Skillshare Reviews: Customers Comment

Skillshare is an online course platform where you can take educational courses on all kinds of topics. These days, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, services like this have boomed. But how good are Skillshare courses compared to actual colleges? Are they worth paying for? Those are the kinds of questions we wanted to answer, and have been posing this question to Skillshare users:

Looking to hear from people who have taken a course on Skillshare and can comment on their experience and whether it was worth it for them – would you recommend it to others?

The below is what we’ve received in response to that so far. The overall consensus so far is that Skillshare is a very good service with good courses, and the great things about it are that you can go at your own place, it gives you total flexibility, and it’s of course vastly cheaper than any course you’d go to college for. However, the quality of courses on Skillshare definitely varies, so your mileage will vary. It’s also highly unlikely that any given Skillshare course will make you an expert on its subject. You may therefore consider Skillshare courses as a good primer to learn a new skill, but if you want to go beyond beginner level, you’ll probably need to go beyond Skillshare.

If you’ve used Skillshare, submit your comment on it here and we’ll add it to this article.

During lockdown, we have been launching our website which has been a steep learning curve and Skillshare has been invaluable in helping us to successfully achieve this.

We believe it is a fantastic resource, providing access to a wide range of courses and topics at a very affordable price. To seek out education on singular topics in a more conventional setting would be significantly more expensive. Plus, this way, we are able to implement what they are teaching straight away. Then, if we don't understand, we can go back and watch it over again.

Examples of classes we have undertaken and loved are:

SEO Today: Strategies to Earn Trust, Rank High and Stand Out by Rand Fishkin, Moz

Pinterest Marketing 101 for Creative Entrepreneurs by Peg Fitzpatrick

Fundamentals of Google Analytics by Jess Sauer

--Katie Woodburn-Simmonds, The Plate Unknown


Skillshare Music class isn’t satisfying at all.

I tried having a songwriting class on Skillshare last year and I should say that I got the result for what I paid for. It wasn’t that expensive so I didn’t really expect too much. The classes taught me the basics but I actually think it could be taught better. There were even some videos that dismayed me due to poor instructions.

Apparently, traditional classes are way better than what Skillshare offers. Perhaps, it is because of the fact that the instruction being offered on Skillshare is just limited to virtual learning.

--James Bullard, Sound Fro


Skillshare is a great way to gain specific skills in many areas. Creative skills needed for my job were my primary focus.

I received a free month of Skillshare and took advantage, getting through almost 10 classes over 2 months (they gave me an extra free month once I attempted to cancel). Those classes were as follows:

  • Copywriting For Beginners: How To Write Web Copy That Sells Without
  • Being Cheesy
  • Create a Short Documentary Video Project
  • Going Viral: Write, Film & Make Content People Share
  • DSLR Filmmaking: From Beginner to PRO! (GREAT CLASS might I add)
  • Digital Poster Design: Combining Images & Type for Powerful Visuals
  • Squarespace: Building your Perfect Website
  • Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design
  • Adobe Illustrator CC - Essentials Training
  • Adobe Photoshop CC - Essentials Training Course

The beauty of SkillShare is that you can truly work at your own pace. You'll get out of it what you want to. I'm a big learn-by-doing kinda guy, so I focused on the basics in order to figure out the rest on my own. This made the classes go quickly as I didn't do every homework lesson that was included.

I was able to secure a Marketing Manager position for a small tech company out of college. I handle 90% of the marketing at our company, so I needed to quickly gain the ability to create effective flyers, web pages, videos, landing pages, copy, and social media content. Skillshare gave me the ability to cherry pick the skills that I needed, run through them at my own pace, and build a foundation on which I can go learn on my own or through other free content out there.

I recommend anyone with an interest in a specific skill to checkout SkillShare. The free trial gives more than enough time to commit to priority classes, and the teachers produce some really engaging video lessons. Not all Skillshare classes are equal, as the graphic design basics course was under 40 minutes and was a little too basic. But, any knowledge is good knowledge right?

Today you can see some of the skills play out on our website and social media pages. We still outsource for really high quality work, but I'm able to spin up logos, flyers, and quick explainer videos with ease now.

I'm not familiar with many other online learning sites, so my opinion doesn't encompass a comparison to those. Regardless, I could see paying for a year for $100 if I knew there were specific areas I really wanted to deep dive into and excel in.

--Keegan Brown, Sound Fro


My team and I have taken several animation courses on Skillshare online courses and they are phenomenal with respect to the price. The value and return is difficult to match with their premium account. The video learning instructional design is organized and structured very well. We recently went through the Animated Infographics group to align on style for a new client. I think this is far more valuable than colleges as it gives you the flexibility to select which course you need at that just takes discipline to complete.

--Erick Prospero, Ninja Tropic eLearning


Skillshare offers really well-designed courses by really well experienced and intellectual staff. I have personally benefited a lot from skillshare and I think it's a more informative and interactive way of learning than traditional colleges and other online platforms. Some of my favorite courses on skillshare are graphic designing, business communication, and digital marketing.

--Pir Fahad Momin, Slyecom


Skillshare classes are a 1000 times better than traditional colleges simply because of the flexibility, fees and Quality of Instructors and if we compare it to other Online Platforms, like Udemy, Udacity etc. the quality of Instructors and price is also very good.

Also, they keep giving discounts and offers to students for getting a course.

--Deepanshu Garg, Adshade


I’ve taken my fair share of classes on Skillshare, and although they can vary a lot on quality and amount of information given, overall I’d say it’s a great membership to have. As someone who’s consistently buying and taking new courses, having a membership at such an affordable price that allows you to learn about so many topics, to me, it’s great! Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll find an all-encompassing course on a given topic - so if that’s what you’re looking for it may not be the right choice for you. But for general learning and keeping up to date with things such as different social media strategies, it’s definitely an option to consider.

--Silvia Pinho,


I’ve taken a photography class on Skillshare. My company relies a lot on photography because we work in apparel, so model shots, marketing shots, campaign shots - these are all super important to the customer, and it’s a huge part of what attracts shoppers to begin with. So, I wanted to learn more about it, in order to be able to better understand and direct this super important part of our business. I took Fundamentals of DSLR Photography and plan on continuing with other, more advanced and specialized courses. I feel like it gave me the basic grasp I needed to get started, and I was able to fit it into my schedule. I would have never been able to take a traditional class at a college, so having this option is great for me. Who knew I’d go back to education at this age?

--Hosea Chang, Hayden Girls


Being in the corporate sector, you have to always improve upon and constantly grow to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in the market. You have to continuously learn and adapt new skills in order to match with the new players in the market.

This is why I chose Skillshare to learn new skills and apply them to grow professionally in my life. We all know how the pandemic has changed the system of teaching and learning all over the world and this is how Skillshare came to my rescue.

I took up a course on Branding for Entrepreneurs by Cyndi. It helped me understand the finer nuances of entrepreneurship and learn better about business marketing. The course instructor was fully supportive and attended to all my queries through email or in the discussion forum. One thing I liked the most about Skillshare is that I can go back and resume whenever I want. Also the courses aren’t highly priced and affordable to everyone.

--Vipin Chahal, Return Policy Guide


I'm an experienced Scuba Diver and recently decided to make the most of my life during lockdown. Something that I've always wanted to learn (albeit I desire it in the physical) was underwater photography. Nonetheless, I decided to give it a go using online resources via Skillshare.

I didn't expect to become a world-class photographer overnight and with that expectation and realistic approach, I was able to gain lots of tips and knowledge.

The course covers underwater photography for all levels. I learned all about observing fish in their environment, lighting, positioning and how to utilise the best equipment whilst swimming in the deep blue. A key factor is to still be conscious of diving itself, photography comes second but have already trialled the tips locally, and although there weren't many species out for me to capture, it was great practice.

In a nutshell, I believe Skillshare is awesome but only if you approach it realistically and pragmatically. Take the little tips and enjoy it, I was surprised to find scuba diving course.

--Katy Jane, Katy Jane Dives


Let me describe a bit about my experience. I've been interested in art for quite a long time but couldn't find any time to learn it properly. Shame on me when I had Procreate in my Ipad but never actually do anything serious with it. Then one day, I stumbled upon this course during the quarantine time. Skillshare made it very tempting because they offered a month free for unlimited courses. That's why I decided to give it a go. The result was so great. Consider that it's my very first online course, I think it really opened my mind. Here are some highlights from the course:

  1. It's quick to learn. 8 lessons only took me a few hours to practice.
  2. The teacher is so good at making art and delivering the technique.
  3. Skillshare displays the results of other students, which are brilliant.

These things make me feel both excited and relaxed at the same time. After the course, I also got compliments from friends and family. I was very satisfied and hopefully, I will discover more courses like this in the future.

--Katy Jane, Katy Jane Dives


Running my solo business, I don't get to network with as many people as I'd like so to make up for the lack of knowledge sharing and growth that usually occurs in a successful workplace, I decided to turn to the internet to see what type of relevant courses were available.

I quickly landed on Skillshare simply because of the vast amount of courses on practically every aspect of business and marketing. There are so many knowledgeable people and instructors on the platform which helps me learn things I'd never have learned otherwise.

Coming from a more technical engineering background, I didn't know that much about business so by taking up a few courses on SEO, social media marketing, and affiliate marketing, in particular, I was able to greatly improve my knowledge in the fields and use it effectively on my micro-mobility website.

In fact, the results I've experienced have been so great that I've been able to quit my day job and take on my affiliate business full-time which is a huge confidence booster! I feel a lot more confident in my skills and in the future as well - and a huge part of that I owe to what I learned through online courses on Skillshare. Attending physical courses is a great idea but for such specific things as I needed information about, I couldn't really find anything in the real world. Online, however, more than a handful of awesome affiliate marketing courses came up.

I'm currently watching Content Marketing by Eric Siu for a more general understanding of growth hacking when blog posting and I'm learning by the day!

--Paul Strobel, eRideHero


Skillshare is valuable for topics that can be covered in short periods or that require a visual medium. I used Skillshare to learn some new productivity techniques and marketing. It was helpful to see processes demonstrated step by step in the Skillshare videos. If you are interested in learning graphic design and other visually-oriented skills, Skillshare is worth a look.

--Bruce Harpham,