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Sendy Review 2020 – Read Why It’s Our Favorite Autoresponder

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The following is our Sendy review for 2020. Sendy is an autoresponder with a twist. If you’re into email marketing, you’ll know there are plenty of services that can handle your email list, and you need to get and pay for one if you’re doing any email marketing — it would be far too hard to develop yourself, and free autoresponders are extremely limited and will likely leave you running into spam complaints. The difference with Sendy compared to popular autoresponders like Aweber is that Sendy is self-hosted and is a one time fee only. Sendy therefore gives you much more control and autonomy, and you aren’t held hostage with an autoresponder billing you month after month. That’s the main reason we love it. That, and the fact that it’s just an incredibly well-made product overall. We therefore strongly recommend you use Sendy over services like Aweber.

Let’s go over some more details about what Sendy is and does. Sendy uses Amazon SES (Simple Email Service) to send emails (see, a highly reliable service that allows marketers to send bulk emails for far, far lower rates than other services. Using this, you’ll only pay about $1 per 10,000 emails sent (yes, $1 – not a typo). Once you’ve got it setup, Sendy provides a great dashboard to manage your email campaigns – here’s a sample of what it looks like:

We found it very easy to use Sendy to send emails (admittedly we tried it on a very small email list, so we can’t comment on how it’d perform if working on a list of 100,000+ emails, for example, but as it uses Amazon SES we have to expect it would handle large volume without issues).

What kind of features does Sendy have? First off, the analytics are fantastic, and you’ll get a lot of detail about how your emails are performing, with statistics on unique opens, unique clicks, how many people unsubscribed from each email and so on. There’s also data on what countries your subscribers are from and some other goodies. You can also create multiple different lists on it, and there’s pretty much everything offered that you can find from more well-known autoresponders.

Regarding support, at this stage we can’t comment, as I never had any issue with Sendy and found it a breeze to use – there was never any need to contact the developer(s) behind it. However, from what I’ve read online at least, it appears they offer great support if you need it (you can email me if you would like to comment on if you had a positive or negative experience with Sendy support, and I’ll add it to the post here).

The disadvantage of Sendy, if there is any, is that it requires more work to setup, since it’s a self-hosted service. With something like Aweber you just sign up and can get going right away, whereas with Sendy, you’ll need to be somewhat familiar with Amazon SES, get an API key, enter all the settings and so on – you’ll also need your own domain to host the script, and preferably server control (we’re therefore not sure about using it if you’re on shared hosting). I have a background as a developer myself, so I found it straightforward to get Sendy up and running. However, for those who are not technically literate, you may find it a bother to setup.

The Bottom Line

Sendy does everything you need from an autoresponder service and will save you bucketloads of money over a long period of time. With a one-time fee of only $59, it offers outstanding value in my view, and is an all-round excellent product. All other autoresponders I looked at have a significant monthly fee and over a period of months or years, and Sendy will easily save you hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars.

Do you have experience using Sendy, or do you have any comments on our Sendy review? If so, I’d love to hear from you. Comment below to let me know what you think.

Comments from other Sendy users

We sent out a request for Sendy customers to write about how they liked it. Here’s what we received:

I prefer Sendy to the competitors we’ve trialed because its more cost effective for us, easier to scale, and GDPR compliant, which not all others are.

It also provides really detailed reporting options to let you take a deep dive into your stats and data, without being convoluted to use or overly technical, which is why this is the autoresponder we’ve stuck with for the long term.

— John Moss, English Blinds

What I like about Sendy’s autoresponder feature is how it improves my drip campaigns.

My drip campaigns, in conjunction with Sendy’s autoresponder, can be triggered by time, date, etc.; which makes it more personal and also provides flexibility in terms of rolling out emails.

With Sendy’s custom fields and segmentation, alongside the ability to create multiple campaigns, it strengthens the game of the autoresponder feature — I was able to personalize the experience of my targeted prospects further.

I don’t also feel limited with the value of a $59 (one-time fee) tool offers. With the ability to send out 10,000 plus the dollar for Amazon SES, this changed the email marketing game for me and for the businesses I help.

— Mason Culligan, Mattress Battle

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  1. Rob

    March 11, 2020 at 2:10 am

    Sendy is awesome.

  2. Lynn

    April 15, 2020 at 1:21 pm

    I’ve always preferred to use a mailing list from my own server rather than a hosted service. I had a similar software installed which worked great but the developers sold the source code and it was no longer supported. When PHP 5 came in, it became obsolete. It took me nearly 3 years of searching to find a suitable alternative and Sendy was it. On my travels, I checked out several other very similar apps, but none of them were intergrated with a sending service. Those recommended, such as sendgrid, were far too expensive for me.

    Sendy’s integration with Amazon SES to send emails is extremely good value. Easily beating the price of sending via any other service. But the intergration options don’t stop there. Sendy also integrates with Zapier which has thousands of options to automate your marketing by connecting Sendy to hundreds of other applications and services.

    Sendy offers a great option that my previous application didn’t. It allows me to set up “Brands”. As a record label with multiple artists all sending newsletters to their fans, it means I can set up a brand for each artist that allows them to log into just their own brand account and manage it themselves. I could even charge them for the service if I wanted to!

    Since all my lists are currently very small, I have no problems hosting it on a shared server. I currently have the sending speed set to 4 per second, which seems to work with no problems. I have not tried it on the maximum 14 per second that Amazon has allowed for me. however, I did have some issues with the cron, as my host didn’t allow a cron job of every second. Without this, the autoresponders dont work. I began by using an external site for executing that particular cron, which worked for a while, but I have now managed to set it up with my host via a shell command, which was a major achievement for me as a non-coder!

    All-in-all, if you need to save money on your email marketing and are prepared to spend a bit more time for that privilege, I can’t recommend Sendy highly enough. If you are currently using Mailchimp or any similar service, Sendy will pay for itself in no time at all.

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