people at those companies/websites you want to find emails for. If you don’t have a list of names you’re looking to find emails for (just a list of companies/websites), use or

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